Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bangkok & Superfights SG: The Disaster!!!

Hey everyone,

I was away for a week up in Bkk. Bkk known to many as the land of smiles, city of angels...or even sin city!! =) This was my first trip up there in a year...Im usually there every few months but this is prolly the longest I've ever been away from Bkk. Bkk is seriously like a second home to me. I know so many people there its like going home to familiar faces and surroundings. When Im there I speak Thai all the time,in taxi's, when Im going out to eat or even when I'm shopping around. I actually speak more thai than I do speak mandarin and bahasa!! It's weird....? I LOVE Bkk or just being anywhere in Thailand and I wish I could move back there!!

I was in Bkk for the WMC/IFMA World Champioships. Every year at the world champs it never fails to amaze me how big the sport is growing. talents, and new countries show up every year. This year even Iraq managed to send a team! Going to the World champs is always so much fun. Catching up with old friends and fighters that I've even foguth before. I bumped into some of the boys from Contender Asia....Pitu, Jabba and even Trevor!! Was a pleasant surprise seeing him there.

I got back a week before the supposed Superfights: Lion City Grand Prix was supposed to happen. I was actually asked to fight on this show. But I turned it down for a number of reasons. One main reason being that one of the Organizers/Promoters is extremely SHADY!!! I have worked with him on 2 or 3 events and I have vowed NEVER to work with him again. I was actualy wondering at first if it was a good decision of mine to not fight on a home event. I mean it was a cool venue,and an amazing lineup that all my friends were on. Jabba,Naruepol,Madsua & Ramazan....I was beginning to wonder if I had done the right thing?

I mean to be honest I didn't really hear much about the Superfights event??...I mean I am a Pro fighter here and people were asking me for info and all...but to be honest I really didn't have a clue about anything. I occasionally heard some people mentioning an event...didn't know the dates...and were going on sistic to look for tickets and couldn't find it so who knows if it was happening.....?....When I did mentioned it to some people they'd be like,"REALLY there is an event??" I have heard more about Ian's White Collar Boxing event at the Padang on the 11th December 2009 more than I've heard about the Superfights. And Ian's event was a sellout!!!...and it was all AMATEUR boxers?!?!?!?!??!

And I mean as a event organizer/promoter. Wouldn't you kinda plan the schedule of your event abit more carefully and check to see if it clashes with anything around your dates??
One) Dec 11th was Ian's White Collar Boxing which was a sellout...meaning thats 700 - 800 ppl who WON'T go to your event already!!! I dont know many people who will pay to go and see two different events.
Two) You've planned it on the same night as Zoukout.........??????????? SERIOUSLY??????????? I am a Professional fighter and muaythai is my LIFE.....but even I said,"Fuck that Im going to Zoukout!!" Zoukout released their date MONTHHHHHHHSSSS ago,what the F@#$ were they thinking????? Zoukout attracted a record number of 27000 people by the way!! I've got pretttty bad maths but I think so far that is 27,700 people already NOT attending his event!!!!
Three) Superfights starts selling ticket on their website 2 weeks before the event date??????? Yeah great.......coz all of us have nothing to do and will gladly wait around til tickets come on sale!!!!! Retarded.........................

Lastly this is one thing,I've noticed from the very START of Muaythai events in Singapore. For some really odd,strange,ridiculously,stupid,fucked up reason...fight posters in Singapore always show one thing....and come press conf or fight night it's almost NEVER the same as who is on the poster!! I have fought in events internationally and I mean I usually see ONE or TWO changes in the fightcard rarely to the Main Fights.... but honestly Singapore's lineup always changes!!! I'm really not sure why it's like that here in SG??? Fucking disgraceful................

I feel horrible for fight fans in Singapore. I mean it's like paying to go see a concert or festival that advertises bands who will perform U2,Green Day,The Killers,Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kasabian......and then only to turn up to the venue and get something like..........................The Backstreet Boys or fucking Boyzone and Take That all in one night!?!!?!

In the end the Superfight event got canceled on the very day itself. I feel so bad for fans here....and I feel even worse for fighters who have been training hard for their fights. I have never known of any muaythai events to be canceled on the day itself......and sadly it had to happen here in Singapore.

I think this was probably the BEST decision I've ever made in my career to not fight for this organizer/promoter. I will stand by my decision to NEVER work with him ever matter how BIG the event much TV Coverage the event is gonna matter how much publicity or fame it will bring.........good luck to them and to those who work with him. I think this whole event has proved my point.

Alright guys,I'll update again soon.
Can't believe it's almost 2010!!!! Where did 2009 go!?!?!??!