Thursday, April 10, 2008

Delay on write up for Episode 13 & Rematch Confirmed.

Hey everyone,

sincere apologies on not being able to do a write up for Episode 13th. I have been super busy with trying to run my personal training business,training for my fight on 12th April tmrw,and also do all sorts of press interviews and media related stuff. Its been busy!! I will do the write up hopefully by Monday or Tuesday next week? When all has finally settled down.

On another note,most of the boys are here in Singapore now and we caught up for a little at yesterday's photoshoot. Was good to see the guys again. We've all been training hard and looking forward to the fight after party!!!

Just incase you haven't been following the radio interviews and articles in Singapore. (Coz you might not be from Singaporoe or you might be like me,too busy/lazy to read the papers!!) It is official that I am having a rematch with Zidov. Zidov and I were on 98.7FM on the Shan & Ros show just a few days ago talking about our rematch. They are gonna send me the link to the interview when it's ready so I'll have the link up for all of you to download,it was a fun interview.

I've actually known about the rematch going to happen for quite awhile now. But due to contracts and stuff we aren't allowed to mention these things. Have been training hard and my weight and stamina feels awesome. Just hope my damn shoulders don't play me out this time. Am looking forward to the fight. We are having the weigh in tonight at 6pm and after that it's time to pack on lots of carbs and energy for tmrw!!

April 12th BRING IT ON!!!!!



NoRuLe said...

hei zazh, i wish u all the best 4 tmr and i hope u win agaisnt zidov!!!.

fina said...

good luck for tomorrow night's match!

nimrod69 said...

congratz for winning the rematch!