Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Off To A Fiery Start

This blog was made a few days ago by a mate of mine Lance. He told me to start blogging as of yesterday and I can write about whatever the hell I want?... So after cracking my head and wondering what the hell I should write about.....I came up with........NOTHING.

So went for my morning run today around the Clementi and Sunset area. Been awhile since I've been doing my runs....being back from injury and all. God I was sucking wind!!...

Anyways......finished the run was doing my sit ups and stretches. And saw that a unit in one of the HDB infront of me had massive amounts of thick white smoke coming out from the room next to the kitchen window. There was an older guy working out at the fitness corner too so I made a mention and we both went to the carpark to see which floor it was on. There was no smell of anything burning and I was thinking hmmmm "Who the hell would fumigate a HDB apartment on the 11th floor!?!?!?!" There was a lady walking her dog and sorta standing below the area so we told her to sorta move away incase something should fall on to her. She looked up and saw the smoke and I think it might have been her who called the SCDF (Fire Brigade) (Just a quick info to some of you emergency number here is 995...not 911!!)

The older guy decided to go up and check on the unit....while I stayed to check on what was going on from my position. Heard the SCDF arrived and I waved for them...but obviously think they saw the massive amounts of smoke and not ME waving away!! hah!! Informed the officer what had happened and that another passerby had gone up to check. Soon there was like aunties and uncles everywhere!! Phone cameras all started coming out...people looking at the SCDF license plate nuber for 4D numbers!!....And you won't believe it but there was an uncle with BINOCULARS!!?!! Not a tiny one but a seriously HUGE one!! H could have seen frikking MARS with it!! I mean...was he carrying it around for his walk...was it his his pocket....???????I wish I had my camera for that....it was more amusing than the fire itself!!!

SCDF took over and did their thing. I hung around for abit more and the older guy came down and I just gave him a thumbs up from a distance. I presumed that everyone was safe...I didn't really wanna hang around there knowing that Im not actually helping...and just being some person watching the drama... So I left and here I am....after my shower and all of course!!

Sooo this was all rather unplanned...and I think Im safe to say that this blog is off to a Fiery (FIRE - EY) Start and it's gonna be smoking hot! =) .................................God Im sooo lame!!

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1st comment - don't say dun have!! Nice one ..