Monday, July 7, 2008

International Muaythai Superfights K.L,Malaysia

Sorry for not posting the week before I left. Everything just got really hectic. With personal training clients then my own training and trying to make weight on top of that. Things just got real busy.

Not sure if many of you know about the results of my fight in K.L. It was all abit of a horrible De Ja Vu for me. My right shoulder this time had slipped out again when I tried to hook and the second time when my opponent Leonardo threw a body shot and hit my glove and that threw my shoulder out again....Honestly what are the chances of that happening????... I felt good going in the fight and was not expecting this to happen....of all this my shoulder to give me problems again!!!!

Even before the fight in the changing rooms,I was getting a rub down and I said to Pitu. "Can you massage my shoulders abit harder...they feel weird today" He rubbed me hard and I thought alright maybe it's just the cold room....???

We waited at the back for them to call my name. I walked in and said my prayers and started to do my Wai Kru. Half way thru it.....the music had stopped. I just carried on anyways and it came back on towards the end. It also happened for Zidov's fight against Abbas.....and Abbas carried on too. They also forgot to play the fight music for most of their first round.

Round 1 Leo came out fast and hard and I kinda expected that....I knew that would be his game
plan. A few moments later he threw a bunch of combinations and I don't remember what hit me
but......before I knew it I was cut. I didnt even know I was cut til the Referee pulled me aside to get checked out by the ring Dr. Then I saw it on the screen and I could smell and taste my own blood as it gushed down my face...."GREAT way to start!!".....I was thinking to myself!!!

The ring Dr looked at the cut and was ready to stop the fight there and then. He said that he could see my skull from the cut and it's very deep. He applied some cream put pressure and put ice to stop it for abit. I said," No it's ok. Im good to carry on it's not bleeding too much." I turned around and went straight back into the fight.

Leonardo upon seeing blood,he pressed forward even more and I struggled to find my rhythm against him. Everytime he punched or we got in the grapple,I felt more blood and I felt like the cut was getting bigger. I managed to land a number of elbows on him but it didn't manage to cut him.

Round 2 started and same thing started well but after the first dislocation I think I was in shock.I just stood there thinking......"FUCK!!! not again.....!!!" I knew that even after surgery my shoulders won't be 100% and that it can still dislocate....I knew I was prepared for it to happen at some point......but not this soon.........

I remember trying to get my mind back into the fight saying to myself "Just keep calm and get composed again just move around and cover up first,don't try to throw any punches and have it go out again"....But the 2nd dislocation came when Leonardo tried to throw a body shot and it hit the inside of my right glove forcing my shoulder out...... Seriously gutted......Referee called off the fight and that was it....Just like that. I was in so much pain again and I had to lean over the ropes to relax to let my shoulder slowly go back in. The thai coaches and my corner came in to help me.

I was taken to the hospital where I waited for ages to get stitched up. The lady Dr was very kind and helpful and I am very thankful she put in the extra effort to help make my stitches look good. Did not enjoy the bit where she was cleaning it and when she injected the local anesthetic!! that hurt like a BITCH!!!!!!........ Or when she stitched and the anesthetic wore off and I could feel the needle....Wasn't very fun!!!!

So I met with my Dr's and he checked my cut and said the stitching was very neat and that it shouldn't leave too much of a scar behind. Moving along to my shoulder he's said that I should be strengthening it and to make it an essential part of my training. As much as I run and hit bags/pads I gotta put in that extra effort to do the conditioning for the shoulders. Im not gonna have another's just gonna be put me out for too long again and if it can dislocate after the first surgery....Im sure it can dislocate after 2 surgeries!!!

Im sick of this shit happening to me....I'm gonna have to train differently,fight differently and put in more effort on my shoulders. Im not gonna let this injury get the better of me and not let the injury stop me from achieving my goals. I've had enough of my shoulder giving me problems. I managed to fight for 4 years after the first dislocation without any problems so I don't see why I can't do it again.

So from this trip I lost my title fight for the Muay Thai Against Drugs Belt 2008 Challenge. I've got 14 Stitches and I've got a very sore right shoulder. Am very annoyed at myself........Im not upset about losing or getting's all part of fighting and the job that we do. "You Win some,You Lose some." But I am pretty sick of trying to think of a reason or an answer to my shoulder and why this and that happened............. Bitching and whining on local forums from people who seem to know better and know everything has started. Some moron even going as far as complaining about my Wai Kru and stating a whole other bunch of brainless,useless comments..............??? Here we go again................*YAWNS*..............

Once my stitches are out and my shoulder isn't so's back to the drawing board again with my team.

