Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yes it's Xmas I know.

Not alot has happened since the last blog. Think my fiery start....has sizzled out!!! =)

So it's Xmas time in tiny Singapore....The traffic in town is going crazy and the streets and shopping malls have gotten ridiculously crowded!!! (Can you imagine the govt wants to raise the population of Singapore to 6MILLION over the next few years?? )

Well I won't bother writing and complaining about it coz it's just pointless!....Im actually gonna write about a book Im reading now. Yes A BOOK...Close friends and family will know "Zach hates reading!". Dont know why? But I just never got into reading thats all.

The book is: "Heart Soul Fire: The Life Of Paul Briggs"

For those of you who don't know who Paul Briggs is. Well he was once a pretty well known Muay Thai fighter in the 1990s. I heard about him awhile back whilst living at the WMC camp in Thailand. I heard about the book maybe a year ago and I chanced upon it the other day while buying some stationery at a local bookstore. Was surprised to see it and thought...."It's a sign! Gotta get it!" (Plus it helped that it cost only about $8!!!")

I bought the book not knowing much except for the fact that he was a famous Muay Thai fighter in his time. 3 days of reading and Im almost halfway through it!! I am really enjoying it coz it's something thats close to the heart.

Some of the stuff he writes in the book about his childhood from his family and friends to experiences in and out of the ring.....his thoughts on and training in Thailand....and of course I think I was surprised but when I read that he loved dance music and DJing.....that reallly made me think of ME and how reading some of the things in this remind me of ME!!?!?! (If you don't know...Yes I do DJ as well!!)

I doubt I can ever say I had it as rough as Paul Briggs but I know I didn't have my life served on a silver platter like most Singaporeans!! and maybe that has helped me to where I am today? And I know definitely can't say that I am anywhere close to being as good a fighter as him...but alot of things that he writes bring back memories. From all the family issues to school fights against bullies and when I first started training and fighting....the emotions that came with the sport fear...anger..happiness...sadness...pressure...adrenaline!...
It just shows that alot of fighters even the famous ones go through alot of the same stuff but we just never really hear about it from them.

For a mere $8 I learned a valuble lessons reading this book. Tho I feel like I know what Paul Briggs means and in some ways his thoughts are similar to mine about certain things....It also does remind me that I have aloooooong way to go and aloooooot to learn still in the sport and in life. The book also made me realize how much Muay Thai has changed life and my views in and out of the ring.

Right enough sappy stuff gonna get back to my book.


P.S Definetly got my $8 worth!!

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JezLeen said...

coming from a nerdy point of view, (since only a nerd read a book quoted by most, yeah im one of them nerd heh)reading biographies do help better understand ourselves from inside someone else's shoes... like you said, you could relate and stuff...

well, at least you appreciate the brigg's guy effort to connect with the rest of the world with his story though you stated - Zach hates reading- haha...

me and reading are like soulmates... i could read almost anywhere.. and im not kidding bout the anywhere part...=P

anyhow Z, have a good day... apologies if ive been one of them 'crazy' girls 'invading' ur space yeah ...