Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guys Meet Gina Carano

So it's been an eventful week so far!! Monday night I went to watch the Brazillian Olympic Football Team take on Singapore. Right no points for guessing who won that game!??! But was just happy to do something DIFFERENT!! Was actually very surprised they let Ronaldhinio play the full 90mins.

I haven't been to the Stadium in YEARS!! ...... And Singapore SERIOUSLY needs a new one....The screens were sooo old you couldn't even get an instant replay... Imagine if you were talking and missed the goal!! That would suck!! So here's a quick highlight of the goals for those of you who didn't watch the game....or were too busy talking!?

Anyways back to the title of the post. Since all the girls keep getting eye candy fed to them. I think it's about time I did something for the male readers. Some of you may already have heard of her or know her but just incase you are new to the fight scene or have been living in Ethiopia with no internet.....let me just say,"Guys,meet Gina Carano!!!"

Gina Carano Weighing in at 140Pounds and 5ft 8". Gina isn't just a pretty face that fights....She can REALLY fight!!!Gina started training down at Master Toddy's gym in Vegas. After just training for 6 months Gina had her first fight. Gina has a Muay Thai Record of 14Fights 12Wins 1Lose 1 Draw. Gina later made the switch over to the MMA when she was offered the FIRST EVER Sanctioned Female MMA Fight against Leiticia Pestova. She is currently the HIGHEST paid female fighter in the US!! She makes my fight money and alot of the other top guys I know look like we earn small change!!!!.....The perks of being beautiful sometimes!! But I mean she can back it up with her fights....But take Anna Kournikova for example.....crap tennis player but shit loads of endorsements!!! haha

Gina has also made the small screen by having the role as a Mentor on the reality Tv Show, Fight Girls. Which is sort of like the FEMALE version of The Contender Asia....Why didn't Star World,AXN or MediaCorp pick the show up here!!! I would have definetly bought a cable box then!!! =) Gina was also asked to be a Gladiator in one of the hit american game shows, American Gladiators. (DAMN that was an old TV show!! I used to watch that on Sat mornings here!!)

So here's a little video from way back of Gina when she first started out. Hope she has inspired more hot women to take up the sport. See you can still be beautiful after taking a few punches and kicks to the head!! =) I know a number of men who wouldn't mind getting the crap kicked out of them by Gina in a sparring session!!

Alright LaterZ people!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sky Fitness & Mitch Chilson

Hi Everyone,

So 2 weeks now. And the stitches are out. Cut looks cool =) My personal training clients say I look more like a fighter now!! =) haha Shoulder has been ok so far just been doing some light strengthening and core muscle not really been pushing it too much.

After the re-occurring shoulder dislocation that cost me the title's been a real crash landing back down to earth!!... No longer am I up on cloud 9 after the rematch with Zidov. I always believe that you learn so much more from Losing. Doesn't mean I enjoy losing!!!! I just look at it abit more positively!!I just wish that this losing didn't come with an annoying shoulder injury!! damnit!! So I am now back down at Skyfitness and seeing Mitch once or twice a week. We're both equally keen on trying to not let this all happen again!!

Skyfitness is located high up on the 16th Floor at Keppel Tower 2 near to Harbourfront.(Where the Cable Car station is.) The gym has a beautiful panoramic view of Sentosa. Right now from the view you can see the HUGE (and I mean HUGE!!) construction site which will be one of the two Casinos that will be ready in 2010. Sky has a good amount of running machines,cross trainers and free weights. One thing I really like about SKY is its never really TOO busy. They also have a bar and a restaurant serving up some really tasty healthy food..My favourite the "Beef Me Up" Wraps!!! Ohh yeah!! There is also a spa there too and I've been to get massages a couple of times and I really enjoy it coz the girls really work the right areas and know wha they are doing! Some places that I've been too,the masseuse kinda just rubs and pokes aimlessly and at the end of it you really wonder if it was worth the time and cash!! Another pretty cool service that Skyfitness offers is their, "Concierge Service" basically just go up to them and inform them if you need reservations at a restaurant,movie tickets to be booked,call for taxi,laundry service and a whole lot more!! Ahhh this is the life =)

