Thursday, April 3, 2008

Episode 12

Where are the days feel like I just wrote last weeks write up and it's already 2 days after Episode 12!! Sheesh time flies!!

At the start of the episode,the guys looked pretty gloomy for the fact that they've now lost the funny guy of the house. I think Zidov definetily added character to the show. He was really funny,but sadly alot of of the stuff we all joked or talked about will never make air time!!

Jabba and Soren were funny as to the whole "Are you training? If you're not Im not" hahah talk about trying to make it a fair fight? Im amazed at Jabba tho. From the time that I was there to the time that I left he was rarely up for morning trainings. And yet he was still so damn fit!! (However Jabba never misses any of his 5 prayers a day and he wakes up at 5am to do the first prayer of the day,EVERYDAY!!) Jabba would go on the bag and pads and bang away and he'd be fine not even looking close to tired!! Soren was pretty much as fit as fit gets too...I remember training with him years ago and he'd be doing long runs,sprinting,kicking pads and he'd never look tired like..."Is that all??"

In this episode I really enjoyed the part when Jamie asked to do a Contender Wai Kru. The guys all taught her what they knew and JWP took the oppurtunity to explain the Wai Kru in detail. "WAI" is when you put your hands together and bow like how the thais do when they greet each other,it's a sign of respect. "KRU" means teacher. So it means showing respect to your teacher.

Alot of the times there is alot of talk that there is alot of Buddhism and it's very spiritual and religious. I agree but it's all up to the individual at the end of the day. Jabba is muslim and doesn't do the Wai Kru and it's fine and some others don't do it coz they say their not Thai and don't see a point in it. Whatever it is,it's up to an individual.

Im muslim and I do the Wai Kru and that doesn't mean Im a terrible muslim. I do it coz I respect the sport and the tradition and it's ART. I don't say any budhhist prayers or thank buddah or ask for his help?? I say what my father and my trainers have taught me. Its a beautiful thing the Wai Kru and it holds alot of meaning for me as my trainer who is muslim taught me his Wai Kru. When fighting in Thailand and you do a beautiful Wai Kru the Thai's LOVE IT and cheer very loudly for you. It shows that you appreciate and put in the extra effort to learn and understand their beloved sport.

Here's one of my favourtie fighters and also a fellow muslim fighter who ironically won BEST WAI KRU a couple of years ago. The one and only,Namsaknoi Yuthkankhunthon!!

They also showed how Sean was the last of his team member and he had the room all to himself. It's funny how he was the LAST person to be chosen on Day 1 and how he ended up being the LAST person from his team left.

Listening to Soren & Jabba talk about each other being raised without their dads was kinda sad. Here Jabba mentions how he comes from a hard life back in Russia and basically calls Soren a "Mama's Boy!" haha. Im not surprised his hard life back home played a part in making him the man/fighter he is today....a fighter full of fire and desire to be the best that he can be. My father always said to me,"The hungrier the fighter the hungrier the desire to win to give himself a better life"

I think when I found out that Soren was to fight Jabba I was wondering how Jabba would do. As Soren was a technical fighter and he was good with his knees and elbows which would make it hard for Jabba to get close. And also the fact that Soren was alot fitter than Jabba. Jabba though lacking in height and size against many 72kg fighters,he makes up with heart and power. And this night he proved why size doesn't always matter!!

Was good to see Jabba come out in the blue head dress that we both went out to buy in Arab street when he was here. Also on the day of this fight it was the end of Ramadan and a very important day for muslims. I remember saying to my friends to tell Jabba when they saw him at the JWP vs Zidov fight that I'd be praying for him. Im really happy for Jabba and he deserves alot more credit as a fighter. His fight against David was controversial as many thought he should have lost,but I think his fight against Soren he showed us all it wasn't a fluke and that he meant business. They asked me in my interviews and I always said,"Jabba the underdog among the big names in this house and the guy to watch out for."

Jabba landing a left hook that put Soren down once.

Jabba putting everything he had in the hook that took Soren out

The first left hook that Jabba landed on Soren did alot of damage as Soren stood up dazed and rattled trying to find his ground. I remember meeting Soren two days after the fight and he said he had no memory of the fight after the first time he went down. Then in the second picture you see Soren's head in a totally awkward position and you can see that there was no one home when Jabba landed the punch as he was swept off the ground and landed hard onto the canvas

I remember the people were telling me that Jabba went mad and was jumping all over the ring and then when he realized Soren was still down he got really upset and started to worry,as Soren stayed down and was unconsious for sometime.Alot of people who were there that night and watch the episode said it was alot scarier that night then it was on TV coz the whole arena was pin drop silent!! Only when Soren got back up did everyone felt relived.

When Soren was back in the dressing room and the doctor was asking him all these questions,and when he couldn't answer what date and day it was I think everyone pretty much was worried. Soren actually spent the night in hospital as they needed to keep him under 24hr observations. I remember meeting up with Soren two days later and he was joking with me saying,"Feels like I've been out on a massive night on the piss for the last few days!!" haha

Im sure that tho Soren took a hard knock. It won't be the last that we see of him.

Congratulations Jabba,Sean,Yoddi and JWP on making it to the Final 4!!!



NoRuLe said...

I'm really happy that dzhabar won!!!! the punch that he landed on soren was so happening.

Anonymous said...

Zac, for the purpose of sharing, I am adding information into this post, in this comment.

Wai Kru is not an act that makes a believer of Islam to be a terrible Muslim. To begin with, Wai Kru is not a prayer ritual in Buddhism. Praying ritual in Buddhism is purely meditation for purification of the soul. Buddhists do not pray to Buddha but instead, they adopted the teaching of Buddha, following the middle path (I learned this in Comparative Religion, one of the many subjects in an Islamic Studies Programme that I attended).

Buddhists have great respect to their teacher, Buddha. The likeness of Muslims having great respect to their teacher, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Wai Kru is just an art of dancing...a Thai culture...merely, a way of expression to show respect to the teacher or trainer. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in doing the Wai Kru for it does not entails in accepting the belief of other deity than Allaah (i.e. an act of shirik) and thus, doing the Wai Kru does not make a Muslim a disbeliever of Islam (i.e. a Khafir). In fact, Islam teaches and encourages Muslims to respect their teachers, an act of good manners.


Anonymous said...

Alamak Zach you lost to a lousy fighter like zidov because of your shoulder. Wasted.

nadya said...

hi zach,

good post,this one. :) jabba did good yeah, awesome punch n timing.. and thanks to endah and you for explaining the wai kru on religious perspective.

eventho i didn't understand wai kru in depth before, but i know its nothing to do with religion whatsoever. it is an art of dancing, for worrior :) how i look at it.

i met namsaknoi in person and for me, the best experience so far. manage to capture him on action during his fight to Mehdi and insyaAllah will post it on blogs and facebook. i bet mussadik of boxxtomoi also will post the pictures.