Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi...Gong Xi...Gong Xi Ni!!!

Hey everyone,

Wishing you guys "Gong Xi Fa Cai!!" May 2009 bring you and your loved ones lotsa wealth,health and prosperity!! And may the financial crisis/credit crunch get the F@&% outta of our lives ASAP!!!

By the way the flyers for the two gigs are ready.

First up 29th Jan 2009 Thirstday pres. Digital Disco with Zig Zach & DJ Keishi

Gonna try and play some cooler funkier tunes rather than some crap ass hand bag house at this gig!!!

The second gig will be on the 31st of Jan 2009 at Cafe Del Mar called "I love 2009!!"

I think me and Keishi are playing the late afternoon slot...from 3 or 4 til 9pm? I'll be there early coz I gotta do a sound check and all. So come early and have a day of fun in the sun!!

Alright Im just gonna go get ready to head out to Sunday brunch with the gang at the Hyatt!!! Mhhmmm can't wait!!!

Alright everyone enjoy the long weekend!!! Once again "Gong Xi Fa Cai!!"


Sunday, January 18, 2009

3 weeks in to 2009...ALREADY!?!?

Wow this has got to be the longest I haven't blogged in awhile!! Where are the days going?!? We're already in the 3rd week of Jan of 2009....Geezzz!!

So what has been happening over the last 3 weeks.

I was up in Phuket and Krabi....on a quick Holiday with Becky. Also to catch up with my trainer Bangman. Bangman has now left Rawai and is working for a newly opened gym in Ao Nang,Krabi called Emerald Gym. The gym is set up by one of France's top fighter,Wilfred Montagne. He's had some tough fights against some tough if not TOUGHEST thai's Naruepol Fairtex and Samkor Kiatmontep.

The legendary Samkor Kiamontep

Speaking of Samkor Kiatmontep.....If you don't know who he is...You better start reading up on him. He is a south paw fighter with one of the hardest and fastest left kicks!! Sounds familiar to another South paw fighter.....Yodsaenklai?!? Samkor is also one of the trainers at Emerald Gym. With Samkor and Bangman as trainers there..................DAMN it's gonna be an AWEEEEEESOME gym!!

Im happy for Bangman coz he is really happy and settled at Emerald Gym now. Will saw what a great trainer Bangman is,his pad holding skills and his patience with training ppl is just awesome. He is also just so amazing in the grapple and elbow department!! He has trained 3 boys from nobodies to becoming Bangkok champions and one mean ass Singaporean who was on The Contender Asia!! hahahah Wilfred is so lucky to have Bangman as his trainer full-time now.....I wish I had that!!! Anyways..Im looking forward to going back to Emerald Gym sometime this year and hopefully staying there for awhile to train and fight.

If you are interested in training there,you can contact them on their website and if you need to speak to them,they converse in English,Cantonese and French. Here is a quick video on Emerald Gym. You can see Will kicking pads and the little Thai boy kicking pads is Bangman's son!! What a cool dad to have!! You seriously wouldn't wanna get on the wrong side of him tho!!

Apart from that trip to Phuket & Krabi I was recently selected by Mens Health for their "R U Men's Health Enough?" competition. Im one of their 10 Finalist. Well the competition motto is," We are not looking for models...we are looking for Role Models." Should be good fun as they have loads of workshops and stuff for us to attend and do. I had the photoshoot with em on Sat and from what I know it'll be out in March?...So look out for March's copy of Men's Health.

As for what will be happening in the next few weeks.

As of 22nd JanAs many of you know Im now training alot at Baan Nak Muay (BNM) in Singapore. I've been talking to the big boss and I will be offering Personal Training at BNM. If you are interested in training with me call up BNM and arrange a date and I'll let them know if Im available for training. Also for a very limited time Soren arrives in Singapore on the 22nd of Jan for a week and he'll also be available for Personal Training at BNM. Book early so that you get a chance to train with him while he's here. It'll be a really good experience!!

Train with me or Soren at BNM.

Another thing soon to be available at BNM are the awesome Tuff Boxing Tshirts. And if there are any paticular designs that you want not in stock or not brought in. Just leave and order with me or BNM and I'll get it in for ya.

Some of the Tuff Boxing Tshirst that I've brought in.

Lastly all work and no play makes Zach an old boring decided to add abit of FUN to my hectic schedule!!! Abit of fun never killed no body!!!!.......Right so me and my buddy Keishi (Stellar Music,Juice DJ Quest 2004 Winner,Ex Centro and Lola resident DJ) will be DJing at Le Noir on Thurs the 29th : Thirstday presents Digitale Disco. Should be good fun!!! Will try and not play too much cheesy vocal mainstream stuff that night.....but yeah....we'll see how the crowd goes. Also the 31st me and Keishi will again be DJing at Cafe Del Mar on Sentosa!!! Now that is definetly gonna be FUN!!! We're gonna be playing the late afternoon set so come on down for some minimalish-techy-electroish-progressive music!?! I'll update more again next week about the two DJ gigs.....hopefully the flyers will be ready by then too!! Bloody taking foreverrrrrrrrr!!

Right so it's been alot of meetings.....phonecalls...interviews...and planning the lat 3 weeks!! After Chinese New Year & Jan is's back to the real world and I wanna start getting in touch with promoters again to start planning some fights. Hopefully get some time to stay and train at Emerald Gym too!!

So far 2009 seems good!!! Just hope the good will spread out over the next 11 months and not just end in January!!!

Alright sorry for the late update ppl see you all at Le Noir on the 29th or Cafe Del Mar on 31st!!