Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sky Fitness & Mitch Chilson

Hi Everyone,

So 2 weeks now. And the stitches are out. Cut looks cool =) My personal training clients say I look more like a fighter now!! =) haha Shoulder has been ok so far just been doing some light strengthening and core muscle not really been pushing it too much.

After the re-occurring shoulder dislocation that cost me the title's been a real crash landing back down to earth!!... No longer am I up on cloud 9 after the rematch with Zidov. I always believe that you learn so much more from Losing. Doesn't mean I enjoy losing!!!! I just look at it abit more positively!!I just wish that this losing didn't come with an annoying shoulder injury!! damnit!! So I am now back down at Skyfitness and seeing Mitch once or twice a week. We're both equally keen on trying to not let this all happen again!!

Skyfitness is located high up on the 16th Floor at Keppel Tower 2 near to Harbourfront.(Where the Cable Car station is.) The gym has a beautiful panoramic view of Sentosa. Right now from the view you can see the HUGE (and I mean HUGE!!) construction site which will be one of the two Casinos that will be ready in 2010. Sky has a good amount of running machines,cross trainers and free weights. One thing I really like about SKY is its never really TOO busy. They also have a bar and a restaurant serving up some really tasty healthy food..My favourite the "Beef Me Up" Wraps!!! Ohh yeah!! There is also a spa there too and I've been to get massages a couple of times and I really enjoy it coz the girls really work the right areas and know wha they are doing! Some places that I've been too,the masseuse kinda just rubs and pokes aimlessly and at the end of it you really wonder if it was worth the time and cash!! Another pretty cool service that Skyfitness offers is their, "Concierge Service" basically just go up to them and inform them if you need reservations at a restaurant,movie tickets to be booked,call for taxi,laundry service and a whole lot more!! Ahhh this is the life =)

(Ladies stop drooling!!!) Meet my good friend,Mitch!!! Mitch is an American-Japanese who was transfered over to Singapore a couple of years ago from San Francisco to help manage one of the other big named gyms here. Mitch having trained in Muay Thai back home in San Francisco at the Famous,Master Toddy's Gym. He soon found a need for Muay Thai here in Singapore and started training over at BXG training with all of us and later even fighting for Team BXG.

Mitch is now currently the Program Director at Skyfitness and has introduced an amazing program to Skyfitness called The "Sky" Total Wellness System a program designed to correct the imbalances of the body by using myofascial release,stretching,reactivation of weakened muscles,strength exercises,core-training and metabolic cardio-vascular training.

Ever since Mitch found out about my shoulder injuries during the filming of The Contender Asia,he and Skyfitness have been kind enough to endorse me as one of their athletes and Mitch has been kind enough to help me out with teaching me ways to strengthen my shoulders and also teaching me exercises that I normally wouldn't have even thought about doing to make them stronger. I've learnt alot more about sports and the human body since training with Mitch. He certainly has a very VAST knowledge of Sports,Physiology and Health,so much that he has conducted talks,seminars and workshops in Singapore for major companies such as Canon and Alexandra Hospital. He is also writes as columnist on Men's Health Singapore. Mitch also models a fair bit so you might have seen him on prints ads in magazines or commercials.....But trust me he ain't just another pretty face! haha!!

Mitch also designed a program for GOLFERS to help them hit the ball further and help them get stronger,fitter and better for their game. He has worked with some of the top golfers from Singapore,Mardan Mamat and Lim Chih Bing.

But for me one,one of the highlight about Sky is that Mitch designed a Strength & Conditioning program called FIGHTSHAPE. This conditioning work really pushes your body and fitness to the limits. Me & Mitch actually had to train the 2008 FHM Girls Next Door contestants and trust me we really put them thru their paces!! It was alot of fun torturing them! haha. Fightshape has got to be one of the harder parts of my training regime. I mean Im FIT and I can push myself thru alof of things...but we have done the conditioning work that he writes specifically for me. And when we are doing it in the gym,people literally stop and STARE at me and are probably thinking,"Oh god I pity that guy and Im so glad I dont have to do that!!"Because seriously I have NEVER been breathing soooooooooooooooooooooooo hard and deep in my life!!!

Well I've learnt my lesson and I really do hope that now that Im back in at Skyfitness and working out with Mitch again my shoulders won't give me too much problems!!

I wanna thank the management at Skyfitness for endorsing me as one of their athletes. And also to Mitch for his time and patience in helping me get my shoulder sorted out. Gonna do my best in the next fight and show everyone that our hardwork didnt go to waste!

Alright then I'm off to entertain my family who are here to spend the summer holidays in Singapore!!!



Sakkis said...

I don't think Master Toddy is in the San Francisco, or even the Bay Area for that matter. He's in Las Vegas, right??

Zig Zach said...

Ok maybe not Master Toddy's exactly

World Team USA
2575 Ocean Avenue
San Francisco, California USA 94132
Call: (415) 333-3496

It's affiliated to Master Toddy's Gym.

E'zzati!. said...


stay happy!. :D
smile more k!.
coz when you're sad
you look like my grandfather!.
Lol... Lol...


The Surgeon said...

zach you should start making videos after hours. I.E. training and strength workouts. I am always searching the internet for new routines and intensities. Kinda like, maybe compile enough workouts on video and sell them as a dvd with a full 60 day training guide. I dunno, just a thought....i would buy it.

Ronin said...

so will i.

i especially wanna know the how-tos on burning off the blubber around the waist.