Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Head Trainer for Muaythai at Vanda Boxing Club

Hey Everyone,

So been busy the last few weeks trying to organize my life with Muaythai. Again I've been trying hard to get fights and it's just been a real pain in the ass more than anything else. I'm getting more DJ gig offers than I am getting fights. Strange.........??

In the mean time I've decided to take on a new job/role to help a good friend, Ian Mullane. Ian has appointed me as Head Trainer of Vanda Boxing's Muaythai Club. We have been talking about me coming to work for him and helping him do Muaythai classes for a long time, and now that Vanda has taken over BNM and since they still have decided to continue running Muaythai at VBC the time was right =)

Ian has taken Boxing to a whole different level with his White Collar Boxing events. The White Collar Boxing events help raise money for a hospital in Cambodia that offers free medical treatment. It's a very noble cause and I'm very proud to be part of Vanda Boxing Club and Vanda Promotions now.

As the saying goes,"it's official when it's in black and white!"

As Head Trainer of VBC Muaythai. Ian has given me the green light on running the muaythai classes the way I want and how I think would make VBC a better Muaythai Gym. This is a big job I've taken on, there are already so many good gyms in Singapore and to be able to stand out from all the other gyms is gonna require alot of work. The fact that Ian trusts me and gives me the freedom to do as I deem fit is really important and very flattering. I don't doubt my abilities in running classes and teaching, I know that with my experience with training in gyms all over the world and also training with world class fighters and trainers I will be able to make VBC Muaythai a better place. I currently run the VBC Muaythai classes on Tues and Thurs 6 - 9pm but am in on nights where I'm free to make sure things are running smoothly.

At the moment I've brought in my trainer Bangman to come in and help me get things organized for abit. He's here on holiday and is happy to be here helping his favourite student out with the classes. VBC students are sooo lucky to be able to train with Bangman while he's here. Read more about Bangman if you still dont' know who he is. http://www.zigzach.com/2008/03/little-training-clip-info-on-my.html

I've been watching Bangman and Charoon Fairtex hold the classes and I can see that it's already looking alot more structured and alot more different than before. The two thai's work really well together and have been listening to my advise and my instructions on doing things and I'm really glad things are slowly taking shape even after a week of taking on the job!

In time to come, hopefully VBC Muaythai will start having fighters too. Under my guidance and the thai's, hopefully VBC Muaythai can start building a reputation for itself in the fight scene. Be it local or international.

Lastly here are the membership prices. Hope to see you guys at VBC.