Thursday, March 12, 2009

R U Mens Health Enough?

Hey Everyone,

If you've picked up a copy of this months Mens Health you'll probably know I'm in the "R U Mens Health" Competition. Its nothing serious. All 10 of us have a different story to tell and a different story that will maybe inspire others?

Just incase you're wondering where that beach is. ITS A FAKE BACKGROUND!!! Can you imagne how HOT it would be wearing a jacket to the beach!!!!!!!

I've already met the guys and yeah they're cool and we all have a laugh. Don't think any of us really take this "competition" seriously and feel that it's a real competition. Just out there to have fun. One of the guys, Azam is actually my Secondary school classmate!?!? What are the chances of that!!!?

Anyways we had the first Workshop and funny enough it was at the new MMA Gym in Singapore,Evolve. Evolve is a nice gym and they are prolly up there with being World class!! Having the Thai Trainers from the famous Sityodtong gym in Pattaya,Thailand. Then running the MMA side of thing is the Gracie family. You couldn't ask for a better mixture than that.

The workshop was pretty fun. (And Painful!!) To start things off we had a nutriton talk by Mitch,he does my Strength & Conditioning at Skyfitness and is now also the Strength & Conditioning Coach at Evolve. He also gave us some good info about the pretty amazing product Berocca. I've heard of Berocca from friends coz they use it to cure hangovers!!! hahah But yeah Berocca is alot more than just a hangover cure... and it has vitamins and minerals that act as an anti-depressant which helps keeps the mind sharp.

After all that talking it was time to get down to business!!! Mitch had planned out "Light" circuit that is used by MMA Fighters. Ive been through some stuff with him before so I kinda knew one way or another....IT'S GONNA HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yeah it was preeeeeeeeettty intense!!! Everyone was sore the next couple of days haha. "If it ain't hurting it aint training!"

After the circuit we were taught some simple stuff on Wrestling. How to shoot in and take someone down...and how to prevent the take down by "sprawling". After that it was followed by som Brazillian Ju Jit Su.....Learning some simple chokes....locks....and how to get out of certain positions. All I can say is....Im seriously NOT A FAN OF MMA. Dont get me wrong MMA fighters are by far one of the FITTEST and HARDEST bunch of fighters around,I have the UTMOST respect for the sport and the guys who do it...But I seriously just dont like having a sweaty guy rolling on top of me and having me in rather "AWKWARD" postions!!! =)

Lastly we had a some simple stuff on MuayThai. One of the trainers Neungpichit Sityodtong ran the other boys through some stuff showing them how to punch and kick. Then it was back to doing a Muaythai round of circuit on the bags and pads with the trainers. I can safely say I breeeeeezed through this bit haha =)

So after the whole workshop was over......The winner for the day was ...............James Tan. =) Congrats James. He won a pair of gloves,a pair of shorts and 3 month Free Membership at the gym. Im just gonna keep telling myself they didn't let me win it coz what would I do with the 3 month membership at Evolve!?!?!? =P

Anyways,you can watch the workshop and some interviews on Razor.Tv

LaterZ ppl!