Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Part-Time Job!

Hey guys,

Sorry for the late update once again. The days seem to just vanish when you're busy!! Especially now that I've got a new part-time job!! No no..I haven't traded in my muaythai gloves and shorts for oven mits/rubber gloves at McDonalds!! haha

Im actually now working part-time at Baan Nak Muay (BNM). Baan Nak Muay means ("Home of Muaythai fighters"). BNM is a really nice gym,seriously check out the gallery! BNM currently has 1 permanent Thai trainer and another 2 that are always on rotation coming from the famous Fairtex gym.

How the job came about was because I've helped Francis,the owner of BNM to run some of the Company events that he has done at the gym and he really liked the way I held the classes,so he had asked me to help him organize and structure the classes on Tues and Thurs,6pm - 730pm & 730pm - 9pm as those were his busiest days at the gym.

I've been running the classes for about 3 weeks and so far it's been pretty good (I THINK!). I've had some of the students come up to me and Francis to say that they really liked the way I run the classes and how classes have suddenly gotten alot more tiring for everyone since I've started running the class!! I take that as a compliment =)

I do enjoy running the big classes actually. It's good practice for me as I've done seminars too and the first few times it was rather awkward trying to organize 30 - 40 people!! But now Im slowly getting the hang of things walking around during the class and trying to help and explain as much as I can but at the same time trying to make it a fun and great workout for everyone.

So if you're keen on joining lessons conducted by me,you know where to find me at,Tues & Thurs 6pm - 9pm at BNM Gym!!

Lastly check out the ZoCard,that was designed by one of BNM students Grace (She also designed the BNM Website!)!!! The photo was taken by Carolyn Strover,who took this without using a speed shutter meaning she caught the kick in mid air EVERY TIME..was pretty impressive!!! The ZoCard was designed to promote the gym and ME coming on board as one of the trainers now at BNM. Serioulsy,how AWESOME is the Zig Zach ZoCard!! So I've been on buses,magazines,posters,tv,radio and now Im a POSTCARD! =P Playgirl magazine here I come!


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