Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sept 17th: The Return Of The Contenders!!

****************CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!*******************
For all international readers!!! Before you read on,the poster and this following blog entry contains spoilers! If you are still watching the show in the U.S,Canada or U.K do not read on if you don't want to know the results of the show. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
(Aren't I considerate!!)

So the much anticipated event of 2008 since the Contender Asia Finals. WMC and Contender Asia are proud to bring you,"The Return Of The Contenders" Sept 17th at Jurong East Sports Hall. Fightcard features Soren NTG Eminent Air,Naruepol Fairtex,Zig Zach & Yodsaenklai Fairtex!!

Anyways read the press release I got from Thailand.

"Jurong East Sports & Recreation Center will explode on Wednesday 17th of September with muaythai big wigs such as Yodsaenklai, Madsua, Naruepol, Soren and Zig Zach, all fighting on the super star encrusted fight card. The main fight is Contender and WMC World Champion Yodsaenklai versus WMC-S1 King’s Cup 2007 champions Madsua for the WMC World Title. This will be an all out war as the best 2 Thais battle it out in a 6 by
6 meter ring. If that isn’t enough, the fight that everyone wanted to see in the Contender house will become a reality at this event with Soren Mongkontong going face to face with Naruepol for the WMC Intercontinental Title. The pride of Singapore Zig Zach will take on the Japanese champion Takeshi. The winner of this fight will be eligible to fight for the WMC Asian Title. To set the house on fire, there will be 2 female world-class fights with Tiana “Tiger” Caverley the WMC Intercontinental champion taking on Nam Kang from Thailand, and Natalie Zoukatas the 2006 Swedish Champion taking on Lisa from the United Kingdom for the WMC European Title. The undercard will feature fights Singapore versus Singapore to determine who will fight in the next international WMC event. Please check out or call 6382 2235 for ticket inquiries. Fights will start at 18.00 sharp with the international program kicking off at 20.00. If you haven’t had the chance to see Yodsaenklai, Soren or Naruepol fighting live, then this is something you definitely DO NOT want to miss! Other entertainment on the night will include the Miss Round Girl competition, lucky draws and VIPs will be given a special VIP goody bag and the chance to mingle with the fighters at the after fight party! Be there!"

No pressure at all...Zach "Pride of Singapore!!"

Checkout or call 6382 2235 for ticket enquiries. Or contact the local Muay Thai Gyms to book your tickets. - -
Stprm Muay Thai -

Book now and tickets will be ready for collection by next week!! Ive heard there's only about 1500 you better hurry coz I've heard they have been booked up pretty quick!!

Right so Im off to Bali now for a few days!! Unfortunately I wont be on a HOLIDAY.....I will still be doing lotsa training over there...tho I'll be running on the lovely beaches of Bali!! However watching everyone around me laze around and indulge in yummy food is gonna be a painnnnn!! =( Bahhhhhhhhhhhh.....I hate making weight....!!!

Then after Bali I land and I have a day to pack and it's straight off to Phuket for some intensive training!! (What a tough beautiful beach to another!!) I need to focus and train hard as it's an important fight for me. And here in Singapore.....I just can't get focused!! Too many distractions!! Too many things to do and never enough time to train. Am really looking forward to seeing my favorite trainer,Bangman again!! Gonna be awesome quality training!!!

One last thing before I rush off to do more last minute packing!!....For this trip to Bali and my training trip to Phuket...the lovely people at Nikon Singapore have said they want me to take some lovely pics and videos to show all my readers what I've been getting up to!! =) So they have kindly loaned me a Nikon Coolpix S700!! YAAAAAYYY!! Love their camera's!!

Check this baby out!! =) 12.1 Megapixels

Right so check back in a couple of days for more details and info on the event and also my coolpix from my trip to Bali and Phuket!! Am sooooooo excited!!

See you all at Jurong Sept 17th!!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vanda Boxing & O.P.R.C

So the weekend was a very veryyyyyyyyyyy WET one!! How can there be soooo much RAIN!?!? Everytime it looked like it was gonna stop would just piss down even harder!!! As my buddy Darren would describe the weather in London,"Battle ship grey!!"...Just dark glooomy miserable weather!!...Bleeeegghhhh

After my fight in K.L one friends,Ian Mullane who has also been doing alot of boxing with me to sharpen up my hands over at his gym in Turf City, Vanda Boxing Club. Ian is the man who brought the Charity event,"White Collar Boxing" to Singapore. I've had many clients attend these SOLD OUT events and it has generated a lot of hype in the scene to either ATTEND...or to PARTICIPATE in these events!!

