Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mobile Muay Thai!!

Sorry for the late update. Am in the midst of training,working and trying to confirm a fight in Hong Kong and another in Dec maybe?...Better busy than bored..!!

As everyone in the world probably knows the Stock Markets and Banking Industry at the moment is a real nightmare....meaning there will be some hard financial months ahead of us all!! Plus with Singapore getting more and more expensive.I was looking back on ways to save more money and to try and cut down on unnecessary spending.

Im generally not a very big spender. But what I did realize over the last few months was that Ive started to spend ALOT of money on Taxi. Taxi prices in Singapore compared to the rest of the world are pretty reasonable. However I do take ALOOOOT of taxis!! Reason being that Im rushing around from house to house to get there in time to do my Personal Training,and I have usually about 20 - 30mins to get there. And now with the Taxi companies constantly raising their prices and coming up with stupid surcharges at peak hours and certain location pick up charges. The prices are getting STUPID. Im easily spending up to $30 - $40 A DAY sometimes on Taxi fare!!! Thats $1000 - $1200 on Taxis!!!!! Thats slightly under an average Singaporeans salary!!!!

Some of you must be asking,"Why don't you just get a car or a motorbike!!" There are a number of reasons....
1) Cars in Singapore are pretty ridiculously priced....with petrol...parking...and all sorts!!
2) Motorbikes are just abit toooo risky for my liking!! Ive seen/heard too many horrific stuff!!
3) HAVE YOU SEEN THE PEOPLE DRIVE IN SINGAPORE?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

So I've had enough with Taxi companies and their rubbish reasons for raising prices. So it's time to make a change!!!!

So for the last week I spent the last couple of days looking around for a BICYCLE!!!! I decided on a bicycle because I can ride around easily whenever...it's cheap...no petrol...no parking...and no rubbish surcharges. So I went down a couple of shops to check out the prices and to see what I would need.

The last place I went to Treknology, one of the more popular bicycle shops here in Singapore. I was actually pretty shocked at first coz they were totally out of my original budget...!! I mean I knew bicycles would be costly...but some of the prices were pretty crazy!! Out of curiosity,I asked what the most expensive bike cost and he said,$13000!!!! Right...........For $13000 I'd expect the bike to have bloody rocket launchers and be able to make coffee!!...Or just simply keep me dry when it rains?!!? =) haha

So after much careful thought and planning I decided to get my hands on this baby!!!! Check her out!!!

The Trek 4300 Disc!!

I mean Im not gonna lie and pretend I know whats so great about this bike. I bought it because I wanted something DECENT...because it was within my budget range and coz it looks good!!! =) But for all over you who are keen on reading the specs on the Trek 4300 Disc,you can read it here!

After just a week of cycling,I've begun to see why some people have road rage!!! I try to ride pretty safely and signal when Im turning and I try to avoid risky situations!!! I mean Ive only got a bloody helmet for protection!!!!!!! But yes the roads here can still be pretty dangerous because some stupid drivers are too damn lazy to move their fingers 4 or 5cms to hit the bloody signal indicators!!!! Or Bus/Truck drivers who try to push you off the road and into the drain/pavement!!!! Or drivers who honk at you when you are paddling your ass off up the hill and they can't bloody give you a break!!!!

Even tho Im bitching about it....this is still a worthy investment and the plus points are just so much more!!

1) Its so much more efficient!!! It takes me about 20 - 30mins from where I live to most places,beats waiting for a bus/cab.
2) No more getting stuck in traffic jams!!!!
3) No more ridiculous taxi drivers not stopping or telling me they are changing shifts!!!!
4) It keeps me pretty fit,as Im now cycling about 30Kms a day on top of all my training!!!
5) Im reducing pollution by going Eco Friendly!!! =)
6) and lastly the whole reason why I bought a bicycle.....To save money!! And boy am I saving sooooo much money!!!!!

Alright enough about my new toy. Abit of an update on some of the boys who fought on the awesome Evolution Promotions in September in Australia. Here are two of the fights that I've managed to find so far. Thanks to my buddy at www.mymuaythai.com!! That site is always number one at updating on all things Muay Thai!!

First up Zidov vs Eli Madigan. Eli one of the new up and coming names in Aussie Muay Thai. He is now making waves and will be in fighting for a spot to represent Australia on Contender Asia Season 2.

Next up,some say it was a controversial decision in the semi-final fight in Season 1 Contender Asia. So to put the controversy to rest. The rematch that everyone wanted. JWP took on Dzhabar to show him that the decision he earned the first time round was no fluke.

Im trying to finds Sean Wright fight against Bruce Mcfie that took place that night too. Hopefully it'll find it's way on to the internet soon. Coz I heard it was a really good fight!

Right thats all from my side then!

LaterZ people

Drive safely and keep a look out for all the bicyclist on the road!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Zach,

QUite a good and decent bike you got there. But you might have gotten it cheaper else where other then treknology. I'm a season cyclist myself. I do know what you mean bout the road rage! As for your bike, please don't park her out on the streets or just chain her to lamp-post or gates. It has been an on going bicycle theft trend here in Sg. So be extra careful where you park her ya! All the best in riding her & ur future fights!


Anonymous said...

Hey Zach-

K-1 Fans has the Sean/Bruce match at...


Evo14 was great... every match was exciting.


Zig Zach said...

Hey invisible:man

Thanks for the tips!! Hard to find a good spot to park your bicycles sometimes...!!

-K thanks for the link to the video. Will definetly check out that fight.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zach,
I walk a lot and I hate cyclist when they cycling on my walking path. Keep clear of the walking path and cycle on the road! Thank you.

a girl named lynn said...

Good to hear about your bike. i'm a cyclist too ... and agree with anonymous who hates cyclists who ride on pavements. Pavements are for pedestarians as far as i am concerned! cycling is a great way cardio workout and 30km a day is worthy. be safe on the roads and ride defensively!

Mariane said...

Hi Mr. Zach! It's my first visit and first comment on your site, coz i didn't know you had one >_< Anyway, I've been a fan since I saw you at contender asia. I had no idea of muay thai before that show. I must say I loved the way fought! Terrific timing! Keep up the good work. Glad to hear you're really workin and trainin hard for muay thai. Also, congratulations on saving hehe. That bike must really help a lot in giving you more money for food haha. kidding aside, good luck on future endeavors mr. z! ^_^ --Mayan