Sunday, April 11, 2010

A month later..!!


So it's already a month since I did my last blog. I really can't believe how fast time flies. My day starts of at 730am or 530am when I have early morning clients. I finish the sessions off, head to the gym thing I know its 1pm and I'm headed home for my afternoon granny nap =) I head back out about 4 or 5 to the gym or to clients elsewhere....and I end my day at 9 or 10pm....It's crazy. Sometimes I really feel that there really isn't enough hours in a day!!

In that time frame of a month. A LOT has happened. Prolly the biggest change for me is actually havin Bangman being here in Singapore. Having him help me out at Vanda is turning out to be a real TREAT!!! He has settled in very well with the trainers and staff at the gym. A lot of students have complimented on him being a really good trainer and that he actually HELPS them and TEACHES them!! =) I remember when he came in and some of the students or the expat trainees saw him and thought..."oh who's this fat guy.....".....but shortly they find out Bangman is not someone you wanna mess around with!! =)

The trainees for both Muaythai & Boxing are benefiting from Bangman's experience at the gym. He used to box as a kid too, so he can train boxers in western style boxing too. I mean even after 2 weeks of Bangman being here I could see sooo much change in some of the students techniques. He's just amazing at being a coach and can really change a person's punch and kick. Even I'm learning alot about being a trainer, just watching him teach and also getting back into REAL muaythai again. I mean after awhile we forget stuff and our technique gets watered down to a MUAYFARANG (Foreigner Muaythai!) as Bangman calls it. haha

Bangman on pads =)

So since Bangman was here I took the oppurtunity to train hard and managed to get myself a fight up in Phuket. Sadly the fight only lasted 1 round.....It was really dissapointing and pretty lame if you ask me. The guy I fought has beaten some good thai's and has even beat the south thai champ 3 times. But I dont know why but he went down in the first round with me???? I dont ask for and I don't LIKE taking shit fights at all.............I would rather lose a hard fight than win an easy one. Anyways I have some more stuff lined up in Thailand and then after that I'll see. Things are obviously not getting any better or easier for me on this.

Not the proud of this...... pfffff =(

Well I'll see in the next few months, hopefully things will start getting better. Otherwise time to move on to other things. In the mean time I'm really enjoying working and running classes down at Vanda.

Hope to see you there.