Friday, March 21, 2008

Episode 10

So we're two fights into the 2nd round of the competition. The loft looks alot more quiet compared to when there were all 16 of us running around in there.

Yoddi's eye injury was an unlucky one more than a deliberate strike by Naruepol. But it still looked pretty damn painful! Especially coming from Yoddi one of the toughest in the house. Was nice of the boys to all check on him and send wish him well as he was off to the hospital for a checkup. We're all friends in there and we don't wish anything bad upon each other. Tho fighting is fighting and it's business.

When Yoddi came back into the Loft think everyone knew that it'll take more than just an eye injury to get rid of him. Was funny when everyone was teasing him about his eye patch calling him a Pirate. You could sorta tell he wasn't too pleased with the name calling as he sat there giving Zidov the evil eye! (singular!!)

Then Captain Marvel JWP walked into the loft and next thing he says is,"Who's the Pirate!" haha Poor Yoddi. Good to see JWP recovering from his chicken pox!! How unlucky is that!?? Apparently it's only a MYTH that you can get it only once. I remember meeting some of the producers and all of them after fights and they were thinking of bringing back Rafik or Bruce into the competition. Think everyone except Zidov would not have been happy campers if they brought back Rafik. Especially Jabba!!

Watching the boys just hang around chatting playing cards. Made me wonder if I reallly missed the loft?!? haha There were some serious DULL moments in there where we'd all just sit and eat and sit and talk and sit and get bored even more. Zidov was already doing the card game thing since maybe the 2nd week of being in the loft. Basically there's a red and blue corner and which card has a higher number wins the round,and whoever gets an Ace wins by KO!! Funny game coz we's just do random matchups. Me and Zidov did it before our fight and I won on points...and look what happened!! Gonna ask for my money back from that Croatian Gypsy.

When the boys got bored of that game(and everything else!). Their attention diverted to looking for a fight name for Sean. (The boys in the loft already have one for him but it's another inside joke we can't reveal!! Sorry!!) Braveheart came about coz we watched it on DVD one of the nights and I called him BraveFart. =) I was out with friends one night and I suggested me come up with fight names for them just for fun. And it's Hilarious!! Among some of the funny ones were "Justice" Julie, "Vindicator" Vinden & a classic one "Make Em Cryley" Riley!! I had my fight name "Zig Zach" changed to Kim Khan "Ka -Pow"!! haha

Actually a quick little info on why my fight name is "Zig Zach". Its not coz I move in Zig Zags lines when I fight?!! I'ts coz when I lived in Thailand the kids would ask me my name and I'd say Zach....And they'd say "Sak?? like "sik sak"(and they'd do with their hands a zig zag motion!)" It was either that or..."Sak like Saksaphone" So I decided "Zig Zach" would be muccccch cooler than Zachsaphone?!!??!

So back down to business and letting fate choose the next two guys to battle it out for a spot in the semi finals. I think JWP was pretty relieved to not have picked the Amulet yet as he only just got well and his body needed abit more time to get back in shape.

And as fate made her decision,it was Yukay and Sean. First it was Camp mates,Naruepol and Yoddi now it's team mates from the Wild Boars. I gotta say both Sean and Yukay were definetly my favourite guys to hang out from the Blue team,So it was a tough one to take sides on. Yukay had fought not too long ago and as he mentioned over a meal with JWP that his leg was still hurting. on the other hand,Sean who had fought really early in the competition,was well rested and raring to go!! This was actually one problem we were all very worried about early on not knowing how late or how early we'd fight if we made it into the 2nd round.

On fight night, Seans Wai Kru was something different,he did a cool Fireball move at the end at Yukay.(FYI,Sean is a massive Manga comic lover and he loves playing HALO on Xbox.) Through out the interviews Sean was always saying that he had alot more to offer than just Yukay's "lucky right hand". Seans awesome to watch on the pads. He is really fast and he does train like an animal in the gym doing all his conditioning work. I used to get tired watching him train!! I think Yukay did prove that he didn't just have a punch he relied on. I liked watching Yukay set up some of his leg kicks. Most of them landed well on Sean. Yukay did have more than just his hands,we just never got to see it coz his fight with Pitu was over so quick!

Sean however was the fitter and stronger of the two. Think after the first few leg kicks I kinda saw Yukays movement was rather awkward. It's just a fighters thing you see someones posture and you know somethings wrong. When Sean landed the right cross to Yukays mid section and when he went down I knew things were gonna swing in favour of Sean's way. For all those who've never been winded by a punch to the solar plexus or anywhere on the mid section it' is one of THE most painful things and you literally can't do anything except collapse on the floor!! I got caught once at training and my legs just collapsed!! Felt like I was a fish out water trying to gasp for air!! Horrible feeling. Yukay however was saved by the bell,but not for long!

Start of round two and Sean came out firing. Despite his corners constant effort to tell him to slow down!?!?haha Sean lands a few more hard leg kicks and from the body language Yukay was in pain. And true enough the last one that Sean lands on Yukay sealed his place in the Semi Finals.

Tough luck for my bro Yukay. He should be proud still of what he's achieved. Being the oldest guy in the competition and how he shocked everyone with his win over Pitu. Action speaks louder than words.

So Sean and Yodseanklai the first 2 semifinalist in the competition. Who are the last 2 that are gonna make it? I know =) but I won't ruin it for you.

Catch my next write up next week!!


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