Wednesday, February 18, 2009 Challenge

So a couple of weeks ago I got a msg on facebook from a guy telling me about a sponsorship programe being offered by an online health and fitness company called NUTRITIONPARK.COM He sent me a link to the site and I read the rules for the competition and I thought......... "I've already emailed numerous of companies regarding sponsorship and have never got a what harm is one little blog post gonna do?????"...So here goes.... should select me to be their ambassador because..............

  1. I am the best at what I do in Singapore!!
  2. I am Singapore's ONLY professional Muay Thai fighter that travels to fight internationally.
  3. I've been on an international hit reality TV show produced by Mark Burnett called The Contender Asia!!!(Meaning I been on more channels worldwide than both the 2 winners of bloody Singapore Idol put together!!)
  4. I bust my ass out in training and in my fights to put my name and Singapore on the world map.
  5. I have been featured in numerous magazines and newspaper interviews locally and internationally.
  6. I was Mens Health Cover May 2008!!
  7. I was Juice Magazines DUDE OF THE MONTH a couple of years ago!! hahah!! (Knew this would come in handy!!!)
  8. With my website having been viewed by almost 80,000 visitors worldwide,Im sure I could provide some sort of marketing/P.R help for
  9. I am hoping that will prove me wrong about my views on most Singaporean health/fitness companies, and actually stand out by being DIFFERENT and offering SUPPORT to the local athletes. (Not just bloody swimming and table tennis!!!!)
  10. Uhmmm....Have I mentioned that I am the best at what I do in Singapore????????
Hmmmhmm did I leave anything out...?? Maybe my you guys can write some reasons why I should get sponsored by

Right we'll see how it goes and hopefully I'll get an email from them???...

I have a couple of other updates.....but I'll leave it for another time!

Alright people catch you around.




Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while and i think u are cool. Hope selects you. Good luck!

Keishi said...

hey matey,

funny why I didn't mention these before ... another way to look at sponsorships is ...

(1) How you can help the company to appeal to the company's target audience (people who are going to buy)
(2) How you are relevant to the company's products or services

In these hard times, most companies are focussed on survival rather than brand building or image enhancement.

Unfortunately, very few companies are going to sponsor anyone based on PAST successes or appearances they need what is your FUTURE potential/ success is going to be like. e.g. Nike sponsored Federer and Nadal when they were 13 - 14? Way before they even won ANYTHING. But Nike saw their POTENTIAL then. Same concept.

So summary is if you tell them, for example if you're going to be appearing in the WORLD MUAY THAI etc happening in 2011 in Las Vegas with a potential audience of 1billion watching, and you are confident their sales will increase 50% of the association, that will be a far more compelling proposition.

My 2 cents but let's hv a chat soon!