Thursday, March 13, 2008

Episode 9 The Start Of The Second Round.

As I mentioned in the previous blog. Everyone was pretty much shocked that Yukay had put up an awesome performance to knock Pitu out. But never underestimate your opponents and Yukay just proved that to everyone.

Next day after training all the Fighters who made it to the Second Round of the Competition were given a bracelet as a reward. I've seen the bracelets and they are really cool. Am so jealous that I didn't get one!! Hearing Stephan say "Zidov the man that made the whole nation of Singapore cry." made it harder as I felt like I let everyone down. Gggrrr fucking shoulder......!!!!

The boys got to head down to the Laguna Golf & Country Club for abit of R&R. They weren't told of what was coming next so they were all in for a pleasant surprise!! I think this episode was by far the most touching episode to watch. When the families walked in. I think alot of the boys were almost in tears!! Yes us fighters have a soft heart too (sometimes!!) !! I've mentioned many times in my interviews that this show although is mainly about the sport and fighting. It also shows a whole different side of us as fighters and us outside Muay Thai.

I have to say that for an ASIAN family,Naruepol and Yoddi were very OPEN when expressing themselves with their family. The things they said were so touching!! Naruepol's dad and Yoddi's mom were the 2 that really made an impact on me. Yoddi's mom and him were talking about how poor and how Yoddi fights to support the family and all that. It's such an honourable thing that he is doing and I have the utmost respect for the guy. It reminded me how hard Thai people's lives are sometimes.

An awesome fighter and a very respectable young man,Yodsaenklai Fairtex!

When living in Thailand, I shared a room with 7 boys and slept on the floor!! Everything was minimal. It was a SIMPLE lifel!! I remember usually after training or at night when we were all just hanging out in the room,the boys always ask me in thai,"Why you wanna be a fighter? you come from Singapore. Life is good there!!" We'd talk about their homes and why they came to train and fight in Bkk. These boys had the DUTIES of an adult!!! Im talking about BOYS ,some who aren't even 18yrs old and are training hard to win fights so that they can send some of their money back to their families!!!

I know we can't really compare our lives to theirs but when you think of the average Singaporean kids who sits at home and shouts orders at their maids to get them stuff and then play computer games all day?!?!! Where on the other hand,these young Thai boys bust their asses to make it to the top of one of the hardest ringsport on earth!! Some make it...and for those who don't,they get sent back home. They know Muay Thai is the "EASY" way out to escape poverty thats why there are so many fighters in Thailand. I mean would you train and fight for a couple of thousand baht or would you plough the fields of a farm in the hot sun day in day out and make ALOT less money. That is the same reason why prostitution is so high in Thailand. It's SAD....but it is the way of life the Thais have come to accept.

Naruepol and Dad chatting about the sport they both love.

Naruepol and his dad were really cool to watch and listen. It was a typical scene out of a movie you know,a fatehr and son haven't seen each other in awhile and just catching up and chatting. But listening to them talk about techniques and strategy was what really made an impact. I mean how many of us can talk to our dads about something we love so passionately and expect them to understand...??? "I can just see it happening,"I tried to sweep his leg!!" Dad replies,"What??Why you got a broom in the ring?!?" hahah It was really sad when they had to say Bye. Especially when Naruepols dad started to cry!! It's always hard to see a grown man cry and when it's your own's very heartbreaking.

After all the lovey dovey emotional stuff. It was back to the reality of the competition. Jaymee and Fox informed the boys that there were no more Teams, and that everyone fought for themselves now. There were no more challenges and fights were to be decided by fate. Each fighter had to open a drawer of a cabinet and if there was a statue of a Buddah in the drawer it would mean they would be fighting. And as fate would decide it.....The toughest two fighters in the competition would square off.

It's never easy fighting a friend. Especially in their case. They eat,sleep,train and travel abroad to fight together. Muay Thai camps don't just make strong fighters. They also make friends for life and best of all they make brothers forever!

Was funny when Yoddi was joking about Naruepols good looks. He said,"I go by luck he goes by looks." Then he said," I should break his nose then I can walk side by side with him" hahah He was always telling us how when they go out,girls would always chat Naruepol up. So we were teaching him the term,"Cock Block" hahaha

When it came down to fight night. It was awesome to see the two strongest fighters come out into the Arena with their BLING BLING!! I gotta go get me some of that!!! Damn!!! Nothing much really I can say about the fight...??...The fight was a one sided affair and pretty bad one to watch. Naruepol just didn't look like he wanted to be there at all. I don't blame him!! Yoddi took advantage and made short of the fight.

In the dressing room after the fight. There are no hard feelings and all business ends in the ring. They know and everyone knows that this is a competition and there can be only ONE winner.

At the end of the show what Naruepol said,"Between friends and money, I think friends are hard to buy. Money as long as we are living can still be earned.". Makes me wanna leave my personal training business and head off to Thailand for another long stint after hearing that!! =(



Anonymous said...

i was really touched by what Naruepol said too... friends are hard to come by (:

Greg Fairtex said...

Me too... episode 9 had me tearing up a little :)