Friday, March 7, 2008

Internet Forums & Sakmongkol

Hey everyone,

got abit of quiet time at home today and so thought I'd please everyone and do another blog.

For as long as I've done Muay Thai,I read alot of forums, I read about fights,results,advice,updates and of course recently I read about what people think of The Contender Asia. So after my episode,obviously I was like a piece of meat waiting for all these blood thirsty forumers to have a go at me!!

So far there's one forum I read and laugh alot at,coz there are just so many shit stirrers it cracks me up. Funny enough it's the official site for The Contender Asia forum!! haha! My 2 favourite writers on the forum there are "Michael" and "Freerider Hater". You should read their posts, it's funny (in a retarded way). "Tkoenig" also had this to say in his post. Which makes me realize how much knowledge of the sport (or knowledge at all!?) most of the people who post on forums have? Everyones under an alias and you'll never know who is who,or how credible someone is on these forums. In the words of a particular fighter I won't name,"You just gotta take it on the chin and not take these people/stuff seriously......and FUCK EM!!!" haha

However you go to forums like K-1 Fans or My Muaythai. Where people here are trainers,fighters and knowledgeable fans that have had experience in this sport. You read what they say and you go "WOW!!". (Im not saying there aren't idiots there too!!) But it makes such a difference reading some sites compared to others. No matter whether it's a win or a lose in a fight they'd say...."Hey tough luck but good job" or "man I know what that feels like so I really feel for you." There's alot of respect at those forums coz we know it takes alot just to step in the ring and we've all had our own experiences. So bad criticism and slagging people off is not appreciated on those forums!!

Anyways back to "Tkoenig's" post. I'd like to mention a very famous fighter who suffers from simliar shoulder problems like me. Muay Thai fans will know who Im talking about. Anyways,it's Sakmongkol Sitchunchoke. Just watch the fight below and you'll understand what I mean. Ive got this video at home for many years already and I remembered thinking when I watched it,"I know exactly how that feels!!" and when I read "Tkoenig's" post I was asking..."What do you know about it,have you dislocated your shoulder?....and have you ever heard of Sakmongkol??" Im not one to post on forums and log on to justify's a waste of breath.

Fighters and Athletes will know that the DESIRE and the ADRENALINE to win in a person can push the mind,body and spirit to unbelievable limits. I think that video clearly shows it. I've fought with a broken finger from Round 2 and carried on fighting to win on points,on another occasion I've fought with a cut that needed 7 stitches,and I fractured two ribs in Round 2 and carried on to win by knockout. So I definitely have been through pain and I know what I'm talking about.

Before never really gave much thought about my body,it was just "A BODY" . Never thought about the mechanics or the science behind it. But ever since I started Thai Boxing all that has changed. I've never been more fascinated by the human mind,body and spirit!! The slightest change in your stance or the slightest correction in your kick or punch could add so much more force and power behind it. There is soo much to the human mind,body and spirit that science(or people on forums) can never explain. Even at this stage Im still learning so much more.

Anyways signing off now with a quick reminder to everyone,tomorrow 9th March is the Muay Thai Tournament down at the Youth Park. I should be there at about 1 or 2pm. I'll also be doing my Wai Kru and then I'll be doing a demo on the pads. Last but not least,there will be TUFF Boxing Tshirts going on sale at the venue.

Hope to see all of you there. Do come up and say "Hi" if you got the chance. I promise I won't bite.



Anonymous said...

Hi Zach discovered your blog via Truth be said you'll find precious little in the way of knoweldgeable people any where on the web including the aforementioned sites. To be perfectly honest it's tough to draw conclusion on the heavily editted fights the public gets to see.

That said I wouldn't respond to the public too much. It's sort of a trap or a pitfall a fighter can fall into where you can end up looking hyper defensive and sort irrational or you look like you;re trying to curry favor.

That said I love that you've acknowledged viewers of the Contender and I'm pleased you took time to say 'hi'.

You might also note the mighty Matee also had very similar issues with his arm as Sakmongkol. Cheers - Stack.

shaithai said...

Hey Zach. I'm not a fighter so I don't know what it takes to become one. I trained in Muay Thai for a little under a year and played sports in high school, during which I subluxed (a slight pop out of the socket, not total dislocation) my shoulder, so I only experienced a fraction of the pain that you've gone through. I'm in the business of mind, body, and spirit so I know the resilience of the human body, as I'm sure you do. I think you're a very strategic fighter and you can do very well, just take good care of your body because it's the only one you've got. I also admire your maturity about people's comments. Always remember that you cannot control what others say or do to you, but you can control your reaction/behavior toward their actions. It's wisdom that has been imparted to me that I'm passing on to you and whomever else reading this.