Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Interview with mymuaythai.com

Where does all the time go in a day?!!?!....I wake up at 730am...finish with my training at 1030am,home by 11am. Then out the door again for Personal Trainings sessions,then training at BXG with Joe in the evenings...and by the time Im home it's blooody 11pm!!!!!!!!!! So today Ive found a little time away from personal training to reply my emails and do a blog.

Anyways back to the topic title. When I told my buddy Oak from Tuffboxing that I was headed over to London on Holiday he told me that he would introduce me to his friend there and that his friend wanted to interview me for his website. I soon found out the interview was for mymuaythai.com. Oak's friend Nopadon who is a Thai American who is currently living in London. He's been running the site for a good number of years now,coz I remember reading up on latest fights and info on gyms and fighters. Nop Thai and having contacts in Thailand he updates his site regularly with whats happening in the Muay Thai scene and people discuss upcoming events and he uploads recent fights too and people go on and comment about them. It is definetly one of the BEST muaythai info sites around!

So met up with Nop at one of the Tube Stations and also dragged along a good friend and fellow DJ buddy Ex- Juice 2004 Winner DJ Keishi who is now living in London. We walked down the streets of Bricklane to go say HI to another Singaporean DJ living in London,Ex-Zouk resident DJ Sonny. So we sat down out side n the damn COLD where Sonny was doing his early DJ set in the club!!

The interview was just a very informal and cool sorta chat rather than a serious sorta straight laced one. And I was lucky enough to pop mymuaythai.com's cherry by being the FIRST video interview that Nop has ever done in all his years running the site!! Muuahaha!! Who would have thought after all those years of me reading his website I'd be reading and watching about MYSELF on it now?!! CRAZY?!!?!? He's titled it "Interview with Zach Khan"???????????????? Nop, it sounds like you interviewed some BOLLYWOOD ACTOR?!!?!? haha Just Zach or Zig Zach next time pls!! haha

Anyways you can catch my interview here

Online Videos by Veoh.com

or go click here if video isn't working: interview with Zach Khan on Mymuaythai.com

Nop's a cool guy and we had good fun doing the interview. After the interview we walked further up Bricklane for some of Englands National dish!!! Curry!!!!! haha Bricklane is like THE LITTLE INDIA!!!!!!! It is exactly like Boat Quay in Singapore,where they literally stand on the street and harass you to come in to their restaurant. Only thing is in Bricklane they offer you discounts and free stuff with your meal!!

He has recently done another interview with fellow Contender Asia fighter,David Pacquette and also uploaded a recent fight that Naruepol had in France. So make sure you guys check out mymuaythai.com for your regular fix on all things Muay Thai!!!


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