Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas has come and gone. Leaving me fat and broke.

Xmas doesn't hold the same meaning for me anymore....not that I celebrate it and go to church!! But ever since my mom moved to The Netherlands,Xmas is just not the same. We used to have a huge family/friend gathering at my mom's house. And it be a real Xmas feeling...not the Singaporean version of "lets go out and party til we vomit our lungs out at midnight" kinda Xmas feeling. It was up.....Did I mention FOOD????....Then of course after all that you can leave and do the Singaporean version!

Im glad Xmas is over tho!! Ive eaten soo much turkey and all sorts of other goodies that the move up from Middle weight to Super Heavy weight was inevitable!!! (Thats one Xmas tradition that hasn't changed!!) Man,I cant wait til the holiday season is over when all my friends visiting town have gone and there are no more Breakfast,Brunch,Lunch,Afternoon Tea,Dinner and Supper all in one day!!

As for Xmas gifts! I recieved some very cool stuff this year. No useless underwear and socks kinda stuff that goes to the salvation army the next day. First up was a gift from Mark & Julie. Since I always invite myself over for breakfast,lunch and dinner they thought that it'd only be appropriate to get me this Tshirt!!! They gonna so regret buying it when I rock up to theirs and plant myself on their couch!!

Next gift I got was from Becky and her dad. They got me a little Retro Flip Clock. (Toyz were not included!). I love the clock it just looks soooo RETRO??! Brings out the colour of my toyz!!

Lastly this was more like a gift for myself!! (How sad!!!) I've just re-vamped my whole room and I needed a new clock. Ive been meaning to buy this Retro Flip Clock for I figured what the heck!! Santa sure ain't gonna get it for me!!! So here it is my UBER COOL ROOM!! Love how it matches my Macbook!!!! and the fact that it's sooo RETRO looking!!??

So you must be thinking...."Thats all!?!" Right thats all that I got for Xmas...Can't complain!!! Im happy!!=) It's the "QUALITY not the QUANTITY" alright?!!?

So with the weekend fast approaching and since Ive been a fairly good boy. Think I'm gonna reward myself with a night out...actually 2 nights out!!! First up on Friday 28th Dec we've got David Guetta spinning at Zouk. He has his theme nights which the title I absolutely love is called "FUCK ME IM FAMOUS!". He is definitely a DJ to catch!! I've seen him LIVE once in Singapore and heard lots of his live sets from festivals and gigs around the world and it is awesome!!! Just Happy,Fun,Hands Up in the air good Electro/House with a dash of RETRO remixed into his sets!! Seriously awesome performer.

Down at Zouk again on Sat the 29th Dec bound to be another top night out with Felix Da Housecat!! I've seen him countless times and I sure ain't gonna miss this night!! He is definitely one of my all time fav DJs. Just like David Guetta he plays some of the best House/Electro to some good old Techno!! Felix Da Housecat has been playing/producing/pushing the Electro sound waaaaaayyyy before Electro was even popular!!! His mixing is amazingly smooth,blending in and out of leaves me in awe every time!!!

Hopefully I would have recovered in time after two big nights out to do a last blog and re-cap of 2007!!!

Catch you know where Im gonna be on the 28th & 29th!!

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