Monday, August 30, 2010

HongKong & Macau!!

Hey everyone,

Once again it's been a hell of a few weeks. So since my last post I've been doing abit of travelling! =) Always good to get out of SingaBore for abit.

First up was my fight in Hongkong. It was for the Libogen Event. I remember it was a horrrible morning flight. I had to be at the airport at 430am....coz my flight out was at 6! Then got to HKG and had to wait for the Japanese fighter, Junko to arrive. So sat around waiting for her at the airport After an hour we finally left to the hotel. When we got to the hotel and they messed up my again it was abit more waiting and sitting in the the time I got settled in my room and met my roomate Ahmed Saadi another fighter I've met and known for was time to check weight. So it was a pretty looonggggg day!!!

The fight was LIVE on Tv in HongKong. HongKong's muaythai scene is FARRRRRRRRR more ahead than Singapore. They have fights almost every month. Promoters like Samuel from Libogen does awesome events with some world class fighters. Then there is Planet Battle as well. I mean seriously what is wrong with Singapore????? Are we really THAT worried about studying and working all the time??.....

I only managed to watch a couple of fights that night as I was busy getting ready for my fight. Fights for Libogen was K-1 Rules this night. Im not a huge fan of it...not being able to use elbows. But a fight's a fight! =) I actually had a lot of friends on this event...Chris & Sunny from Ultim8 Fightwear, Soisci Porchetta who now lives in Thailand with her bf, Ahmed Saadi & Irshaad my two fellow muslim fighters and Bruce Mcfie from Contender!

I saw Irshaad Sayed fight Aussie Chris Kearney. These boys were really fast. I've seen Irshaad fight before and he's just like an energizer bunny. High workrate and just keeps coming forward.
It was only a matter of time before he landed a solid body shot to the liver that put Chris down. Was a really good exciting fight to watch!

I didn't get to see Berneung take on Bruce McFie. But I heard Berneung dominated the fight the whole 3 rounds. Was really surprised as I knew Bruce was training for his 3rd fight with JWP so he was prolly in really good shape. I've seen Berneung fight before........he is a serious ANIMAL! There's a few video's of him on youtube. Sadly it's not in his PRIME. I would love to see what he was like at the peak of his career.

Anyways here is one of the rounds to Berneung vs Preacher

I managed to watch abit of Sunny vs Junko's rematch as I was next up after them and was watching from the side. Was gonna be a hell of a fight coz I know Sunny wasn't too pleased about their last encounter! Sunny got cut with an elbow in the last fight. So the rematch was going well....and was exciting. Both of em knocking down each other for an 8 count! Fight was good and Sunny was dominating most of it if you ask me. Outcome was abit of a strange one to be called a draw. Well guess it makes it more exciting for the 3rd fight! =)

Not long later and it was my turn to step in the ring!! Bell went and off we went! =) Mohammed was pretty good and I was finding it hard to get in rhythm. He changed his stance alot and it kinda confused me abit. I remember in this fight I landed a couple of big left hooks on him and it rocked him. I took a couple of leg kicks and kicks to the arm. Saw it and was thinking...."move...block..." and next thing I know...BANG it hits me!! hahah Well it didn't help that I was feeling soo heavy in the legs. Once again bad training does not help!! I prolly kicked pads like 6 times in 6 weeks for this fight..... Was really busy working and running classes. And plus Im really missing a good padholder/trainer to push me. Now that Bangman went back and couldn't come to train me I was really feeling the lack of training in this fight...... =( I couldn't find a video of my fight sadly.... =( To be honest I thought I did pretty shit.... but some people said it was a really good fight?.......well no one to blame but myself really.

Anyways so after the fight, it was time to rest and catch up with some friends who flew to see me fight and also to party in HongKong! We actually even took a trip across to Macau to do some gambling!! Yes unlike the good old Singapore......they don't charge ppl for entry.....pfffff. By the way if you haven't known about this...Singapore has collected $70 MILLION dollars alone just on LEVY that Singaporeans pay to go in. Which is $100 entry!! I'm not lying!!

Its my first time to Macau and I quite liked it. We went to the Venetia and my god it was MASSSSIVE!!! And the fact they painted the sky to look like DAYLIGHT all the time made it kinda....strange!?

I don't really like gambling....but I hate to say this but I made some serious $$$ on the blackjack tables so I guess I definetly liked it! I guess that's how gambling addiction win win win...and you try to make more and more....but things don't always go your way! But it wasn't just all about gambling.....We went to a really nice authentic portugese restaurant. And as you know Macau was a portugese colony. You can still see words and stuff written in Portugese. Was kinda weird. Sadly didn't find any Portugese egg tarts!?? =(

After losing my fight and making some serious moooooola in Macau....It was a trip with mixed emotions =) Hopefully I'll have another shot at fighting again in HongKong. Just hopefully I manage to be better prepared for it!!

Right next blog entry will be done in a few days! Kinda trying to catch up on blogging again! =)