I honestly love the concept for it as it's for a good cause. Most of the money generated at these events goes to Charity!! Secondly it gives guys who work as Brokers,Bankers and Advertisers a chance to step into the ring with someone of EQUAL conditions. Both guys having to work 9-5 jobs....both having their first ever fight... both probably never even done boxing until they signed the dotted line of intensive training for 12 weeks before the big Fight Night. Stepping in the ring with just 12 weeks of Intensive training takes a toll on the body. Preparation takes hours in the gym,hours on the road doing the distance running and hours of grueling sessions with your trainers on the bag and pads.

And with intensive training comes a whole list of injuries. Something aches...something is sore....something it tight...something doesn't feel right. But we don't wanna wuss out,so we keep pushing ourselves. Sometimes its ok to do that.....but sometimes it makes the injury worse!!!

So after my recent injuries, Ian recommended me to go see his Osteopath.,Jose De La Cruz over at O.P.R.C (Osteopathic Pain Relief Centre). Initially I wasn't sure what to expect,as I've already been seeing Physio therapists for my shoulders and also going to Mitch at Skyfitness for alot of therapy and strength work on my shoulders and other muscles groups.... But I thought to myself..."What the heck,no harm in trying something new out?!?" And I'm very glad that I did book myself in!!!

What Jose does is very unique in Singapore. And it was kinda new to me too...but having trained with Mitch and doing alot of "Myofascial Release" I sorta was on the same page with Jose. Think of lets say your back and when you are getting a massage and there are some spots that are very sore and they feel like they've got "knots"......these are known also as "trigger points". They can be formed by old injuries, stress, inflammation, trauma, and poor posture. So to release these "trigger points" what Mitch teaches at Sky is to use Golf Balls,Tennis Balls,Rollers and Deep trigger point massage to sort of ease the tightness and to hopefully break it up so that your body functions better.

However over at OPRC , Jose does something called Dry Needling....Basically he uses needles to break down these trigger points to reduce the pain of an area. this point I reckon many of you are probably going..."WHAT?!!?!" or pulling some silly face. The needles used are Acupuncture needles and they are so fine you barely feel it!! The reason and philosophy behind Dry Needling has no similarity as Acupuncture used in Chinese Medicine though.

It's pretty amazing as I've gone in there with tight hamstrings, bad back, difficulty with my range of motion due to my shoulder injuries/surgeries. And because of all these injuries it has been hindering alot of my training with Mitch to do certain strength & conditioning exercises and also my general fitness workouts.

Unlike alot of massage or alot of therapy that I've been to. I feel that there is nothing faster and more effective than this. I mean I went in with really bad range of motion on my arm, could barely reach over my head without compensating and forcing my head forward,and after just some needles here and about 30mins I almost had full range of motion!! Another incident was my back was killing the other day from an old injury and I could barely twist around....same thing went in there and,Jose stuck a needle here and there....and done...walked out feeling almost like nothing happened.

What I do find very professional about OPRC which adds abit more of a PERSONAL side to it,is that Jose actually made the effort to see me train with Mitch and to discuss about what should be done to help me get better....what muscle groups I should be working on. Jose gave me simple but very specific stretches,workouts that I need to do for my shoulders. He also went to see another of his patient and to find out why her back and shoulders were always acting up....and it was due to her posture sitting at the office...and having the laptop and all the wrong height. To me that shows a great deal of commitment to his job and that he sincerely wants to see a patient get better.

OPRC is not just a clinic for sports is a clinic for general wellness!! The see patients for everything from...back aches,neck aches,frozen shoulders,knee injuries,stress,muscle tension,headaches and asthma even!?! ...Sheesh now they just need to find a cure for cancer!!!!! haha

Im very glad that I've been introduced to OPRC as it has definitely helped me understand alot more about my body and they have helped with reducing my injuries and reduced my recovery time for certain injuries. Hopefully with all the help Im getting from Mitch and Jose,my darn shoulders will stay in it's damn sockets for my next fight!!! Its constantly a worry and a bother for me...but Im sure if I put in the effort and with their professional help it'll be ok.

