Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My very first highlight!!

Hey everyone,

So Jabba has finally left Singapore and the streets are now safe for us to roam once again...haha!!
It's nice knowing that I have no more entertaining to more going to clubs,parties and dinners!! I finally get some peace and quiet time to myself. Now it's back to the real world of training and working. Tho I must admit it was awesome to have Jabba & Soren in town as they were both helping out at the new BNM Gym,teaching some 1-on-1 lessons...managed to train abit with them and chat with them and learn so much from them thru their experience.

Anyways,as the title of the blog entry says...."My very first Highlight." For as long as youtube has been working,I remember watching fight videos and highlights of sooo many of my favourite/famous fighters!! I remember thinking to myself once,"Damn would be cool to have one!!"....But I was sort of against making my own and posting it.....Coz all those Highlights up there were not made by the fighters themselves!!!! It was done by fans!!! As much as I wanted one,I was against getting one done myself.....Coz.............................
A) It feels abit shameless!! (but sometimes you do gotta do abit of promoton yourself!!!!!)
B) I have no bloody idea how to make one!! =)

I never thought I'd actually have a highlight made for me!! ....So when Dennis Mastail contacted me,saying he was interested in making me a highlight...I said..No. hahaha No of course I bloody said YES!! I was really really flattered!! We kept in touch and he asked me if I had footage of more of my fights and all...and sadly...some were recorded by a digital camera or from a distance with a video camera so it's not of great quality. So it's was alot of hardwork for poor old Dennis!! And I was really wondering what the Highlight would look like?......I gotta admit with the limited stuff he has from Youtube and some pictures of me he has used....I think I can safely say that he has done an AMAZING JOB!!! Have a look!!

I'd like to say a reallly big THANK YOU to Dennis!! It's great to know that I have at least ONE fan in this world (and he's not even Singaporean!!!!) who reaaaaaaaaaaaaally appreciates what I do!! For him to take time out of his busy schedule and to put in so much time and effort in to doing something so fantastic for me really means alot to me!!! So now after years of watching hours and hours of other fighters.....I can now watch hours and hours of MY very own highlight!!! Thank you so much Dennis!!!


P.S Will have your present in the snail mail to you very soon =)

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lu see said...

uhhm...u hv a local fan in me....and not a Mitsubishi fan mind u.ha.