Im sorry guys I couldn't bring back the Muay Thai Against Drugs title......but trust me I want it even more than ever now.



Anonymous said...

That's the spirit! Way to go, Zach!

There are MANY who are behind you all the way and want to see you SUCCEED!

Your Wai Kru Ram Muay is awesome; yea, I read those comments - those buggers know shit.

Man, Leonardo should get a haircut! Looks potentially prickly in a grapple. :P


d3stinee said...

Hey Zach!

We are all human after all... Different people have different things to work on with their bodies and dislocating shoulders is not something you can help right?

Your Wai Kru(s) are awesome, man. Keep on doing them and don't cut 'em short for your fans who came all the way to see the whole show! ;)

One more thing ya? Don't be so hard on yourself... We're as proud of you as ever! :)

moktelyamja said...

to hell with those people who said ur Wai Kru was too long. ur Wai Kru is nice and i enjoy watching it. (especially the one which u end with X and a stab) and like u mention b4, not all fighters perform their Wai Kru. and frm my point of view, i really think Wai Kru somehow cause the ring to be on fire b4 the match start..

and abt ur shoulder dislocate. it just happen @ the wrong time. lady luck wasnt on ur side that night i guess. bt im sure u have train hard for the match. all ur supporters knws that and WE ARE PROUD OF YOU.

im pretty sure, better days is awaiting for you.. more fights.. more titles ey? :D

i adore ur fighting spirit. plus, ur kicks. OMG. i really think u should kick more than u should punch. bt it would be good to punch aft the kick.. awesome!

aite. fast recovery zach! and smile yaw..

BoxxTomoi said...

You know who to contact if you wanna fight again in Malaysia.

Take care!

Ronin said...

ignore those dimwits.

anyway, gotta agree. your kicks are like your mutant power.

keep at it. we've got your back.

Jai said...

G'day Zach,

enjoyed watching your fight against Leonardo, it was shaping up to be the fight of the night. Although your fight record isn't extensive, you have a confidence and calmness in the ring that belies your stats.

Was unfortunate to see your shoulder give way, hopefully it doesn't keep you out of action for too long.

Your Ram Muay was hands down the best of the night.

I also noticed the music cutting out in the middle of some of the Ram Muays. It seems the tape didn't go for as long as it should've and they had to rewind and replay the song.

It was great to meet some of the contender asia boys for a photo opp during the halftime fashion show (who's idea was it to get blokes to strut around in their underpants at a muay thai fight night? the ladies got my tick of approval though) did everyone end up at Zouk after the fights?

All the best mate,

Atiqah said...

when reading your post,i just like can feel the pain.Hope your shoulder will be okay.Don't worry about your shoulder,i think it will get better soon.
I think you are very determined as if others were in pain,they will stop the fight.

Anyway,good luck!!
Take care!! =))

Princezz Diyana said...

Oh brother, you can try harder next time. Whatever it is, we are still very proud of u! Ignore the negative comments, cos no one knows better than yourself.

I hope you get better by day. Ur fans are behind you.



Princezz Diyana said...

anyway, is it true that u came in for a re-match for contender asia? becos the show's so dull without u around.


Diana said...

Omg,ignore those people please.
Such dimwits.
(yawns along with you)

For the record,your Wai Kru is amazing,I tell you. :D
Ad for the shoulder,do take care of yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself?

You know,your supporters will be behind you all the way! Have a speedy recovery,Zach.


Zig Zach said...

Hey everyone,

once again thanks for the great support.

Im annoyed at this injury but I know that I can beat it...I have fought with a bad right shoulder for 4 years with no problems(til Soren fell on me..!!) So Im pretty sure I can do it again. Just gotta put in the effort for the strengthening bit and not get complacent again.

Jai I'm glad you like the fight...I did think it was gonna be a good one right up til my shoulder!! I have heard ALOT about that Fashion show in between..?? VERY LAME!! But you gotta mix it up for sponsors benefit sometimes.

Trying to get the chat box up and we'll all chat there soon I hope.

Thanks once again everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Don't let ignorant people get to you.
Remember this; he who angers you,controls you.

Wish you speedy recovery.
God bless.


Keishi said...

Bloody hell, Zachhhh! Didn't tell me!

Hope shoulders are better

And I wanted to let you know Contender will be shown on ITV4 in the UK soon.. I just saw the trailer on TV ... woooo

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh! oh what a bummer. two reasons: first the match & the second.. the expired cbox. LOL.

AHHH quick un-expired it!! lol. kidding, take your time.

oh, on the other hand i take it all back.. dont take ur time.


