Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai! France vs Thailand.

Hey everyone,

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Happy Lunar New Year. Hopefully the year of the tiger will be better than the year of the Ox!! Now that Chinese New Year is out of the way, my work and my training will hopefully start to settle in!

As I was saying I been trying to make an effort to keep up to date more with Muaythai this year. Loads of good fights happening in 2010, starting off with the Muaythai Challenger happening last month at Siam Paragon. Now come Feb 26th a very similar event will take place, but this time held in the Mecca for Muaythai.....The legendary Lumpini stadium. This event will see one of the power houses of European Muaythai, France vs Thailand!!

One of the guys who is helping to arrange this event is Mr Thakoon. Mr Thakoon runs the very famous Sasiprapa Gym in Bangkok. A gym that has had alot of sucess with training Thai and Foreign fighters. Mr Thakoon speaks really good english and is a very friendly man who has been in the Thaiboxing industry for many many years. I have had a lot of friends who have been to Sasiprapa to stay and train long term and they only have good things to say and share about the gym and Mr Thakoon. I have yet to go to Sasiprapa but I'll definetly make the effort next time I'm in Bkk.

With Mr Thakoon's experience in the sport, Im sure his matchmaking skills for the Thai vs France fight will be amazing!! This is the line up for the France vs Thai event.

1. Petchbangprang Kaewsamrit Thai 132
Albert Chey France

2. Wahaj Topking Boxing Thai 182
Coulibaly Palmares France

Vacant title TV7 Pinweight
3. Pornsawan Lukpra-ar-tit Thai 102
Champ Petchpracha Thai

Vacant title TV7 Mini flyweight
4. Prakaipetch Kiatpratoom Thai 105
Kengklar S.Chockkitchai Thai

5. Nuarkeeree Sitsamorthong Thai 132
Yetkin Ozkul France

Defend title Lumpini stadium Super Lightweight
6. Kongfah Auddonmuang Thai 140
Kamel Jemel France

7. Rungpetch W.Rungnirun Thai 120
Muangsi Pumphanmuang Thai

Vacant title Lumpini stadium Superwelterweight
8. Saiyoke Pumphanmuang Thai 154
Farid Villeaume France

9. Wanchalong Sitsornong Thai 108
Mongkonchai Skindiew gym Thai

10. Damien Alamos France 140
Pongsaklek Sitmorlumbud Thai

11. Sohanne Bengana France 132
Chao Sasiprapa gym Thai

The two fights that I would love to watch would be, Kongfah Auddonmuang vs Kamel Jemel and Farid Villeaume vs Saiyoke Pumphanmuang. Both will be an amazing fight!!!

Farid is one hell of a fighter and has been around for many years. Fighting some of the biggest Thai fighters in Muaythai. Nuangtrakan,Orono,Lamsongkram and even Yodsaenklai. Farid's fight against Yod was one of the most exciting fights in 2008. He did an amazing job in his first fight against Yodsaenklai knocked him down and managed a draw. His rematch however wasn't as much as what all the fight fans were hoping for...but you can't blame him especially after Yod had won Contender and was at the top of his game!!

Farid's opponent, Saiyoke is not a guy to mess around with. Many people don't know Saiyoke as he took a long break from Muaythai and fought out of Thailand alot. I dont really have alot of info on him but he used to train out of Muaythai Plaza and also trained down at my old gym in Krabi, Emerald Gym. He's a hard hitting dude and you'll see what I mean when you watch this training video of him!! OUCH!!!

Another fight I'm sure will be pretty amazing will be Kongfa vs Kamel Jemel. Kamel is another French fighter that has been fighting awhile now and has fought equally just as tough or even tougher opponents as Farid. Kamel has fought, Somluck Kamsing, Attachai Fairtex and even the scariest or scary, Bovy Sor Udomsorn. Check out the Bovy vs Kamel fight. Bovy is an ANIMAL!!

Im not familiar with the other fighters. There are alot of new upcoming Thai's and also French fighers. Im pretty sure that Mr Thakoon's experience in Muaythai will make the matchups an amazing night of war! It's gonna be an awesome night come 26th of Feb 2010 in Lumpini. So if you are in Bangkok or heading up to Bangkok this is one night of fights you really don't wanna miss. I might actually fly up for the event. Im not sure yet!! =)

Here is the facebook group for more details.!/event.php?eid=300589498404