Tuesday, July 28, 2009

25th July's ChemistryFactory @ The Mainroom in Supperclub!

Hey Everyone,

Last Sat night was heaps of fun as I DJed in the Mainroom of Supperclub at Odeon Towers. Supperclub is a really nice club and has one in Amsterdam,London,San Francisco and of course or own sunny Singapore!!! So playing in the mainroom has prolly got to be one of the best gigs this year so far. So I can tick another famous club that I've played at!! =) Hopefully there'll be more to come!!!!

The visuals that night...At least it wasn't "Fix Fec" or "Six Sax" like some fights posters in Thailand!!

One of my good friends,a Supperclub resident DJ and Juice DJ Quest 2008 Winner,E.J offered me a mainroom set at the club,playing the 12am - 2am slot....Which is a prettty hard slot to get!!! So I was quite flattered about it and abit nervous too! E.J has heard me play on a couple of occasions has always given me really good feedback about my sets. E.J herself is a really talented DJ and her music selection and her mixing is flawlesssss!! So her compliments and feedback are always appreciated!! You can check out E.J's music and promo mixes here. http://www.myspace.com/mynameisej

I dont usually get nervous DJing......I mean come on...I've had punches,knees,elbows and kicks thrown at me!! =) hahah But yeah I was abit edgy about this gig as I've played a couple of venues and it's been mainly in a smaller room and they aren't so strict on the music and you can tend to be abit more experimental with your music selection. I been to Supperclub numerous times and Ive always preffered the backroom where the music is abit more "intelligent".

Anyways,I took some time to plan a set for the mainroom gig and made sure I selected a few tracks here and there that I thought would work in the mainroom. Ranging from Deep House - Tech House - Minimal - Electro - Techno. (No Trance....!!!!!Sorry!!!!) I always try a range of sounds when DJing....Find that it works better than sticking to ONE paticular sound all night!!!

Lucky for me the tracks I selected and planned worked a treattttttttt and I didn't get bottled off the decks by 1215am!!!! hahahah I started at the stroke of Midnight building it up slowly and by 1am it was THUMPING!!!! =)

Pretty good turnout at Supperclub that night!!

Most of the guys from BNM Gym came down to have a boogie. My buddy and winner from the "R U Menshealth Competition 2009"Clement Ong brought down a decent crowd from his Dragonboat team and Shimah sent a mass mail out to everyone in Standard Chartered so we had a prettttty big turnout!!! Thanks guys for putting the word out and getting loads of people down to the event.

The flashing lights were awesome! The VJ and me did a good job on working the lights and sound that night!!

This image pretty much sums up what my night looked like from my point of view!!

So back to the real life of Muaythai.......Ive got a fight lined up in Sept and hopefully October too. Fight promoters can be a real pain in the ass sometimes with dates and keeping to their promises!!! So am not sure when the next time Im gonna be free from fight training to DJ again? =(

But once I do know when the next gig is I'll definetly keep everyone posted on Facebook or on here.

Alright before I pen off,enjoy my DJ mixes here on www.soundcloud.com/zigzach


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fights ,Fights,Fights & More Fights!

Hey guys,

Been awhile since I've updated the blog. But it's been a hell of a busy month of June & July for me. Busy is always good....Busy = $$$ =)

There have been lotsa fights lately with some of Contender Asia Season 1 stars in it. One of the biggest lineup was over in Jamaica on the 26th June 2009 called,"Champions of Champions 2".
What a cool place that would have been to go for a fight!! When you mention Jamaica....immediately people think," dreadlocks,bob marley,rum and smoking loads of marijuana!!!".....I'm not a fan of any of those..and DEFINETLY not reggae music!!!! So if I ever go to Jamaica,I'll just be in a corner stuffing my face full of Jamaican Jerk Chicken!!! Yummm yummmm!

Jamaica's Champion of Champions 2 line up was pretty damn spectacular. I'll list a couple of em and I wont tell you the results incase you haven't watched it. The way the fighters were interviewed and showed them in training was very much like Contender Asia. Very cool how they've done the production work. Anyways,you can click on the link and watch the video at my fav website for watching fights kimjudas.blogspot.com!!

Eugene known to be a strong grappler and a tough guy that never goes down taking a real dutch legend,he is prolly one of the oldest fighters still in the game,Ryan Simpson. I actually met Ryan Simpson on the streets of Amsterdam on my first ever visit to Holland.....He has been fighting for YEARS and has fought some of the biggest names in muaythai and kickboxing....to name a few...Yodechha Sityodtong,Jomhod Kiatisak,Lamsongkran Chuwattana and Ramon Dekker!!!!