(Ladies stop drooling!!!) Meet my good friend,Mitch!!! Mitch is an American-Japanese who was transfered over to Singapore a couple of years ago from San Francisco to help manage one of the other big named gyms here. Mitch having trained in Muay Thai back home in San Francisco at the Famous,Master Toddy's Gym. He soon found a need for Muay Thai here in Singapore and started training over at BXG training with all of us and later even fighting for Team BXG.

Mitch is now currently the Program Director at Skyfitness and has introduced an amazing program to Skyfitness called The "Sky" Total Wellness System a program designed to correct the imbalances of the body by using myofascial release,stretching,reactivation of weakened muscles,strength exercises,core-training and metabolic cardio-vascular training.

Ever since Mitch found out about my shoulder injuries during the filming of The Contender Asia,he and Skyfitness have been kind enough to endorse me as one of their athletes and Mitch has been kind enough to help me out with teaching me ways to strengthen my shoulders and also teaching me exercises that I normally wouldn't have even thought about doing to make them stronger. I've learnt alot more about sports and the human body since training with Mitch. He certainly has a very VAST knowledge of Sports,Physiology and Health,so much that he has conducted talks,seminars and workshops in Singapore for major companies such as Canon and Alexandra Hospital. He is also writes as columnist on Men's Health Singapore. Mitch also models a fair bit so you might have seen him on prints ads in magazines or commercials.....But trust me he ain't just another pretty face! haha!!

Mitch also designed a program for GOLFERS to help them hit the ball further and help them get stronger,fitter and better for their game. He has worked with some of the top golfers from Singapore,Mardan Mamat and Lim Chih Bing.

But for me one,one of the highlight about Sky is that Mitch designed a Strength & Conditioning program called FIGHTSHAPE. This conditioning work really pushes your body and fitness to the limits. Me & Mitch actually had to train the 2008 FHM Girls Next Door contestants and trust me we really put them thru their paces!! It was alot of fun torturing them! haha. Fightshape has got to be one of the harder parts of my training regime. I mean Im FIT and I can push myself thru alof of things...but we have done the conditioning work that he writes specifically for me. And when we are doing it in the gym,people literally stop and STARE at me and are probably thinking,"Oh god I pity that guy and Im so glad I dont have to do that!!"Because seriously I have NEVER been breathing soooooooooooooooooooooooo hard and deep in my life!!!

Well I've learnt my lesson and I really do hope that now that Im back in at Skyfitness and working out with Mitch again my shoulders won't give me too much problems!!

I wanna thank the management at Skyfitness for endorsing me as one of their athletes. And also to Mitch for his time and patience in helping me get my shoulder sorted out. Gonna do my best in the next fight and show everyone that our hardwork didnt go to waste!

Alright then I'm off to entertain my family who are here to spend the summer holidays in Singapore!!!


Monday, July 7, 2008

International Muaythai Superfights K.L,Malaysia

Sorry for not posting the week before I left. Everything just got really hectic. With personal training clients then my own training and trying to make weight on top of that. Things just got real busy.

Not sure if many of you know about the results of my fight in K.L. It was all abit of a horrible De Ja Vu for me. My right shoulder this time had slipped out again when I tried to hook and the second time when my opponent Leonardo threw a body shot and hit my glove and that threw my shoulder out again....Honestly what are the chances of that happening????... I felt good going in the fight and was not expecting this to happen....of all this my shoulder to give me problems again!!!!

Even before the fight in the changing rooms,I was getting a rub down and I said to Pitu. "Can you massage my shoulders abit harder...they feel weird today" He rubbed me hard and I thought alright maybe it's just the cold room....???