Alright LaterZ!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bangkok Trip

Right so the week before was a very eventful week. The Opening of the Olympics 8th Aug,Singapores National 9th Aug,me leaving for Bangkok on the 10th Aug and the Queens Bday 12 Aug!!!

Olympic ceremony was pretty amazing!! The lights,the choreography,the fireworks and the whole stadiums atmosphere was just awesome!! Should have booked my tickets to go Beijing...!! Had some clients who attended the opening ceremony so can't wait to catch up with them and hear the stories and see the pictures they took! So Singapore won their first Silver medal in YEARRSSSSSSSSSSSS......but yeah the taxi driver on the way home was like..."Cmon,it was China vs China!! They are not Singaporeans!!"....hahahaha....

So after a night out with some friend on National Day. I was off to Bkk bright and early on Sunday morning!! Was sooo happy to be going to Bkk again.....Last time I was in Bkk was.......? Dec 2007?....That for me is a LOOONGGG time!! Got in mid day checked into a cheap hotel for about 600Baht a night near MBK the giant shopping mall. Shopping heaven for some...Crowded nightmare for others!!!

Bkk is like 2nd home to me....I love it there so much!! I know so many people there it's crazy!! It's always calling around catching up with people when Im in town. First person I met up with was my brother from another mother,Soren NTG Eminent Air!!! We met up at MBK and had some coffee and donuts!! We had a good time catching up on whats new or happening in muaythai, life in the Thailand for him, life at the gym, fame...crazy girls...and more muaythai!!.... We always have so much to catch up as I used to train out at Eminent Air when I was first starting all the trainers and gym owner knows me.

I asked Soren if there were any good fights and he told me his gym mate, Jomhod Eminent Air was the main fight that night. Jomhod is an awesome fighter....think he fights at like 105pounds? Jomhod Eminent Air,was 2 Time Lumpinee Champ,Channel 7 Champ and S-1 Champ. He was undefeated for quite awhile and I remember he even had to switch over to Boxing for 6months coz he couldn't find any opponents in Muay Thai even tho he was fighting a weight division up. (And STILL WINNING!!)

So Monday,called my buddy/sponsor Oak from and we met up and went over to his warehouse to do some shoppppping!!! Got a whoooolllleeee load of gear from him!!! For a moment I thought I was gonna be seriously over the weight limit on the flight back!!!... Muaythaistuff basically carries most of the Muaythai brands like,Windy,Twins,Raja and King and he sells them all on his website. He also runs the UBER cool muaythai Tshirt company, Tuffboxing and also the Muaythai shorts company Kombat Gear where you can design it all on the Kombat Gear website and get it delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the world!! It can't get any better than that!!

So after a whole day of shopping at the warehouse and spending lots of my hard earned money!! It was time to get ready to go down to Rajadamneorn Stadium. Called up my good friend from the UK,Rob Cox who has been living in Thailand for the last couple of years. He runs a website and takes some awesome muaythai pictures as well as update people on latest fights in Bkk!! He speaks,read and writes thai fluently so you can rest assured that his facts are pretty much SPOT ON!!! He had good news for me as he told me that my camp mate Linglom was fighting that night too!! Excellent!!! Get to see two of my friends fight that night!!!

Arrived at the stadiums and I called my gym owner and we went to get the tickets but I followed them to the changing rooms and ringside. I love it how at the stadiums there are local thai price and of course foreigner priced tickets. hahaha Perks of being a fighters sometimes!!

I went straight to the changing rooms and saw some of my camp mates and trainers from both Tor.Chalermchai and Eminent Air. My campmate, Linglom was getting oiled up,massaged and ready for battle. He was fighting Rung-Anant Sit.Noomnoy and Rung-Anant was just being massaged right next to him!! Totally not awkward at all?!?!? haha Walked over to say Hi to Jomhod and my old trainer....and he said,"Soren at home sleeping!" hahaha

It was nice to see them again. Some of the boys were saying to me (in thai).."Oh we saw you fighting on TV!!" I asked them...."Was it the one I won or lost??"...They said..."Lucky it was the one you won,coz If we saw you losing we wouldnt have told people we knew you that night!" hahahaha cheeky bugger!

