Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beautiful Bali!!!

So Im in Phuket now.....and it has been a drastic change of atmospere after the nice relaxing and extremely comfortable 4 days I had in hardcore training in Rawai Muaythai with my trainer Bangman!!!

There were 8 of us who went to Bali,we managed to book ourselves an amazing Villa called the Villa Raja. Raja means King in Bahasa Indo/Malay......and the name of the villa could not be more accurate!!! The villa was indeed fit for Kings and Queens!!Checkout the pics I took with my new Nikon S700!!!

The Villa Raja!! Ahh the fun times we all had on the water slide!!!!!

The view we got from the Villa every morning when we woke up and when the sun was setting was just so pleasant and so relaxing...makes you really appreciate nature and the quiet surroundings. The air was fresh,there was hardly any noise and the view of the rice fields was a nice change from the usual high rise buildings and traffic here in Singapore.

Sunset at Villa Raja

The villa came with 3 staff who so friendly and really took good care of us. Everytime we tried to clear up after we ate,they'd rush out and go..."no no you're on holiday....relax....enjoy!!".....Ok they definitely didn't need to tell me that twice!!!!!

We barely left the Villa as we had everything there....there was a menu we could order from and the staff would cook anything of the menu!!... We had massages sent to the villa. We were all thinking..."I could definetly live like this forever!!" The food at the vila was soooooo good that we only left ONE time to an amazing italian restaurant called La Luciola. The sunset view we got at La Luciola was beautiful and the food that came with it was just as beautiful!! We left La Luciola feeling very full yet VERY satisfied!!

Sunset at La Luciola

Me and the gang

For Becky's birthday the staff at Villa Raja cooked up a feast fit for the Kings and Queens!!! It took us 3 days to finish the food!!! They even went out of their way to go and buy us a surprise Birthday cake. A white chocolate and fruit cake!!! Mhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! I was being seriously put to the test with trying to refrain from eating all the good food put infront of me!!

Now thats a FEAST!!!!

Happy Birthday Becky!

So after an amazing time at the Villa Raja in Bali,it was reallllly hard for all of us to leave and go back to the real world!! I've been to Bali,but the trip to Bali this time was prolly one of the best and most relaxing holidays that I've ever had!!! The villa and the company who were there really made the holiday a memorable one!!

Before I sign off,I wanna say a massive "Thank You!" to the lovely staff at Villa Raja....Kiki for organizing everything from the drivers to the surprise birthday cake, Elok,Made and Wayan for taking such gooooood care of us, and just being so lovely all the while. And of course to Becky who found and organized the whole holiday for all of us. Im pretty sure the whole gang can't wait to get back there again!!!!!

Right so I will update my next blog entry with some more stories and more pics from my awesome Nikon S700!!



Anonymous said...

hey dude: your links for nikon has an extra http in it. :-)

nadya said...

lovely bali n glad u had a good time.

my hello to becky.

Roni, the former trainer of boxx is looking for you. he called me from his thai number and seek help to convey his hello and asking for your contact number in pukhet.

he's currently in hadnyai.

roni can be contact here : +66835146749

thanks bro. selamat berpuasa. ramadan kareem.

michele said...

nice websight. are there any chances of the contender fighters coming to the states?

I've been taking classes myself and eventually heard about the show. it would be great to see the contender fighters in action.

best to you on your travels.

Vinx Lee said...

Cool Zach, u got your Nikon 700 , its the latest! U got to upload more pic let me see...currently I own d200, All the way Nikon Yeah !