Friday, November 20, 2009

Online interviews!!

Hey Guys,

I've actually had a couple of interviews and very cool photoshoots in the last few weeks. Thought I'd share it with everyone. I did a simple photoshoot with a good friend and talented photographer,Daniel Lois. The series I did with him is online along with my interview I did. Make sure you check it out.

Another online interview I did was for Terence Tong. Pics taken were all from various photographers at the Planet Battle event. Abit of info on Terence Tong, I met Terence while training at BXG. He's a really nice kid and has alot of potential in Muaythai. He has had 5 or 6 fights and undefeated still. Hopefully he'll keep training even tho he's busy with Uni now and hopefully there will be more local tournaments so he can keep fighting here and keep on improving. Check out the interview here.

There is a Photoshoot and interview for CLEO Magazine that I did a week or two ago? I think it should be for the Jan edition (meaning it'll be available from Mid Dec). Looking forward to that one, the pics we took looked kinda cool from what I remember.

Lastly,this Monday I'll have a photoshoot for Men's Health. It's for an Adidas fashion spread. Should be fun!! No interview...just need to look pretty hahaha!!

Alright guys enjoy the online interviews and pics! =)


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