Francesco NJMT said...

ZIG.. No sweat man.. I'm a Nak Muay from New Jersey and I can tell you that EVERYONE has an opinion outside of the ring but they have no idea about the work it takes to be inside the ring. Don't let ignorance get the best of you. You're an AMAZING fighter for the amount of fights you have and you def have a loyal fan in New Jersey. Just train hard strengthen those shoulders and your work will pay off. Sawat Dee Khrab...

BoxxTomoi said...

Zack the brazilian guy(Leonardo) will fight again in Kuala Lumpur, 2&3 august,your buddy Jose Pitu Sans and Sean Wright will be there too. There will couple of big name waiting for confirmation.
It a FREE event.Join me ?

Anonymous said...

Hey zach it sucks having to lose a fight this way but we're all very sure you'll bounce back :)

anyway, regarding your shoulder,because I regularly lift in the gym.. you MIGHT have a stronger shoulder that's less prone to dislocations if you try to build some muscles in that region. some exercises that you can do are the bench press, shoulder press, side raises... you get my drift. this is just my 2 cents worth :)


nakamuay said...

good luck with your recovery zach, i'll be rooting for you!

Zig Zach said...

Hey nakmuay appreciate all the advice....but it is exactly what my Dr has been suggesting and something I did not do at all for this fight....stupid me!!!...but like I said...learnt it the hard way. =(

well lets hope next fight no more probs!!!

thanks guys once again for the support.

Sam Jervis said...

Hey Zach, I'm upset about your shoulder but dw man, it's another hurdle, but a hurdle you can jump over. Just take time and take are of your shoulder, dedicate time to it and make sure it's strenghened and as flexible as possible, funnily enough my physio today told me of a horror story, that if someone lands or hits it and knocks it out to the side the shoulder could pop, how ironic I check your blog after a month and first thing I see is that happening to you.

Never mind, if life was easy, life would be shit, the harder things are, the better the rewards. Keep it going don't let these fucking shoulders get the better of you, take care of them.

Jones said...

I watched your fight. Well if you're positive and made it so far you will have nothing against constructive opinions of what people think, right? You wouldn't want to have ass-lickers and fake-positive yes-men all the time, you want to hear the good and the bad so you can be better?

I'm one of the many who think that yes, the wai kru was too long. Basically it REPEATED EVERYTHING that every other fighter before that has done, except for the X and stab. If it was just your fight, then maybe it would be interesting. And what kind of negative atmosphere do you want to desecrate muay thai with, if your fans dismiss those who disagree as "idiots" or "dimwits"?

If you call those who insulted the Singapore ref that night as "idiots", then maybe it's called for, but still not classy. But merely to people who genuinely thought that maybe, just maybe, your wai kru would have more impact if it was shorter?

Zig Zach said...

Jones you're right about wanting to hear the good and the bad. I do read the bad and as hard as it is to swallow sometimes I do listen and work on the issue with my team.

As for the on going discussion about my wai kru or other thai fighters who do long wai krus.

1) I was taught Wai Kru by my trainer of many years and I intend to do it that way. Out of respect to him and my camp.

2) All wai kru's are SLIGHTLY similar. But they are different in some ways. To someone who doesn't follow Muay thai and its rituals,customs.....It will seem REPEATED.

Although you and others may think it's long and do not appreciate it...Im sorry but I will still do it that way even if the crowd jeers me next time.

Recieving compliments from Thai officials,trainers,fighters and Thai audiences who understand and appreciate my wai kru means ALOT more to me than hearing people complain about if forums.


Jai said...

jones i think you are missing the entire point of the wai kru/ram muay. it is not just performed for your entertainment, but as highlighted by Zach, is performed out of respect for one's teacher and camp.
It also gives the nak muay an opportunity to relax and prepare themselves both physically and mentally immediately prior to a fight and stretch their limbs.
The movements are adapted from the Ramayana and highlight the rich heritage and tradition behind Muay Thai, most of which seems to have gone right over the top of your head.
it is bloody disrespectful to start booing someone in the middle of their wai kru and it shits me up the wall to see meatheads who are there purely for the elbows to the face to start displaying their ignorance in this fashion.

Jai said...

oh and boxxtomoi i am interested in this upcoming event in KL. any chance of posting more details?

this is more quality muay thai action than i ever got to see back in Perth, gotta make the most of it!

Ardilia said...

I was there during your super fight in KL. It was really good.Your Wai Krus were fine and there was nothing wrong with that. Out of respect for the tradition and even as a spiritual thing for both fighters.

Have you fully recovered now for the shoulder injury?