Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Zig Zach Highlight!!

Hey Everyone,

As the post says..."Another Zig Zach Highlight!!"..So thats is Number 2!! I wish I had abit more footage of me to give these guys.....but it's hard when the older stuff that I have is taken from a crappy digital camera or a crappy tape recorder and the tape has prolly gone all mouldy!!!! Yes the joy of living in a humid country......MOULD!!!! Bleeegghhh!!

This new highlight was done by a guy in Canada named,Julian Loy. Funny how my highlights are all done by NON Singaporeans!! =) haha I dont KNOW Julian or Dennis (he did my first Highlight),I've only ever chatted to them on facebook. Im on facebook afair bit (Im lying....Im on it ALOT!) sometimes so if people msg or ask me stuff about muaythai or just wanna chat I do my best to answer them if Im not too busy.

Im really flattered that the two of em have actually taken time to do a highlight for me...Staring and editing my ugly mug for a couple of hours straight can be quite painful on the eyes I can imagine!

Nontheless,THANK YOU VERY MUCH Julian for making the video!! I appreciate and am flattered to know that I can inspire and motivate people all over the world into being a better Muay Thai fighter...or to even just start doing Muay Thai. Thanks for reminding me why I love doing what I do.

Right,enough rambling........Enjoy the 2nd Highlight of your one and only Zig Zach!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!


bloodi said...

great hl!

Anonymous said...

:] Glad you like it bro