Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sept 17th: The Return Of The Contenders!!

****************CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!*******************
For all international readers!!! Before you read on,the poster and this following blog entry contains spoilers! If you are still watching the show in the U.S,Canada or U.K do not read on if you don't want to know the results of the show. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
(Aren't I considerate!!)

So the much anticipated event of 2008 since the Contender Asia Finals. WMC and Contender Asia are proud to bring you,"The Return Of The Contenders" Sept 17th at Jurong East Sports Hall. Fightcard features Soren NTG Eminent Air,Naruepol Fairtex,Zig Zach & Yodsaenklai Fairtex!!

Anyways read the press release I got from Thailand.

"Jurong East Sports & Recreation Center will explode on Wednesday 17th of September with muaythai big wigs such as Yodsaenklai, Madsua, Naruepol, Soren and Zig Zach, all fighting on the super star encrusted fight card. The main fight is Contender and WMC World Champion Yodsaenklai versus WMC-S1 King’s Cup 2007 champions Madsua for the WMC World Title. This will be an all out war as the best 2 Thais battle it out in a 6 by
6 meter ring. If that isn’t enough, the fight that everyone wanted to see in the Contender house will become a reality at this event with Soren Mongkontong going face to face with Naruepol for the WMC Intercontinental Title. The pride of Singapore Zig Zach will take on the Japanese champion Takeshi. The winner of this fight will be eligible to fight for the WMC Asian Title. To set the house on fire, there will be 2 female world-class fights with Tiana “Tiger” Caverley the WMC Intercontinental champion taking on Nam Kang from Thailand, and Natalie Zoukatas the 2006 Swedish Champion taking on Lisa from the United Kingdom for the WMC European Title. The undercard will feature fights Singapore versus Singapore to determine who will fight in the next international WMC event. Please check out or call 6382 2235 for ticket inquiries. Fights will start at 18.00 sharp with the international program kicking off at 20.00. If you haven’t had the chance to see Yodsaenklai, Soren or Naruepol fighting live, then this is something you definitely DO NOT want to miss! Other entertainment on the night will include the Miss Round Girl competition, lucky draws and VIPs will be given a special VIP goody bag and the chance to mingle with the fighters at the after fight party! Be there!"

No pressure at all...Zach "Pride of Singapore!!"

Checkout or call 6382 2235 for ticket enquiries. Or contact the local Muay Thai Gyms to book your tickets. - -
Stprm Muay Thai -

Book now and tickets will be ready for collection by next week!! Ive heard there's only about 1500 you better hurry coz I've heard they have been booked up pretty quick!!

Right so Im off to Bali now for a few days!! Unfortunately I wont be on a HOLIDAY.....I will still be doing lotsa training over there...tho I'll be running on the lovely beaches of Bali!! However watching everyone around me laze around and indulge in yummy food is gonna be a painnnnn!! =( Bahhhhhhhhhhhh.....I hate making weight....!!!

Then after Bali I land and I have a day to pack and it's straight off to Phuket for some intensive training!! (What a tough beautiful beach to another!!) I need to focus and train hard as it's an important fight for me. And here in Singapore.....I just can't get focused!! Too many distractions!! Too many things to do and never enough time to train. Am really looking forward to seeing my favorite trainer,Bangman again!! Gonna be awesome quality training!!!

One last thing before I rush off to do more last minute packing!!....For this trip to Bali and my training trip to Phuket...the lovely people at Nikon Singapore have said they want me to take some lovely pics and videos to show all my readers what I've been getting up to!! =) So they have kindly loaned me a Nikon Coolpix S700!! YAAAAAYYY!! Love their camera's!!

Check this baby out!! =) 12.1 Megapixels

Right so check back in a couple of days for more details and info on the event and also my coolpix from my trip to Bali and Phuket!! Am sooooooo excited!!

See you all at Jurong Sept 17th!!



Eilly said...

Aw man, that's 2 weeks after the OTHER Contender Spectacular in Australia. Dammit I wanna see both!

Asy ' Ari said...

Damn it !!! It in the midst of my exams !!! I would love to go !!!

Vinx Lee said...

Augggghh...why in the mid of week! I sure go if falls on weekend! so wanna see...good luck to u're fight Zach!

Keishi said...

Pride on Singapore ... haha! Do us proud matey!

bareboxersjournal said...

Do us proud Zack! How come this event is not advertised?

Lisa said...

Did you know, that there s currently an average of 1.2million asians in South Africa?? Lets round it off and make it 1 200 001.. :)When I go get Zidov from the airport you better be there too as a surprise! haha

reyz said...

all the best of luck iam trying my best to go but I finish work at come its not on a weekend more better but will do my best to support muay Thai although I do fight at all I love the tradition of it . So we see how I hope to go.