Tuesday, July 28, 2009

25th July's ChemistryFactory @ The Mainroom in Supperclub!

Hey Everyone,

Last Sat night was heaps of fun as I DJed in the Mainroom of Supperclub at Odeon Towers. Supperclub is a really nice club and has one in Amsterdam,London,San Francisco and of course or own sunny Singapore!!! So playing in the mainroom has prolly got to be one of the best gigs this year so far. So I can tick another famous club that I've played at!! =) Hopefully there'll be more to come!!!!

The visuals that night...At least it wasn't "Fix Fec" or "Six Sax" like some fights posters in Thailand!!

One of my good friends,a Supperclub resident DJ and Juice DJ Quest 2008 Winner,E.J offered me a mainroom set at the club,playing the 12am - 2am slot....Which is a prettty hard slot to get!!! So I was quite flattered about it and abit nervous too! E.J has heard me play on a couple of occasions has always given me really good feedback about my sets. E.J herself is a really talented DJ and her music selection and her mixing is flawlesssss!! So her compliments and feedback are always appreciated!! You can check out E.J's music and promo mixes here. http://www.myspace.com/mynameisej

I dont usually get nervous DJing......I mean come on...I've had punches,knees,elbows and kicks thrown at me!! =) hahah But yeah I was abit edgy about this gig as I've played a couple of venues and it's been mainly in a smaller room and they aren't so strict on the music and you can tend to be abit more experimental with your music selection. I been to Supperclub numerous times and Ive always preffered the backroom where the music is abit more "intelligent".

Anyways,I took some time to plan a set for the mainroom gig and made sure I selected a few tracks here and there that I thought would work in the mainroom. Ranging from Deep House - Tech House - Minimal - Electro - Techno. (No Trance....!!!!!Sorry!!!!) I always try a range of sounds when DJing....Find that it works better than sticking to ONE paticular sound all night!!!

Lucky for me the tracks I selected and planned worked a treattttttttt and I didn't get bottled off the decks by 1215am!!!! hahahah I started at the stroke of Midnight building it up slowly and by 1am it was THUMPING!!!! =)

Pretty good turnout at Supperclub that night!!

Most of the guys from BNM Gym came down to have a boogie. My buddy and winner from the "R U Menshealth Competition 2009"Clement Ong brought down a decent crowd from his Dragonboat team and Shimah sent a mass mail out to everyone in Standard Chartered so we had a prettttty big turnout!!! Thanks guys for putting the word out and getting loads of people down to the event.

The flashing lights were awesome! The VJ and me did a good job on working the lights and sound that night!!

This image pretty much sums up what my night looked like from my point of view!!

So back to the real life of Muaythai.......Ive got a fight lined up in Sept and hopefully October too. Fight promoters can be a real pain in the ass sometimes with dates and keeping to their promises!!! So am not sure when the next time Im gonna be free from fight training to DJ again? =(

But once I do know when the next gig is I'll definetly keep everyone posted on Facebook or on here.

Alright before I pen off,enjoy my DJ mixes here on www.soundcloud.com/zigzach


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