Thursday, May 14, 2009

Video of my latest fight in Bangla Stadium,Phuket. (12-05-2009)

Hey everyone,

So I got back yesterday afternoon from Phuket and been rushing around the island to do some photoshoots and interviews. Ahhh what a tough life!! haha I fought at Bangla Stadium on Tuesday and was only up there for a couple of days. Sadly this time I didn't get to train at all in Thailand before the fight. Works been busy and I can't keep leaving clients hanging all the time....It's not very professional.

So I did my own training here in sunny singapore. Running and skipping most of the time to get my stamina up. Hit BNM a couple of times to hit the pads and bags. Do some strength & conditionng work. So I felt pretty good. I usually cycle to all my clients so that KINDA helps abit I guess? Since I bought my bicycle in the 2nd week of October til today I've done 2118.4Km on it to be exact!!!! Thats a whole lot of cycling.....even the guy at the Treknology shop was pretty impressed when I told him how much I've done on my bicycle!!

Fight night felt DIFFERENT this time. I really didn't feel like I was there to fight. Maybe coz my mates Dan and James who came up with me were there partying all the time and coming back with funny stories the next day and it kept me amuzed and my mind off the fight. haha

I arrived at the new Bangla stadium and I told the staff at the door that I was a fighting tonight so they said ok check your name. I looked and saw "Fighter - Singapore FIXFEC" hahahahhahaha Right the thai's can't seem to ever get my name right...Phi Phi was "SIXSAX" and now it's "FIXFEC" hahaha So I got in and it was already the 3rd fight of the night and Bao,Bangman's son was fighting. Bao won his fight on points and looked good doing it kicking,blocking and clinchng his way for 5 rounds!! He has improved alot since his younger days. Who wouldn't if your dad was Bangman!! haha

I was fight number 5 so after Bao's fight was over I got ready. Met my fighter as he was getting ready and I just smiled at him politely. He acknowledged. I saw he did't look as fit but then again neither does Bangman look fit and he's won almost all his fights still with bloody knockouts!! So never underestimate any thai!! Bangman gave me some advice on what to do in the fight as he taped my hands. Hands taped,oiled up,warmed up and before you know it,I had my arm bands tied on my arab headress over and down we went to the ring.

Did my full wai kru this time and got a good cheer from the Thai's who always appreciate when someone does a good Wai Kru. Bangman says a prayer for me as he removes my headdress and off it was Rd 1.

We both started out just slowly testing with kicks,push kicks. He hit me with one or two kicks and felt pretty strong. I went for his back leg a couple of times with some hard low left kicks and it kind of bothered him abit. He landed a left kicks on my glove and I remember thinking.."Bloody hell he's pretty quick with that,right hands up!!". I tried to high left kick him and he leaned back making me miss. I could really tell that me not sparring in my preparation for this fight was not a good idea!!! I just felt awkward and couldn't gauge my distance and felt abit jumpy when he came in close. We got tied up in the clinch and he tries to elbow me but doesn't hit. Ref breaks us up and I go back to working the low kicks. He threw a punch combo and finished with an Elbow. And Im glad I had my hands guarded high up coz I felt that Elbow on my left glove and I thought,"Right he means business..." so I gave him a little smile and a shrug to wind him up abit. We were close to my corner and he lands another left kick and I didn't manage to block it and so I contered with a right low kick to his standing leg hard!! And then the bell goes.

I get to my corner and Bangmans saying to me,"Take your time you're doing good just block and see what he's got to give. Don't miss kicks and don't rush.Take your time and wait for a good chance then work the elbows."

Round two starts and I do low kicks again. Making sure I land them even if he blocks at least it's doing SOME damage and it looks better to the judges when it lands!! I had to stop making him look like the better fighter!! I kinda sensed he wanted to stay on the outside and kept using pushkicks to keep me away. I tried to kick and he lands a push kick throwing me off balance. Im feeling abit annoyed at myself now. I try breaking the distance and come in with a push kick and kicking his inside of the left thai. Then landing hard low kicks again. I tried another left kick to the mid section and and bloody hell of course it misses he couters and I brought my leg up in time to block it!!

Grrrrrrrrr I felt really rigid and really bad with getting my range. So I said to myself "Right change of tactics see how he likes me in close then?" I step in with a Jab and he sticks his arm out to hold me out and I did the "B-man Special" on him!! Bangman is the elbow specialist!! I always work elbows soo much with him when we're training together and there was one of the techniques that he drills into me all the time. And I put that into good use this time....I land an elbow HARD on him and he goes DOWN Im actually surprised he got up again. After that I knew that right hes doesn't like me up close I keep pressing in and changed worked the punches,knees and elbows dept. I pressed forward and landed a straight knee and as I threw a right elbow he leaned back and I miss..."D'OH!!" He actually elbowed at the same time too and mised me so was pretty lucky!! He counters with a kick and i just stay close to him. I tie him up and land another elbow again on him but he shrugs it off. He presses forward knowing that he's down on points he's ready for a right elbow so I switch and step in with an uppercut elbow and it misses him by an inch. We get tied up in the clinch again and I slip out and land an elbow that catches him!! I see him falling and as he goes down I throw another one. Ref gives him an 8 count and I press in again I fake with the right and throw a short left elbow. I dont really think it hit him but I think he had enough and didn't wanna risk getting hit by anymore elbows. FixFec wins Round 2 Knockout! =)

Bangman was very happy with my performance. He said that I did everything we had trained before and put it into good use this time and I looked realy strong in the fight. I thought I did well and the only thing I would work on was the distance and my reaction. This is why sparring is so important when preparing for a fight. You see your opponents moves better and notice things better!! You don't get so jumpy and nervous when they move in.

So I sat down to watch some of the fights and took pictures with some of the crowd who approached me. There was an english couple who actually were on holiday and recongnized me from Contender Asia =) haha There were two swedish girls who sat infront of us and congratulated me and I just made friendly conversation and said yeah I've been to Sweden and all that. And turns out she actually trains,runs her own gym and used to fight too...and funny enough she knows EVERYONE that I know in Sweden!! From my brother Yukay to the Playboy Hugh Hefner of Sweden....Bingo!!! But yeah it's a smaaaaaaaaaallllllll world. So who knows maybe next time Im in Europe I'll get to do a seminar in Sweden!! =) She also writes a blog but it's in Swedish!!!

Right so I got out of this fight injury free!! =) So I'll mayb try to get another fight in 2 or 3 weeks time. We'll see. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Many thanks for dropping by Laterz!!!!!!!!

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