Sunday, February 6, 2011

2011 The Year of the Rabbit!!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the late blog update again. Dec was a busy month with friends visiting and catching up over Xmas lunches,dinners and suppers. And now Jan has also gone by way too quickly! Seriously every year seems to go by faster and faster!!

My mother who lives in Holland is here for a month visiting, so that has kept me extremely busy too! I don't usually get to see her this time of the year. Usually see her in Summer and all so this was a real treat for me and my sis as my mom is an amazing cook and this year we can finally have the traditional Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner with her. It has been a while since we've done it.

I also had my good friends from Hannover, Germany in town. If you go back a couple of blogs, they are the ones who do the big parties in their home town. They took such great care of me when I was there, so this time I had to play tourguide and take em around town to do loads of shopping and have loads of yummy chinese new year treats like my favourite,YU SHENG! =) YUM YUM!!

One of my FAVOURITE things in the world!!

2011 is the year of the Rabbit in the Lunar New Year calender. I'm kinda superstitious at times and I do listen to stuff on fengshui and horoscopes. Just for knowledge and fun. I try not to believe everything they say. I know people who actually listen to all the bullshit fortune tellers and some fengshui masters tell them and they almost LIVE BY IT. ..that's when I think its a bit overboard. Example, Fortune teller tells a girl, "You're going to find the guy you're going to marry this year"....and she believed him sooo much and literally she was lead to believe that every guy she met was going to be "THE ONE!" ......It sounds abit retarded, but trust me it does happen!!!!!

Anyways, this is what the year of the Rabbit holds for me!

The Dog
1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

The Dog is wonderfully hard worker, a perfectionist and someone who loves the small details. He is also a bit anti-social, pessimistic and stubborn. They are one of the most honest and loyal signs of the Chinese zodiac and will always go to bat for a worthy cause. The Dog is a fantastic listener and his advice is usually very intuitive. These people don’t always forgive easily, especially those who cross them. But are always willing to listen to others’ problems, and to fight for a good cause.

The Chinese Year of the Rabbit has shining possibilities for all Dogs. The main emphasis will be on their personal life. If attached, the Dog will find their relationship grow and become much more meaningful on all levels. Single Dogs will be particularly lucky in finding someone very special. All social occasions will carry the possibility of meeting someone new, with April, June, August and December being the busiest months on their social calendar. Career-wise, the Dog will see the jobs expanding or promotional opportunities arising unexpectedly. It is crucial he discusses any worries or ideas with friends and family. Increased confidence and self-respect will garner the respect of work colleagues. The most favorable months on the work front are March and September to November. Seize the moment when it presents itself! Financially, the Dog can look forward to an improvement in his situation. This will allow him to indulge his hobbies and perhaps take a trip or two. In the Year of the Rabbit, the Dogs must guard against lost, delayed or incorrect documentation. Make sure everything is as it should be on all paperwork this year. The Dog will have a renewed interest in health, fitness and outdoor pursuits this year, which will greatly benefit his vitality and zest for life. If he can leave the past couple of challenging years behind him, 2011 will be a most gratifying and happy year.

So far sounds pretty good to me!! =)

I've been really busy with a whole lot of things the last few weeks. A couple of projects (can't reveal em yet!) on the side that have really required me to be running around alot, so I haven't had time to sit at the computer to do blogs and answer alot of emails! Need to start looking at different things apart from Muaythai and my Personal Training business to keep me on my toes and motivated!

Muaythai will always be my love and my passion. Sadly Singapore just isn't the right place to be at to do it as a profession. =(

Anyways I'll keep it short on this on this blog update and I'll do one soon in a week or so I hope!

Before I leave, Happy New Year and GONG XI FA CAI!! May the year of the rabbit bring us lotsa wealth health and may all our dreams and wishes come true! =)



Dan said...

Say it ain't so! I've been a long time reader of yours and I don't want you to stray at something you're good and passionate about. In your previous post, you wrote how you were going to write your 2011 resolutions. I am eager to see what yo have in store, I just don't want you to lose sight of being a personal trainer. Man, is it really not a viable career? Why not live in Holland? Muay Thai is life!

Zig Zach said...

Hey Dan,

thanks for writing, yeah I have been sooo busy it's crazy. Sometimes there really isn't enough hours in a day. And when I do I have some time I need to use it for sleep instead of sitting at the pc! =(

I will always be a personal trainer/muaythai related job. But I just need to look at other means of making $$. There isn't enough fights in SG or reliable promoters at times to sustain a career in it.

Im also past my prime now, when I was up and coming I was full of fire to train hard and win. But being screwed over by promoters and cancellations of fights sooo many times has become a real nightmare for me.