There was controversy over the first time these guys fought and who should have won. Kaoklai is a thai guy with BIG BALLS!! (not literally) He weighs 78kg and fought in K-1 with all the heavyweights,sometimes giving up as much as 40kg weight difference. He won some of em on points and even managed to knockout Mighty Mo with a SPECTACULAR headkick. Clifton Brown is one of the best fighters out of Canada. We trained in Koh Samui many years ago and I remember watching him train and being so impressed and he would help talk to me and give me tips. He also spoke fluent thai which reallly impressed me.

Paul Slowinkski K1-Europe GP champ in 2007 takes on Patrice Quateron. Patrice is seriously one BIG dude! I mean Paul is just slighlty taller than me and 115kgs....have a look at Patrice at the weigh in!! Never really met him so not gonna make any comments on that. Patrice is also known to be abit of a Raffik.....but I dont know I've never met him so I won't comment on it....but maybe they are misunderstood...and it's just a french thing? =P

Liam Harrison is one of the better non thai muaythai fighters and at his weight which is really competitive. He's fought a couple of big name thais in his time. Having had a war with Saenchai 13 Coin Resort a few months ago..he now takes on Anuwat Kaewsamrit,a thai fighter who packs a SERIOUS PUNCH!! (and leg kicks!!)

My buddy JWP going up against the lean mean fighting machine,Buakaw Por Pramuk. Two of the biggest names in the sport. A rematch that has been talked about since their fight in K-1 4th March 2006.

Sean Wright filling in for Dzhabar on this fight. This was meant to be a rematch as Dzhabar had beaten Marco Pique in the 8man K-1 Rumble of the Kings in Sweden last year. Marco Pique apparently has been confirmed as one of the fighters in Season 2 of Contender Asia. So watch out for him. You gotta watch this fight. All I can say is that punch came out of NO WHERE!!

Last but not least the always hungry eating machine,Yodsaenklai. I helped him out at the seminar he did here at BNM and he was in top form at training. He was supposed to fight Steve Wakeling....then supposed to fight Artem Levin...and then it changed lastly to Cosmo Alexandre. I dont think Yodsaenklai really cares who he's put up against... haha Cosmo didn't put up a good show in this fight but he is a pretty tough guy usually.

This fight was the most talked about and was the one fight loads of fans were waiting to see. There were alot of issues before this fight took place.... talks about who was the best in the weight and then there was the talk about how much money they'd fight each other for.....and then the talk about the rules of the fights,K-1 or Full thai rules......and even after the fight it is still the most talked about fight as there was more controversy at the event! A seriously MUST WATCH Fight!!!!

Other fights that night were Julie Kitchen vs the lovely Angela Parr and Mosab Amrani vs Andrei Kulebin

And more recently the K-1 Max Final 8 on 13th July just a couple of days old. Check out some of the awesome fights from that night.

Arthur Kyshenko one of my favourite K-1 fighters. Just an all round good fighter with good hands and kicks. Already made a huge name for himself in the last few years at the K-1 event. Check out his fight in the final 8 with Andy Souwer.

Giorgio Petrosyan who is another favourite of mine shows how he is fast becoming one of the rising stars in the sport. Awesome in the boxing department and just as good with his left leg and mid section kicks making him another perfect fighter for K-1. My dream match up would be to see him and Yodsaenklai go toe to toe...battle of the best southpaw!

This was a special event. K-1 vs MMA. Masato the star of K-1 taking on Tatsuya Kawajiri an MMA star in Japan. Always good to see Masato in action. He is retiring soon from fighting so it'll be good to see what they've got lined up for him.

My brother from another mother,the hard hitting Russian,Dzhabar getting the by and getting a chance to fight again after his loss to Petrosyan in the K-1 Max Final 8. This was a classic case of Puncher vs Kicker. Jabba keeping the workrate up and never backing down. Taking loads of punishment but at the same time dishing it up as well. Awesome fight....could have gone either way. Dramatic ending!!!

Watching fights makes me miss fighting alot and training hard. But Singapore just isn't conducive to professional training and fighting. =(

Look forward to a couple of fights I've got lined up in a month or two so fingers crossed everything works out according to plan.

Enjoy the fights everyone.
Many thanks to kimjudas.blogspot.com for the videos. Keep up the great work!!