Monday, September 14, 2009

F-1 Fuel Festival!!

Hey Guys,

So F-1 weekend is round the corner and last year's F-1 was an absolutely UNFORGETTABLE time. Im not bother about the race to be honest with you. (I dont even DRIVE a car!?? so racing is not at all intersting to me!?) But it's the PARTIES that Im really looking forward to!! You can read about last years F-1 here.

I was actually called up by some people in the UK to train Mark Webber again and it was supposed to be part of some F-1 Rocks tv show. They wanted to feature me training Mark Webber and then we have a matrix style fight?? Sounded cool and I was really looking forward to it,but they wanted it in Kung Fu or Wu Shu kinda style.....????????? BLEGHHHHH!! So they asked me to find a friend to video a play fight scene and send it in to them.

I politely turned down the whole deal in the end. Reasons being:

1) I am known for being a MUAYTHAI Fighter. Not some Kung Fu/Wu Shu master!!?! Not interested in that AT ALL!!!

2) Im not gonna do a crash course and try and act like I know alot about it then try to teach Mark Webber about something I have no clue about!?

3) I would look like an absoulte MUPPET doing it!??! The show is gonna be international!! If I wanted to be on International TV for doing something...I wanna look damn good doing it!! And doing something I know I can be confident about...not look half hearted about it.

Fortunately,I got another good deal lined up!! =) This being the F-1 Fuel Festival Party!!!!
No no..I'm not just gonna be partying my ass off at them...Im actually scheduled to DJ on one of the nights,Sat 26th Sept =) WHOOOPPPP WHOOOPPPP!!! Im not sure what time Im DJing yet tho? Will update as soon as I know. But check my profile on the artist page!!

Abit more about the F-1 Fuel Festival. The F-1 Fuel Festival is gonna be held over 4 nights at 2 Venues,with a seriously awesome line-up of DJs!!! Featuring Underworld, Darren Emerson, Hybrid, Bloc Party, Samantha Ronson,

Check their facebook events page for more details.

This is a reallly funny promo video they did. Well I found it funny at least! =)

Here are some of the posters that I've got from them. Check it out.

Some videos and tracks to tease you to coming out to the event!!

"Shouting - Lager Lager Lager!"

"All time fav track!! Killer Bassline from Peter Hook f New Order who will be DJing at the Event too!"

"Indie Rock/Electronica band Bloc Party! Doing a DJ Set!"

I have a feeling the F-1 Fuel Festival is gonna make this years F-1 Weekend MUCHHHHHHHH better than last years!!! =)

I hope to see you guys at the F-1 Fuel Festival!!!! If you are going to the F-1 Rocks part on Fort literally is just RIGHT BELOW Fort you got NO EXCUSES to not make it to the party! =)

Alright LaterZ people,gonna practice some dance moves! hah