Friday, April 18, 2008

Episode 14,One step closer to The Finale & The Final Episode!

So here we are on to the 2nd last episode of The Contender Asia. Damn time flies!!

Episode 14 begins and the house is looking very very quiet now with just JWP,Yoddi and Jabba left. As Yoddi walks in he knows he's pretty much one last step closer to the big fat pay check!! Either JWP or Jabba is in his way.

So the next morning,from what the TV showed,it looks as tho Jabba woke up before JWP. Now that says ALOT!!! That just shows how much getting to final meant to Jabba if he wakes up earlier then JWP!!! I remember watching the two of them in training. JWP as he himself said has slowed down as age is catching up...but he sure as hell hits damn hard!!! Jabba I gotta say has one of the best techniques for a foreigner. Very neat and not to forget powerful!!

After training the guys all got a gift from Samsung. And they got a Handheld Camrecorder!! DAMNIT!! More goodies!! The 3 of them then started to do a recap on all the fighters in the loft. Was wondering what JWP was gonna say about me..."Singaporean who speaks good engrish!!" haha JWP and me were good friends in the loft and we'd just talk and!... It was an great experience and an amazing opportunity to meet one of the legends in this sport and to actually become good friends with him.

Come fight night. Even I was nervous as I waited anxiously for a phonecall with the results. Jabba and JWP both being my close friends. I was definitely not on anybodies side. And whoever made it through to the final I would be happy for. Listening to Jabba say that he wants to win this competition more than all the stars in the sky and that he fears no one in the ring but God. He always amazes me with these little sayings and all his beliefs in religion and fate. Sometimes when Im hanging out with him and chatting,I feel like Im talking to my dad?!?!!...It's not a bad just shows that Jabba tho he is young in age is very matured.

The fight itself was hard for me to say who won. Im trying to watch this without taking sides for either of them and it's hard. I've had people who were there that night tell me that Jabba should have won. (But then again some of these people wouldn't know a take down from a fall down!!) From my point of view,JWP made more of an effort coming forward pressuring Jabba and also as h said kept up he tempo countering back everytime Jabba attacked...But what made it difficult was at the same time,Jabba did so well to keep his defence tight and rarely took any good clean shots.

The fight was over and both men brought to the center of the ring to await the moment of truth!!....You can tell both of them thought they had did enough to win the last spot in the final. However there can be only ONE winner....and it was to be JWP. Heartbreaking to see my brother,Jabba a strong and hard man in tears. But I remember when I was talking to my friend and I said,"I feel like such a wuss for crying on TV after being elimintaed!!!" and all he said to me was...."Come this Sat at the Rugby World Cup Finals whichever team loses,you'll see a bunch of the toughest men in tears!! It just shows character and passion for what you do,so nothing to be ashamed of." Jabba again showing us through good and bad times Religion is so important to him,"God gave me the chance and I didn't take it......God wants it to be like this so I have to accept it. "

Me back at The Loft after the boys gave the wall abit of colour!!
Read what names some of them have! HAH!!

So that was the last night in the loft before the contractors came to rip everything up and got everything cleared out of there. Me and Sean attended the "IT'S A WRAP PARTY!!" held by the Producers and Crew to celebrate the end of 7 weeks of filming!! Was good to be back in The Loft,I never thought I'd say that!! Was so good to finally see Yoddi,Jabba and JWP again!! It was one hell of a night out!!!

Next week the GRAND FINALE!!! I heard that they are showing all the fights that went on that night. Soren vs Sean,Zach vs Zidov,Dzhabar vs Raffik and of course the one we've all been waiting for,Yodsaenklai vs JWP.

So guys I won't ruin it for those who don't know the results!!! Looking forward to showing everyone some awesome pictures from the Finale!!


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