Thursday, March 27, 2008

Episode 11

Right it's been a hell of a busy week training and sorting out stuff for April 12ths Finale. Am very excited and psyched up for it!! Gonna be alot of fun. Before I ramble on,here's my review on Episode 11.

So Seans in the final 4. The guys sit around the room chatting abot how Sean's now had two fights and both ending with leg kicks. Plus after two fights in he didn't really get injured so he's pretty much good to go again.

So now that there aren't any challenges.....which makes the show slightly boring for viewers. But the fighters get more time to rest and concentrate on the main thing,FIGHTING! As Ive mentioned the guys get so bored at times we don't know what the hell to do. Jabba was funny when he tried to shove the stick up Zidov's ass. Whenever anything silly happens around the loft first person we'd go to is...Zidov,he's like a little child at a playground. Only time I ever saw him serious was probably when they lost the challenge at Courts and they were not happy AT ALL!!

When Yoddi's shoes went missing I think he was pissed coz there were actually stuff around the loft that went missing and we got really pissed off for. We had our shorts and gloves go missing alot,and sadly someone stole Zidov's mp3 and money and Jabba's phone. So I don't blame Yoddi for getting angry!!! We never caught the guys who stole the stuff but you could be sure that if we did catch the fucker,we wouldn't have let him out of he loft he'd prolly be tied to one of the bags til the end of filming???!

So the guys had a day out in Chinatown. It was nice for the guys coz they didn't really get to see much of Singapore as we were kept locked up in the loft for most of the time. There is probably a chinatown in EVERY country (except China)!! And also probably an Irish bar in every country!?!?! I was in Kazakhstan for a tournament and there were 2 Irish Bars infact!?!? Talk about random!!

Funny about Sean pointing out the "Singapore is a "FINE" city". As many of you know Singapore is a country with strict laws some very very weird ones. I remember in the loft the boys would always ask me,"What will happen if I litter,or spit, or chew gum....or decide to urinate in a lift??"...I told them ,"The police don't wait around for you to commit the offense then jump out of nowhere and write you a ticket!"...(Tho it's happened to my sister for Jaywalking!!!) It's a law made to kinda SCARE people and I have to say it works a charm!! I was "fortunate" enough to serve national service (N.S) here for 2 1/2 years in Singapore and I happened to be posted to the Police Force as part of my N.S training. Sadly I don't think there was even ONCE that I had to catch anyone for littering,spitting or un-natural sex!!?! Though I seriously wonder how many fines like that are issued a year??!!

After the day out,it was back to business in the loft as the boys opened the drawers. JWP's premonition came true,he was to fight Zidov. And next weeks draw was pretty much decided then too, Jabba vs Soren.

Watching JWP always trying to make weight makes me wonder how much damage we do to our bodies sometimes when we crash diet so much. I've had to lose 3 - 4kgs of liquid before a weigh in every morning when I was fighting at the Amateur was PAINFUL!! Nowadays,I usually let my weight go up to anywhere from 75- 80kgs and when I have to fight I lose like 10kgs to make weight. I remember JWP was about 82 before we entered the loft!

Zidov on the other hand when I fought him I remembered him weighing in at 70-71?...And that was like after ice cream,chocolate,potato chips,sweets,coke,redbull and god knows what else....!? He eats so much sweet stuff it can't be good for his body. It sucked hanging around Zidov coz he would always EAT around you and we'd be sitting there trying to keep our weight low and he'd just eat and eat and eat!!

Listening to JWP in the dressing room before the fight and how he says,"I can't lose my reputation is at stake". It's alot of pressure being a big named fighter and fighting someone unknown....Losing is not an option in his case. Whereas Zidov has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The fight was a good one for JWP to regain himself to the fans. He managed to really showcase his power and talent this time. I think this is the JWP that people know and want to see and not the one against Raffik. Calm,collected and a DAMN HARD HITTER!! JWP did the occasional spinning kick here and there,which really got the crowd going!! But lets not forget Zidov,I gotta admit Zidov can take some serious punishment. He's got a big heart and he's definitely not afraid to take some damage. Sad to say but I think Zidov even with all that heart most were expecting an upset but most sorta knew it was gonna go JWP's way. Well at least Yoddi was a 100% sure!

So Sean,Yoddi,JWP are in the semi-finals. Lets see who is the last to make the final 4.

Next week Soren vs Jabba!!



Pukalicious said...

Well, I wish Soren the best and he deserves to be one of the last four lads.


Anonymous said...

i have to sae dzhabar will win agaisnt soren and i wish dzhabar all the good luck in the world.