Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year. It's 2010!!

Hey guys,

Sorry I know I said I'd try to write a write up before the end of the year. But that obviously went out the window!!! Was busy over the Xmas and New Year holidays. So much going on usually over this period. The diet and the healthy lifestyle is forgotten and Jan becomes a struggle to get back into gear! As much as I hate it...I fall into the same trap every time! D'OH!!!!

2009 has been a disaster for me in terms of fighting. I had 3 fights???? One in Phi Phi Islands, One in Phuket then lastly in Hongkong on the awesome Planet Battle! It was really demoralizing when I had 4 fights canceled in the middle of the year.

These two fights that got canceled annoyed me the most:

1) Contender Asia 2. They kept saying,"You'll be on the undercard next month when the filming starts no worries." And of course it's fucking 2010 and they still haven't started filming the show. There is talks of bringing it back to Singapore I've heard....But hmmm I remember at the finale they announced we are doing Season 2 here....then they moved it to Malaysia?????????? And now that it's not happening in Malaysia they wanna bring it back here??... Sounds like Singapore's just a crappy plan B to me. Any hows I really can't be arsed about Season 2 anymore. Imagine the other fighters who were selected for the show,they waited a whole year pushing back fights and canceling stuff waiting around for Season 2 to happen...now that SUCKS!!!

2) 2nd fight that got cancled and annoyed me was the one in Japan. I canceled a trip to Europe for my mom's birthday to take part in that fight in Japan....and of course it got canceled close to the date. That really pissed me off as that made me realize how unreliable promoters and muaythai can be sometimes.

On the topic of crappy promotions and promoters for 2009, how can we forget the wonderful Superfights or as I would call em SuperFucked promotions.....Having an international tournament cancel on the day itself. Thanks guys you really made Singapore proud and put us on the world map with such a shady and dodgy promotion!

2009 wasn't just about dodgy Muaythai events. In my free time this year I managed to do some pretty cool stuff too.

I was up in Koh Samui, Thailand for Jaymee Ong's wedding, I mean it's prolly still to this day THE BEST wedding I've ever attended. If you ever imagined a fairytale wedding on the beach...I think this would prolly be it =)

With time off fights,I decided to make the most of it and get paid for some DJ gigs this year. I managed to play at some very awesome venues and very cool events in Singapore and overseas. I played at Le Noir, Cafe Del Mar, Supperclub, F-1 Fuel Festival, Halloween at Azzura Sentosa, NYE at Azzura Sentosa with Seb Fontaine and Marshal Jefferson. Managed to DJ in Hush, Samui and Fallabella, Bangkok too this year! So I guess with all the bad stuff that happened in Muaythai....some good came out of it!!

Pictures and Flyers from the events I DJed at in 2009!!

I managed to get an uber cool sponsor for 2009. A surfwear company in Bali called 3rdborn. Run by an aussie,David Eagles who used to design for Quiksilver and finally left the company to pursue his own goals and dreams. Read more about 3rdborn here. http://www.zigzach.com/2009/05/new-super-cool-sponsor.html

3rdborn Tshirt and my DJ promoshot.

I managed to do some mediawhoring for myself too. Was also featured in a couple of magazine this year internationally. 2 articles in International Kickboxer and One that really kinda talked abit more about my past and more about me being an inspiration to others was the,"R U Menshealth" Challenge. Ok fine....some of the stuff we did on it was abit ...uhmmmm METROSEXUAL. Read more about it here, and go to the Menshealth site to read the articles. http://www.zigzach.com/2009/03/wish-weight.html

Words of wisdom from Zig Zach

2009 has had it's fair share of ups and downs. For my 2010's resolution, it's pretty simple. Im gonna try and get a couple of good fights this year. I've already been calling promoters and emailing around,trying to be abit more pro-active rather than just sitting back waiting for things to happen to me. I'm hoping to start by getting a warm up fight in Phuket. Get back in gear and take it from there. I kinda feel like I lost alot of the fire and passion for fighting when everything kept getting canceled and thins kept going wrong. Like I said...I dont wannt look back in couple of years down the road and regret not doing this....and not doing that for my career. So we just gotta wait and see.

Well the past is behind us and it's time to look forward.....new year, new start.

2010 I hope you kick 2009's ass!!!


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