Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally Episode 13s Write up!

Hey everyone!!

First of all a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of those who attended the Contender Asia Finale. Coming from all over...HongKong,Phillipines,Malaysia,Indonesia and even Australia!! You all made the night very very memorable for all the fighters. We thank you all so much. It's a night the fighters will never forget.

I won't do a write up on the night yet as I don't wanna ruin it for some people. So I'm just gonna write as per normal on the episode. Plus I think most of the fights that night at the Finale are gonna be shown on the Final episode? So I'll do a write up then. Keep some of you in suspense!!

So lets get it rollin,Jabba still ecstatic over his win over Soren comes back in the room and sees the guys all sitting around all in awe at the punch he landed on Soren. Jabba then makes a good point...We chose this life and this job,we know the consequences and hazards of fighting. We are gonna get knocked out or hurt and we can't have hard feelings about it. This is the reality of FIGHTING.

In training at The Loft,you are always constantly being watched....either by your opponents or by FOX!! He'll like walk up to you from the back and just smack you coz he feels like it!! We're always studying our opponents watching trying to find a weakness and captivate on it. Alot of the times we try and watch videos of fighters before hand so that we can come up with a strategy or gameplan it's always good to have an idea of what you're gonna go up against. Tho sometimes seeing the guy you're about to fight knock his opponent out could do a weee bit of intimidation and play mind games on ya!!

This episodes fight was decided by who had fought first in the 2nd round of the Competition. That being Yoddi winning over Naruepol and Sean winning over Yukay. So it was fair that the other boys got a little rest to let injuries heal. So Sean vs Yoddi and the 2nd Semi Final was gonna be Jabba vs JWP.

So for making it so far into the competition,the boys were once again given a treat. The rewards and treats got so much better after the put an end to challenges!! The boys were taken to Coloc Tailors down at the Raffles Hotel. Firstly the recieved an amazing NECKLACE! Was sooo jealous when I caught up with the boys after the show...!! It's like a dog tag with the word contender but it had a diamond in it. Was very very cool!

The guys were pretty funny at the tailors. Sean being the STANDARD MODEL SIZE??? The Fox saying to Jabba when he tried on his suit,"If my name was Stephanie...You'd be the one!"...and JWP going,"If I were a girl,I'd definitely wanna do me!" hahah And Yoddi once again sorta bringing it all back down to earth saying that all his life he never would thought he would own a suit one day...!! Geez,stop making me feel bad Yoddi...!! haha Simple things like this we take for granted sometimes and forget that not everyone can have em.

Day of the fight. Sean talks abit about how he's been doing Muay Thai for 12 years and how when we all arrived on day one,he was the last to be picked. Yet today he is the last blue team member in the house. Would have been crazy is he won it all!! Would be a great story and a massive career boost!!

Yoddi and JWP were chatting about the fight ahead in the living room. The guys chat and JWP just tells Yoddi to watch his bodyshots and leg kicks and Yoddi's reply,"Im not James or Yukay....lets see how he goes with the REAL DEAL!!" JWP said it should be a exciting/fun fight to watch....and Yoddi just goes,"It'll be exciting before the fight but when we get in the ring,it won't be much of a fight."Yoddi sometimes comes off to some as arrogant....but to me I say he's just VERY self confident. I was at the FIRST press conference for the Contender Asia in Early 2007..This was when I wasn't even supposed to be a FIGHTER on the show,was just helping out with stuff. I remember Yoddi answering some questions and he said," Im 100% confident of winning this competition!!" It's a bold statement but he knows what he's capable of and he has a very very strong mind (AND A F#$%ING STRONG LEFT KICK!!!)

Yoddi's once again was right and proved too strong for Sean.Sean froze up and Yoddi showed us that he's not just a strong kicker but he can also pack a punch. Landin a SWEET uppercut on Sean as he slouched into the corner. Sean was saved by the bell in the 1st round and in his corner he looked pretty out of it. Not responding and not having the fire in his eyes anymore. Round 2 and Yoddi knew exactly what to do and what to look out for. Soon another devastating uppercut sealed Yoddi's spot in the Finals!!!

Sean is an awesome fighter and is alot better than what we saw against Yoddi. I don't think any of us doubt it. But like I said,earlier on intimidation and mind games play a huge factor in fighting. If you go in the ring with the slightest of doubt and worry...part of the battle is already lost. Fighting is not just about being PHYSICALLY strong...You gotta have a strong MIND and a strong HEART to fight and get to the top. It is your MIND and SPIRIT that pushes your BODY to do amazing things in life!!

So congrats Yoddi a spot in the final!! Next episode....Jabba vs JWP.


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