Monday, February 9, 2009

Time to get back on track!!

Thanks to those who made it down to the two DJ gigs at Le Noir and Cafe Del Mar. We realllly had an awesome time behind the decks.

Funny that me and Keishi both thought that Le Noir was gonna be a harder club to please...but in the end we both rocked it and were there til about 3am on a Thursday!!! Pretty good job I must admit. Always awesome to see Keishi behind the decks,very talented and very technical...took over from the resident DJ at Le Noir with some housey stuff then turned it into a full on minimal party!!! haha We even had a famous celebrity at the party (NO NOT ME!) One of the Singers,Calvin Choy Yat Chi from the cantopop band Grasshoppers!!! Here are some pics from that night. And a short videoclip.

Hopefully Le Noir or their bigger mainroom club,Attica Too will have us play for them on a weekend to really bring the house down!!

Cafe Del Mar was alot of fun too. Loads of bikini clad women walking around!! =) And uhmm for the girls (or guys!!), there were men in speedos!!!!!! Tho we were at the mercy of mother nature,as sometimes it drizzled.....then it rained...then it was sunny..then it drizzled!! It didn't stop a few people to keep dancing and drinking!! Weather cleared up towards the late afternoon evening bit and it was nice. Ended off the night with a really awesome remix of Coldplays - Clocks that track NEVER fails to bring on the goosebumps!!!! =) Some pics taken from that day up on this site Here are a few of my favourites.

Cafe Del Mar another club I can tick off my list. The BNM crew also came down that day!!

The Gang there to show some support. And TINNNY me in the console!!

So after a madddddddddd week of partying...djing....and eating loads of Chinese New Year goodies!! =) Its time to get back on track. I haven't forgotten my goals and my dreams. Just wish training and making weight was as fun as jumping around behind the decks while loads of bikini clad women prance and dance around infront of ya!!!! haha

So today Im gonna send some emails around....and call some promoters and hopefully get a fight in by 2nd week of March? I'll see how it goes as it depends on my fitness and whether I feel fighting fit yet.


Last but not least...for all those of you who like the tuffboxing tshirts that Im always in. You can now get them at BNM. So just walk in to the gym and tell em you wanna buy the Tshirts. Tshirts are going at $25 each and if you buy 2 you get them for $45. The designs available at the shop are shown below. There are Small,Medium and Large sizes in stock. Once these are cleared I'll get in the new range of stuff that tuff has lauched....Coz they are EVEN COOLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out (Turn down your speaker or headphone volume to avoid a heartattack!!)

Right thats all I have for this blog update!! Catch you all around soon!!


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u only have stail but not strong!!!!!