Sunday, May 24, 2009

A New Super Cool Sponsor!!!

Hey Everyone,

Not sure if you've noticed but I've added to the list of "SPONSORS",a new logo. The one I've added on is 3rdborn. 3rdborn is an independent street & surf wear brand coming out of Bali,Indonesia. 3rdborn was started by Australian,David Eagles who has now been living in Bali for over 10years and has been selling his 3rdborn brand since 2001!! David is no stranger to street & surf wear and has over 20years of experience in design. At one point even working on graphics for the super famous Quiksilver brand for 9 years!! He has since sold 3rdborn to dozens of stores in Australia,USA and Japan!! (Hopefully Singapore soon!) He also has been painting and exhibiting since the 80's!!

David Eagles: Nature's Own

How David came up with the name 3rdborn is as random as how I found out about the brand!?! In 1997,his parents admitted to him that they had wanted two children....and OOPS! Out came David. hahaha The story behind me finding 3rdborn was just as random and just as much an accident! I was out at the Oasis concert in at the indoor stadium here in Singapore and I saw this guy wearing a really cool tshirt with a very stylish Lightning Bolt across the chest. Me being "Zig Zach" thought it would be appropriate to try and get hold of it to add to my collection of Lightning Bolts and Zig Zag tshirts!

The cool Tshirt that gave me so many sleepless nights!! haha

So instead of going up to the guy like a complete dork and a freak I actually loitered around and tried to find out the brand name. (Yeah...!! Like that was a much cooler way to do it!!!!) I managed to find out the brand and it was 3rdborn. That night after the concert I went on google and searched for it and managed to find a website and a contact. So I asked them if they knew which design I was talking about and said that I was more than happy to pay for shipping and whatever else as long as I could get my hands on it!!

Sadly David replied saying that this was an old design and they had sold out of it. I was gutted about it,but....."What's meant to be...will be." He signed off his email saying,"Next time you're in Bali drop by the gym and train kickboxing with us!" haha So we then chatted casually about Marital Arts and it turns out he has trained in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu with one of the early founders of BJJ in Australia...The legendary, John Will!!! When David moved to Bali,he started a Kickboxing class as there weren'tt any proper classes there and he couldn't find anyone to wrestle with in Bali. 8 years down the road his kickboxing classes are still running in Bali with a small group who attend religiously each week to train and keep fit.

After alot of emailing back and forth with David,he has agreed to be one of my sponsors. =) I guess both of us being martial artist and the fact that I really like alot of his 3rdborn designs was a very cool connection. The internet is AMAZING isn't it!? Never met David before and just by chatting and having a cool understanding between us he's agreed to sponsor me =) Thank you very much David,I really appreciate it.

David has sent me 4 Tshirts and I called up a good friend and a very talented photographer,Daniel Lois to help do a cool photoshoot and this is one of the designs that I've selected to use from now on. This will be my new DJ profile picture when I send it out to club promoters whenever they wanna do a flyer or poster.

So if any of you are interested in 3rdborn products and you're headed over to beautiful Bali anytime soon. Check out their store there. The address is:

Jl. Raya Seminyak XSeminyak,
Kuta, Bali 80361,
Tel: +62 361 733 760

If you are not going to Bali anytime soon...! As the aussies like to say,"CRIKEY!!" haha Uhmm oops I meant the other saying thatAussies like to use,"No worries mate!!" You can check out their internet store to get hold of their stuff. They are slowly uploading images on to the online store as they are busy with their store in Bali and mailing out orders to their international distributors.

Also check out their Facebook fanpage to see some of their older Tshirt designs and to get updates on what new designs are coming in!!

Im really hoping to make my trip up to Bali at some point this year for a nice holiday,some good food,some awesome partying and definetly to hold a Muay Thai seminar for David and his students! Thank you David for becoming a sponsor. Im looking forward to wearing your Tshirts to DJ gigs and parties!!

As they say in Bali,"Sampai Jumpa"



nadya.s said...

cool photos zach!

Chris said...

Hey man nice blog. I grew up in Singapore and am returning sometime this summer and was wondering as someone who is interested in learning Muay Thai (for fun as a workout) if you could recommend a gym? I was hoping they would let me create a Singaporean guy in the new UFC game but only Japan was represented :( Best of luck in your upcoming fights, I'll be sure to check up on you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you happen to have Daniel Lois' details?