We waited at the back for them to call my name. I walked in and said my prayers and started to do my Wai Kru. Half way thru it.....the music had stopped. I just carried on anyways and it came back on towards the end. It also happened for Zidov's fight against Abbas.....and Abbas carried on too. They also forgot to play the fight music for most of their first round.

Round 1 Leo came out fast and hard and I kinda expected that....I knew that would be his game
plan. A few moments later he threw a bunch of combinations and I don't remember what hit me
but......before I knew it I was cut. I didnt even know I was cut til the Referee pulled me aside to get checked out by the ring Dr. Then I saw it on the screen and I could smell and taste my own blood as it gushed down my face...."GREAT way to start!!".....I was thinking to myself!!!

The ring Dr looked at the cut and was ready to stop the fight there and then. He said that he could see my skull from the cut and it's very deep. He applied some cream put pressure and put ice to stop it for abit. I said," No it's ok. Im good to carry on it's not bleeding too much." I turned around and went straight back into the fight.

Leonardo upon seeing blood,he pressed forward even more and I struggled to find my rhythm against him. Everytime he punched or we got in the grapple,I felt more blood and I felt like the cut was getting bigger. I managed to land a number of elbows on him but it didn't manage to cut him.

Round 2 started and same thing started well but after the first dislocation I think I was in shock.I just stood there thinking......"FUCK!!! not again.....!!!" I knew that even after surgery my shoulders won't be 100% and that it can still dislocate....I knew I was prepared for it to happen at some point......but not this soon.........

I remember trying to get my mind back into the fight saying to myself "Just keep calm and get composed again just move around and cover up first,don't try to throw any punches and have it go out again"....But the 2nd dislocation came when Leonardo tried to throw a body shot and it hit the inside of my right glove forcing my shoulder out...... Seriously gutted......Referee called off the fight and that was it....Just like that. I was in so much pain again and I had to lean over the ropes to relax to let my shoulder slowly go back in. The thai coaches and my corner came in to help me.

I was taken to the hospital where I waited for ages to get stitched up. The lady Dr was very kind and helpful and I am very thankful she put in the extra effort to help make my stitches look good. Did not enjoy the bit where she was cleaning it and when she injected the local anesthetic!! that hurt like a BITCH!!!!!!........ Or when she stitched and the anesthetic wore off and I could feel the needle....Wasn't very fun!!!!

So I met with my Dr's and he checked my cut and said the stitching was very neat and that it shouldn't leave too much of a scar behind. Moving along to my shoulder he's said that I should be strengthening it and to make it an essential part of my training. As much as I run and hit bags/pads I gotta put in that extra effort to do the conditioning for the shoulders. Im not gonna have another's just gonna be put me out for too long again and if it can dislocate after the first surgery....Im sure it can dislocate after 2 surgeries!!!

Im sick of this shit happening to me....I'm gonna have to train differently,fight differently and put in more effort on my shoulders. Im not gonna let this injury get the better of me and not let the injury stop me from achieving my goals. I've had enough of my shoulder giving me problems. I managed to fight for 4 years after the first dislocation without any problems so I don't see why I can't do it again.

So from this trip I lost my title fight for the Muay Thai Against Drugs Belt 2008 Challenge. I've got 14 Stitches and I've got a very sore right shoulder. Am very annoyed at myself........Im not upset about losing or getting's all part of fighting and the job that we do. "You Win some,You Lose some." But I am pretty sick of trying to think of a reason or an answer to my shoulder and why this and that happened............. Bitching and whining on local forums from people who seem to know better and know everything has started. Some moron even going as far as complaining about my Wai Kru and stating a whole other bunch of brainless,useless comments..............??? Here we go again................*YAWNS*..............

Once my stitches are out and my shoulder isn't so's back to the drawing board again with my team.

Im sorry guys I couldn't bring back the Muay Thai Against Drugs title......but trust me I want it even more than ever now.