Tuesday, July 13, 2010

World Cup + Work + Training +DJing = F@!#ING Busy!!

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the late update!! It's been a hell of a busy time the last few months for me.
With the World Cup happening it just meant lotsa meet up with friends over dinner to watch the game. Or late nights on the wkend to catch the games. Then heading to work with lack of sleep is never fun!!... So am actually glad the World Cup is over!!!

I was really happy Holland made it to the final. My mom and family called from Holland to tell me that the whole country was Orange and ppl were all singing and just ecstatic that they made it to the finals! They said the atmosphere was amazing! Sadly, Holland didn't do enough to win the cup! =( Spain however are impressive winning the Euro 2008 and then now the World Cup 2010. Can only imagine the parties going on in Spain now!! Wish I was there!

Speaking of partying I've now started doing a monthly residency at Azzura. Once a month I feature some of the top or upcoming DJs from and around Singapore. The party is called "3D"...No no you won't have to put stupid glasses on to appreciate the music.....the "D's" stand for Different,Diverse and Dynamic!!! =) I hold it every last Sunday of the month. So far I've done two parties (May & June) and its been going well. =) Hopefully I'll be able to take "3D" to other clubs soon. Send me an email to contact@zigzach.com or an inbox to my facebook with the title "3D" to get free entry or updates to my parties.

Posters for my "3D" Party. The one on the right is designed by ME!!

Well July's 3D party will be on hold as I've just been asked to fight in Hong Kong on Libogen's Event. Which will be shown live on Hong Kong TV! My opponent is Mohammed Rahhoui. I dont know much about it but I'm gonna do my best and try to get a win!! Last time I lost in HKG and Im not happy about it. Cutting weight is going well so I should be feeling ready and strong for the fight!! (I HOPE!!!) Also on the card will be Bruce from Contender Asia. Sunny who runs the amazing Ultim8 apparel will be having a rematch with the Japanese girl. The Jap girl cut Sunny with an elbow in their last fight....so Sunny is out for REVENGE! =)

To make myself even more busy... on top of my own personal trainng business and my own fight training. I am now also working 3 Nights a week at Vanda Boxing. Im there every Tues, Thurs & Fridays. Tues & Thurs are the normal fitness/training classes, where as Friday's are sparring sessions. Very soon I'll be inviting other gyms down just to come and sparr and train together. It's a good way for everyone to improve and learn. Since fights happen once every fucking blue moon here.......??

Also recently been doing a few more interviews a.k.a media whoring!! =) Had an interview with FHM & 8days talking about my training....diet...workout....... It's weird, one of the reporters was asking me some really interesting and diff stuff but in the end......the article pretty much sounded like every other article I've ever done!.......pfffff

FHM & 8Days interview/photoshoot.

Next update will be soon!! PROMISE!! And it's regarding a new sponsor and I will be one of the main guys doing the distritbuting for them here =) Keep you guys posted soon!

Alright guys, once again my apologies for being so late on the blog recently. I've been seriously busy and I'm dying to go on a holiday and take a break again soon!! Sadly it'll only be after my fight on Aug 7th that I will be able to think of a holiday.

Nana-nap time, then off to training!!!

LaterZ ppl