Linglom was up soon and the trainers were just putting the armbands and headgear on before they made their way out. I love to see how the trainers and fighters say their prayers as the armbands and headgear are put on and also when the gym owner goes up to remove the headress.

My gym owner the cowboy Mr.Bon,Linglom and Me.
Mr Bon saying prayers and removing the headress for Linglom

Linglom is just awesome to watch in action. He is just reallly reaaaaaaaallly fast. He had some very fast hand combos and finished off with some low hard leg kicks in the first two rounds. Going into the 3rd Round his corner told him to keep going for the legs and Linglom did. Linglom however landed some very hard straight punches and even though Rung-Anant had his guard up,he was still shaken by the force behind the punches....So Linglom changed his tactics and came in with some BIG punches rocking Rung-Anant cozing him to wobble once or twice!! Round 4 Rung-Anant knew that he had to keep in grapple so that Linglom couldn't punch. Round 5 Linglom came out with everything and everytime Rung-Anant tried to grapple,he'd slip out push him away and land som HEAVY combos!! And as Linglom landed the punches the stadium got LOUDER AND's just an awesome experience going to watch a fight at the big stadiums in Thailand highly recommended even if you're not into muaythai!! Linglom landed alot of punched and as Rung Anant went down Linglom landed a knee to Rung-Anants face knocking him out cold. Rung-Anant was knocked out pretty badly....he had to be stretchered off the ring to the medical room.

Last piece of advice before Linglom comes out of the corner to knock Rung-Anant out!!

Linglom jumps around the ring and my gym owner Mr.Bon goes up to congratulate him and puts the flowers around his neck. Showing what Muaythai is all about.....RESPECT and alot of sportsmanship,Linglom goes over to check on his opponent and to apologize to Rung-Anant's corner. An awesome performance!! Winner by Round 5 Knockout. Linglom Tor.Chalermchai!!!!!

The talented Jomhod in action at Rajadamneorn Stadium

We all went out to watch Jomhod Eminent Air fight and this was I think only his 2nd fight back after having done Boxing for the last 6 months. Jomhod is just awesome to watch he's so cool and and his eyes are really sharp.. he reads his opponents really well.....reading punches and kicks and countering them. His opponent pressed forward alot but the fact that Jomhod was just in control of the fight the whole 5 rounds made him look the stronger of the two fighters.

So what a way to end the holiday!! Two wins from two of my friends! Watching fights and hanging around the stadium really makes me miss Thailand alot. Makes me miss the awesome quality of training that is available there.

Right so thats all from my trip in much as I try and take a break from MuayThai when I'm on holiday......I always ended doing something related to it still!!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Global Domination!!

When Contender Asia first aired on Jan 16th 2008,it only made AXN Asia's channels. Broadcasting the show to about 15 countries in Asia. And the only other way the people around the world could watch it,was by downloading it off the internet.

Now in August,just after 7 months......The Contender Asia seems to be making waves....and it has now been broad casted on National TV here in Singapore on Channel 5, in Sweden on TV4Sport, then in the UK on ITV4, then in Australia on FOX8....and now Contender Asia has just started airing on the 31st of July on The Versus Channel in the USA (and also Canada I've heard)!!! Now that is HUGE!!!

I reckon I would have been on more TV screens than Gurmit Singh & Zoey Tay (Singaporeans actor and actress) put together!!! HAH take that!!!!! >=/ However having said that......they both still definitely earn a shit load more than I do.........Oh buggggggggggggggggger!!!

Hopefully more things will come out of the exposure!!! More endorsements and also some sort of sponsorship from companies would be greatly appreciated....?? People don't realize how hard it is being an athlete,when you've gotta juggle work and hours of intensive training!! It just tires you out so much...and you get burnt out alot faster than most athletes!!..........Would be nice to just concentrate fully on TRAINING & FIGHTING!!!

Anyways...just a short post this time. Gotta rush to personal training clients and then head over to Skyfitness for some training!! (SEE WHAT I MEAN!!)