Monday, April 6, 2009

Nikon - Care To Give Charity Campaign!

Right so if you've read my facebook status. You'll know that Im one of the Ambassadors for "Nikon - Care To Give" charity campaign. If you haven't read it yet...Well,NOW YOU KNOW! haha =)

It's a real honour for me,that Nikon has asked me to be an Ambassador for their campaign. I've always wanted to do something for charity as it's a great way to help the under privileged. Apart from all my work,training,fighting and DJing. I try to do abit of good every now and then, like how after every fight I donate money to my neighbourhood mosque and even when I was in Thailand I went with my trainers to the local mosque during the fasting month and bought fruits and donated money to the mosque. But all that is something on a small scale. This is something pretty big as Im sorta using my "STATUS" to promote a good cause. I always believe,"What goes around comes around."

So what is this "Nikon - Care To Give" all about. The link will lead you to a site where you can actually play around and make your own message for the website. Each word provided is said by a different child and you can jumble them up to make some pretty cool messages. Go on to the "MENU" and click on Supporteres and you'll be able to see the message I made.

The elected Charity for Nikon's - Care To Give campaign is the Singapore Children's Society. They were set up in 1952 and have since then reached out to more than 15,000 kids!!! The society helps children of all races and religion. They help children who are neglected,have social problems/issues, are from dysfunctional families and even those who are abused.

There will be a $1 donation to the Singapore Children's Society when you sign up to Nikon's "My Picture Town". Nikon's "My Picture Town" is a FREE online storage and sharing portal. It's very easy to use and it's a perfect site for me coz whenever I'm training in Thailand or travelling abroad and don't have all my pictures on my external harddisk I can just go online to to "My Picture Town" and send it to the promoters,booking agencies or even to the reporters for an interview if it's urgent. For every sign up to "My Picture Town",Nikon will donate $1 to The Singapore Children's Society. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet deal isn't it??

So I really hope you guys after reading this will sign up and help the little kids out. =) Come on people!!! It's FREE and it only takes you ONE MINUTE,and that $1 doesnt even come out of YOUR pocket!!!!


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