Friday, November 20, 2009

Online interviews!!

Hey Guys,

I've actually had a couple of interviews and very cool photoshoots in the last few weeks. Thought I'd share it with everyone. I did a simple photoshoot with a good friend and talented photographer,Daniel Lois. The series I did with him is online along with my interview I did. Make sure you check it out.

Another online interview I did was for Terence Tong. Pics taken were all from various photographers at the Planet Battle event. Abit of info on Terence Tong, I met Terence while training at BXG. He's a really nice kid and has alot of potential in Muaythai. He has had 5 or 6 fights and undefeated still. Hopefully he'll keep training even tho he's busy with Uni now and hopefully there will be more local tournaments so he can keep fighting here and keep on improving. Check out the interview here.

There is a Photoshoot and interview for CLEO Magazine that I did a week or two ago? I think it should be for the Jan edition (meaning it'll be available from Mid Dec). Looking forward to that one, the pics we took looked kinda cool from what I remember.

Lastly,this Monday I'll have a photoshoot for Men's Health. It's for an Adidas fashion spread. Should be fun!! No interview...just need to look pretty hahaha!!

Alright guys enjoy the online interviews and pics! =)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

K-1 Max Finals 2009

Right I know this is abit late. And most prolly everyone already knows the results.....But I thought I'd just give my two cents worth!! =P

First up was Giorgio Petrosyan vs Yuya Yamamoto.

All I can is Petrosyan is just AWESOME. He made short work of this fight. And that is exactly what you need to do when you do 2 fights in a night. Go in,do the work and hopefully come out with no injury when you get into the next fight. That was exactly what Petrosyan did! Personal favourite Petrosyan moment was at the 28 sec of the clip,where he catches the Yuya's leg and lands a leg kick and then just leaves his leg there and turns it into a sweep....sneaky and innovative!!.....I LIKE!! =)

Second Semi-Final fight, Souwer vs Buakaw's Semi-Final Fight.

Buakaw got ripped off BIGGG time in this fight......ridiculous!! I was chatting with one of the thai's the other day and he said in Thai,"Buakaw peh,peh kemagan" translates to..."Buakaw lost,lost coz of the referee/judges!!!" Which is true....I dont think Andy landed ANNNNNNY decent shots on Buakaw and to be honest he got tossed around like a rag doll by Buakaw!! Fair enough you don't get points for that in K-1 kinda shows technicality and that he is dominating the fight. I have a funny feeling K-1 might change the rules AGAIN so that Buakaw can't throw his opponents in the clinch!!??! So Andy Souwer who gets the controversial win goes into the final.

So K-1 Max 2009 Final was between , The new kid on the block, Giorgio Petrosyan vs K-1 Max Finals veteran,Andy Souwer.

I was pertty much rooting for Petrosyan on this one. Petrosyan has always been a favourite of mine. His style,technique and crisp punches and kicks make him an AWESOME fighter to watch. He is a very COMPLETE fighter. Im not a huge Andy Souwer fan, never was...never will be...Just not the kinda fighting style Im into.

Petrosyan pretty much took Andy Souwer apart in this fight. He looked the more dominate fighter throughout....landing awesome jabs and punch combinations,landing good kicks and just doing everything right. And making it look all so damn easy! Well giving credit to Andy after getting bashed by Buakaw for a few rounds in the semi's and then still being able take some serious hits from Petrosyan to lose on points is still something to give credit about.

I'd really like to see Petrosyan have a rematch with Buakaw and also take on Yodsaenklai. Prolly the dream match up for me at the moment!! But before that happens...It's gonna be Masato vs Giorgio Petrosyan for Masato's retirement fight. Gonna be a pretty damn good one if you ask me!!!

So there ya go Giorgio Petrosyan K-1 Max 2009 Champ. Very impressive to have won the tournament on just the first try!! Some have been there years and not even got close enough to winning!!!

Anyways before I leave I thought I'd leave you guys with an old video from Petrosyan vs Contender Asia's very own Raffik =) For all of you who either love him or hate him,Enjoy!!

LaterZ people!!