Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guys Meet Gina Carano

So it's been an eventful week so far!! Monday night I went to watch the Brazillian Olympic Football Team take on Singapore. Right no points for guessing who won that game!??! But was just happy to do something DIFFERENT!! Was actually very surprised they let Ronaldhinio play the full 90mins.

I haven't been to the Stadium in YEARS!! ...... And Singapore SERIOUSLY needs a new one....The screens were sooo old you couldn't even get an instant replay... Imagine if you were talking and missed the goal!! That would suck!! So here's a quick highlight of the goals for those of you who didn't watch the game....or were too busy talking!?

Anyways back to the title of the post. Since all the girls keep getting eye candy fed to them. I think it's about time I did something for the male readers. Some of you may already have heard of her or know her but just incase you are new to the fight scene or have been living in Ethiopia with no internet.....let me just say,"Guys,meet Gina Carano!!!"

Gina Carano Weighing in at 140Pounds and 5ft 8". Gina isn't just a pretty face that fights....She can REALLY fight!!!Gina started training down at Master Toddy's gym in Vegas. After just training for 6 months Gina had her first fight. Gina has a Muay Thai Record of 14Fights 12Wins 1Lose 1 Draw. Gina later made the switch over to the MMA when she was offered the FIRST EVER Sanctioned Female MMA Fight against Leiticia Pestova. She is currently the HIGHEST paid female fighter in the US!! She makes my fight money and alot of the other top guys I know look like we earn small change!!!!.....The perks of being beautiful sometimes!! But I mean she can back it up with her fights....But take Anna Kournikova for example.....crap tennis player but shit loads of endorsements!!! haha

Gina has also made the small screen by having the role as a Mentor on the reality Tv Show, Fight Girls. Which is sort of like the FEMALE version of The Contender Asia....Why didn't Star World,AXN or MediaCorp pick the show up here!!! I would have definetly bought a cable box then!!! =) Gina was also asked to be a Gladiator in one of the hit american game shows, American Gladiators. (DAMN that was an old TV show!! I used to watch that on Sat mornings here!!)

So here's a little video from way back of Gina when she first started out. Hope she has inspired more hot women to take up the sport. See you can still be beautiful after taking a few punches and kicks to the head!! =) I know a number of men who wouldn't mind getting the crap kicked out of them by Gina in a sparring session!!

Alright LaterZ people!


Sakkis said...

Over hyped. I get it. She is the only decent looking girl in the fight game. But come on boys, do you really want to date a fighter??
Good on you though, Zach for trying to post some t&a.

Ronin said...

the gladiators were the bomb back in the day.

Jack said...
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Jack said...

Hey Zach!
Thought I'd just leave you a fan message!
I just finished watching The Contender here in Australia! Your fight with Zidov in the Finale was one of the BEST fights I've ever seen! Very exciting!
I think you're an awesome fighter and a nice guy.
All the best for your upcoming fights mate!


Tori said...

Photos are not showing her real beauty, but on the movie... wow! a real cutie with just perfect face. And the way she fights... WOW!

aiz said...

hey...aiz a fan of urs...lurv ur fight with zidov...n gina...!!!!man i really wanna be like her...lurv ya zach

FleetwooD said...

I'd date Gina in a heart beat..She's HOT for sure...
Thanx zach for the story...