Monday, March 24, 2008

A little training clip & info on my favourite trainer.

Hope everyone had a good Easter holiday and is well rested and ready for work and working out. I know I am after all the eating I've been doing!!

Well Rawai Muaythai in Phuket sent me a link two weeks ago with a video of me training with my favourite trainer Bungman and I have to say he is definitely one of my favourite trainers and I wish I could have him in Singapore with me!

Zig Zach & Bungman

I've known Bungman from way back in 2004, when he was still living and working as the head trainer at a gym called Tor.Chalermchai in Bangkok. However he has now moved to Rawai Muaythai in Phuket as his father was getting old and he wanted to be near his father.

I was recommended to train at Tor.Chalermchai by another trainer of mine from the WMC Camp,Koh Samui. He knew that I was heading to Bkk for a fight and he said that I should contact the owner of the gym to train and to prepare for the fights and I thought.....COOOL!!!

Tor.Chalermchai was an all thai gym and there were no foreigners at the gym and the trainers there didn't speak a word of english. It wasn't as famous as some other gyms in Thailand nor did they have very famous champions but I learned so much there than at most gyms I've been to and to make things better the owner of the gym and everyone there treated me like family,and to me that is what made my training and living there enjoyable and memorable. However now that Bungman is now in Rawai Muaythai,I will prolly just go back to Tor.Chalermchai to just visit the owner of the gym and visit some of the fighters.

A young Bungman with one of his first champions Siamchai

Bungman is a pretty well respected trainer in Bkk, he has produced some awesome fighters that he would train himself and work on strategy and techniques just before a fight. I was there once watching him train one of the boys who was preparing for a big title fight and seeing him work the boys and showing them stuff was just so amazing. He's a very technical trainer and he has so much experience in and out of the ring to share with fighters.

Bungman with one of my all time favourite Linglom Tor.Chalermcha!!
He is a hard hitting and super fast fighter!!

The fighters pictures I've put up here are some of Bungman's best. These are my favourite 2 fighters that I've seen in action,"Linglom" and "Samingprai". They are just awesome to watch in training and the couple of times that I saw them fight live was just amazing! Linglom is a famous muslim fighter,he was a Rajadamneorn Stadium Champ at 105 lbs/47.627 kg and also Fighter of the year in 2004. His speed is just unbelievable and the little guy hits bloody hard!! I mean little guys move fast but he moves very very fast!!! "Ling" means speed or fast in thai hence his fight name "LingLom".

His last fighter Samingprai Kiatphontip winning the Tam Jai Tournament 2007.

Samingprai is a steady hard hitting techincal fighter who is amazing in the grapple and really deadly with his elbows. He was 2007's winner of the 63.5kg "Tam Jai" tournament where he met a fighter whom he got knocked out by in a stadium fight. They both met again in the final and Bungman's gameplan and strategy worked fantastically and they had their revenge. Although winning on points Samingprai managed to fire in a couple of elbows showing who's boss.

People always ask/tell me..."Which gym is the best in Thailand?"....Or "Ohh my trainer is this guy and I trained with this guy"......and my reply is,"If you find a good trainer that you are used to and have a close relationship with, ANY gym is good!!!" It all comes down to how well you work together and understand each other.

Anyways so here is a little clip of me at training with Bungman at Rawai Muaythai before my last fight. Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

Nice work on the pads there Zach. You're a very good technical fighter. Reminds me alot of Soren Mongkontong.

Creed Of Mankind said...

i wish i could work that way on the pads.... its my worst enemy ( the pads :P)