Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Muay Tired..................

Hey everyone,

Once again it's been awhile since I've blogged. It's been a very frustrating few weeks for me. I have had 3 fights canceled on me in the last 3 weeks. Making it almost impossible for me to plan my training schedule,diet and live a normal life!

I had one fight in July 24th in Bkk - Canceled. A fight in Aug which was supposed to be on the Contender Asia 2 undercard..Canceled. They have now moved filming back coz of the Haze??? And most recently I've heard they are pushing it back another 5 weeks til after Ramadan?? (Season 1 Filmed during Ramadan...but yeah Malaysia being a muslim country might be abit more strict on things like that) Lastly Sept 13th I was supposed to fight in Japan....and I just found out it got canceled.

What really pissed me off about this fight in Japan was that I actually wanted to go and see my mom for her Birthday in August and visit some friends in London for a party but canceled it all coz I really wanted to fight in Japan. Now this....................

I love Muaythai but times like this when promoters screw you around with dates it SUCKS....!!!!
Why??????????????? beacuse.....

1) I can't live my life normally. Im constantly cautious about weight.....training....I can't go partying....I can't plan holidays coz I need to train for a fight.....

2) I usually give myself 4 - 6weeks hard training before a fight and I can't plan it without knowing the exact dates!!!!...(No you can't just keep training hard all year long!! You get burnt out......)

3) I can't plan other fights in last minute coz if a promoter says Sept 13th. Then I wont be able to book any other fights in 2 weeks before or after Sept 13th..depending on injuries and all!!

4) Its just ridiculous waiting around for fights like this....like I have NOTHING better to do???
I got my own business to run.....I could go get DJ gigs....I could go partying with my friends....go visit my mom for her birthday!!!!!!...Visit my buddies in London and head over to a festival!!!!!

But no...................Instead I put Muaythai infront of everything......and in the end shit like this happens. It's very demoralizing.....and it's now been about 3 months since my last fight.

Anyways,just letting off some steam.....Now you guys know what fighters have to go thru and what we have to deal with sometimes.

Right,I better sign out before I write even more nasty stuff and promoters who read this will never take me for fights again!!!!

Hopefully the next blog entry won't be so negative!!!!