Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Global Domination!!

When Contender Asia first aired on Jan 16th 2008,it only made AXN Asia's channels. Broadcasting the show to about 15 countries in Asia. And the only other way the people around the world could watch it,was by downloading it off the internet.

Now in August,just after 7 months......The Contender Asia seems to be making waves....and it has now been broad casted on National TV here in Singapore on Channel 5, in Sweden on TV4Sport, then in the UK on ITV4, then in Australia on FOX8....and now Contender Asia has just started airing on the 31st of July on The Versus Channel in the USA (and also Canada I've heard)!!! Now that is HUGE!!!

I reckon I would have been on more TV screens than Gurmit Singh & Zoey Tay (Singaporeans actor and actress) put together!!! HAH take that!!!!! >=/ However having said that......they both still definitely earn a shit load more than I do.........Oh buggggggggggggggggger!!!

Hopefully more things will come out of the exposure!!! More endorsements and also some sort of sponsorship from companies would be greatly appreciated....?? People don't realize how hard it is being an athlete,when you've gotta juggle work and hours of intensive training!! It just tires you out so much...and you get burnt out alot faster than most athletes!!..........Would be nice to just concentrate fully on TRAINING & FIGHTING!!!

Anyways...just a short post this time. Gotta rush to personal training clients and then head over to Skyfitness for some training!! (SEE WHAT I MEAN!!)



Anonymous said...

I was happy to hear it was going to be on Versus. I'm hoping the US exposure can get Muay Thai on a more mainstream channel in the future. It's ridiculous that they have poker on ESPN when there are other sports (real sports) out there not even covered!

sWeEtiLiciOuS said...


I happened to multi click and stumble upon your blog. hah

Either ways, I thought you fight AWESOMELY AWESOME!

Prolly one day more of those sponsorhips and endorsements might just cater to sports.

Anyhos, take care and good luck with your future =)