Thursday, May 6, 2010

Melbourne Muaythai Seminar

Hey guys!!

April was a crazy busy month of training myself, personal training clients, photoshoots and good old DJing! =) Whatever else left time I have to myself I either sleep and rest up, Or I try and be ALONE to clear my thoughts and head out.

So Aussie Aussie Aussie.....!! I'm finally head back to Melbourne after probably 4 years or more! I'll be in Melbourne May 12th til May 17th. A pretty short trip. Well I'll be there mainly to teach a Muaythai seminar/workshop at 3 gyms. I know that 1 of the gyms has sold out on slots and has 35 - 40 ppl. =) Am pretty glad to hear that. Im really excited to do the seminar. I really enjoy teaching and making sure people learn the right technique and to hopefully make them better at the sport. Just like at Vanda me and Bangman focus alot on the basics. We focus alot on correcting the simple things like footwork,balance and even posture or stance! Only from there can you start to kick, punch and do the moves better.

This is the poster for my seminar up in Shepparton! It's about 3 hours away from the main city!

Melbourne is gonna be great fun!! Look forward to catching up with some good friends when I'm there, having some good souvlakis (kebabs!), going to the Victoria Market. Melbourne is a cool city. Speaking of's gonna be winter when Im there...!!! Ugghhhh hate the cold...!!! 4 Seasos in 1 day thats what it's known for too!! Could be blistering hot then ice cold all of a sudden!

Right I'll try to do an update when I'm over in Australia or when I get back =) There's a couple of topics/reviews I've yet to do a write up for! So I best get my lazy/busy ass on it soon!! =)

Catch you laterZ!!

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