Monday, December 22, 2008

JWP,Boonchu Gym & The Goldcoast!! Aussie Aussie Aussie!! Pt 2!

The eating has begun!! This whole week has just been catching up with friends in town,lunches,dinners,coffees and going out with friends!! The bank account is getting smaller but the tummy is getting bigger!!

Anyways part 2 of my Aussie trip coming up.

Soren,Dane and Ray decide to take a road trip and drive me down to the beautiful Goldcoast!! Was prolly bout a 40 - 50 min drive down from Brisbane. On the way you could see like all the theme parks and famous attractions of the Goldcoast!

Upon arrival we were greeted by the Muaythai Superstar of Australia himself,Mr JWP!! =) Seriously you can't walk down the street for 10mins without someone going,"Hey it's JWP!!"..."Hey it's that guy from The Contender Asia!"....Sheesh!!!!

We had a meal at the yummy Thai Restaurant,Boonchu!! Boonchu is also the name of JWP's gym in the Goldcoast. The owner of the restaurant has helped JWP alot throughout his career and also is a huge fan of MuayThai. In the restaurant you'll find pictures of muaythai fights in'll find memorabilias autographed by JWP and other famous fighters!! But seriously Boonchu Thai Restaurant is a MUST VISIT if you're a muaythai fan....and if you love thai food!! =)

JWP posters and pictures everywhere in the restaurant!!

Went back to JWP's place and it was nice to see Angie Parr again and also Jasmine (Jazzy)!! I also finally got to meet their new family member Jesse James Parr!! I dropped my bags off and we were off to the other Boonchu for some muaythai!!!

Angie taking one of her students on the pads at Boonchu Gym!

Boonchu is one of the nicest gyms I've's in a warehouse and it's big...bright....spacious and has a high ceiling!! It's great coz that way it doesn't get too stuffy when there are too many people in the class! And boy does it get busy at the gym!!...I know coz I had to teach a class of 30 over while JWP and Angie were busy!!

So I watched the training and saw how the gym was run and how there were different sort of "Gradings" done by JWP and Angie. It is a cool system!! And JWP is pretty TOUGH on his grading!! As most of us who already train in Muay Thai,we know that there isn't really a "GRADING" system....??? You know how good you are when you get in the ring to fight I guess!? (And to me that means more than the colour of belt I got in trainnig!!!!) But not everyone wants to test themselves by fighting!?!..

JWP has different kinds of BELT to show which level he's in!!

So there isn't really a way of identifying what level a person is in MuayThai....Unlike in Karate or Tae Kwon Do....where you've got the white belts. Having a grading system is a good way of making students work HARD to improve....coz you can't go up to the next grade if you don't pass! And that way the trainees will work harder if that is what they be good at the sport or to become a fighter?

Jesse James Parr learning the ropes at an early age at Boonchu!!

Some of the boys were preparing for a fight over the weekend and...All I can say is....The boys at Boonchu train HARD!! And having a head trainer like JWP,lwith his vast knowledge and experience in the ring running things in the gym....You can only get better and better!!! the padholders there were really good too,very thaistyle!! Allowing the fighter to freestyle on the pads alot of the time. Meaning the pad holder wont say or shout any commands and just catch whatever the fighter decides to throw. Prety impressive!! You only usually see it in Thailand......but it seems like some of the aussie gyms I've been to have some really good padholders who know how to do it too.

So the next day,the Parrs decided to take me to Surfers Paradise!! Seriously beaches in Australia are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Beautiful. When you look out its just endless water!!! The horizon is clear and looks just amazing!!! Made me reallly hate going back the next day when I thought of the beaches that we have here in Singapore......... boooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooo!! =.(

The beautiful Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast!!

Jazzy having a blast in the cold water!!

So the next day bright and early i said my farewells to the Parrs and I was back off to Brisbane to catch my flight to Singapore!! I had an AWESOME time in Brisbane and in Goldcoast. JWP and Angie thank you so much for having me over!! Hope the kids are well!! Miss the little munchkins!!

Right so thats it! My time in Australia!!! Really hope to make it back there soon again. Australia is a beautiful country and just has soooo much about it that makes you wanna keep going back!!

Alright people have a good Xmas and I'll update the blog again before the end of the year!


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