Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hi my name is _______ and Im addicted to Contender Asia!!!!

What has The Contender Asia done to us?!?!...Sheeeeeeeeesh!!! I can't believe I actually MISS a T.V Show!!! I mean....I wasn't even excited about...Survivor,Lost,Prison Break or Heroes???!!! (Maybe abit forDesperate Housewifes....? Eva Longoria!!!!) Maybe I liked The Contender Asia ...coz I WAS IN IT??! haha well for the first 7 Episodes at least?!? But Im pretty sure that when Season 2 is out Im gonna be finding myself infront of a TV watching the show intensively again!!

I think everyone is prolly going through the same Withdrawal Symptoms as me right now!! Seems like there are two types of Contender Asia addicts. One is the "Weds T.C.A Addict" and the other is the "Thurs T.C.A Addict"!!

So since last night was the first Weds night that there wasn't The Contender Asia?!?! I was home at 8pm....and I was just so BORED.....Didnt know what to do!!! See since Jan 16th when it first aired....The usual Weds night routine for me was that I'd finish my personal training client by about 8pm, jump in a taxi to my friends place where some of them would be setting up the dvd recorder and some others would be preparing dinner and snacks. Then I'd quickly go get a shower and then I'd plant myself onto the sofa where for the next hour we'd all have dinner and watch the show. (And occasionally we'd still be on the sofa for the repeat telecast at midnight!?!?...Sad huh?....) But for weeks we've been doing that, and yesterday for the first time.......I was at home after my client and I was just sitting on the computer absolutely bored out of my mind and looking for things to kill time!!....Ipretty sure quite a few people who live in Asia and have access to AXN would have suffered the same sorta symptoms last night?!?!? Or maybe it was just ME?????

Then there's the "Thursday T.C.A addict"which are those who dont live in asia and have no access to AXN. Well the "Thurs T.C.A addict" are people who spend HOURS on a Thursday on the internet (barely a day after it aired) searching the Martial Arts forums like K-1fans, Sherdog, Kakutogi, Axkickboing, Contenderasiafans and even on The Contender Asia Facebook Group, searching for the megaupload links or torrents to download the episodes!!!! Its pretty crazy,today alone I've already gotten so many msgs and emails saying..."Oh man....I dont know what to do now on Thursdays....I usually spend hours on the forums and torrent sites searching for links to get the latest episodes!!!! What do I do now???"....uhhhmmm I don't know???....Sadly even tho I have access to AXN and live in Asia I am also a "Thurs T.C.A addict"!!! Coz I download them and watch it on my computer as I do my blog about each episodes.

Basically we're all addicted to The Contender Asia!!! I hope Season 2 is gonna get started on soon!!! But as far as I know,the selection for fighters in Season 2 will be a Contender Super 8 Men Grand Prix,that will take place in a few different countries. The winner of each Grand Prix will have a chance to be part of Season 2 AND K-1Max Final 16 in Japan.

I will blog abit more about it in the next couple of days as some of us from Season 1 will be fighting in the Super 8s so it's gonna be awesome!!!! So check back again soon! In the meantime,lpease let me know what you guys are doing to rid yourself of boredom on Weds nights now!!!



Khurwyn said...

Hey Zach-

There's one more type... the Internet T.C.A. Addict! Those of us outside of Asia who have gotten used to scrambling for the episodes Online are also having withdrawal. I keep playing various episodes over and over. I'm also constantly checking the fan sites, boards, your Facebook and JWP's Facebook. I was very excited to see that you made a blog post today!

It's a great show and has that long-lasting effect. I can't wait for season 2!

BTW, you have a great blog. I hope season 2 has more of an Online presence that maybe integrates related blogs like yours and possibly other fighters. It's excellent supplemental content and other sports do that all the time these days. Keep it up!

Your friend,


Khurwyn said...

Whoops... never mind... that's the same as the "Thursday T.C.A addict." See... I jumped the gun... a cold turkey symptom.

nadya said...

hello zach,
i usually be home early on wed, shower + pray n get comfy in from of TV as early as 8pm, to catch up with american idol, then CONTENDER ASIA and at 10pm, CSI-Vegas. ONLY on wednesday.

last wed, for the 1st time.. i went out,online @ starbuck till 9ish, only home nearly 10 to watch CSI and rerun for Am.Idol at 1130.
feel weird really.. not having contender asia anymore.

hope season 2 come knocking our TV screen soon.

keep writing bout MT okay..take care.

Shawn said...

K 1 Max? zach am I reading this right? K 1 Max is involve with season 2? Are we looking at the possible chance of having Masato, Sato, Buakaw coming on ? ;p

lyn said...

so i am not the only one who stays up to catch the midnight telecast almost immediately after the 9pm...

Anonymous said...

channel 5 is showing contender asia every thurs at 11 pm! and i get to watch the show allll over again!!

Tori [POLAND] said...

Hey Zach. Yes, I had the same addiction as you had. I had the second one- searching for uploads of episodes on the internet. It was quite sick, I can't even start training at this day, because I was so stressed what's gonna happen on forthcoming episode. Now when CA is over I got back on my daily routine, but it was something- every week, since early morning I was checking is the episode already on the internet. When a new episode was earlier ready to download I was downloading it in my work, even avoiding thougts what will my boss think about me ;)

freefaller said...

i know exactly what you mean! haha i used to watch TCA on AXN twice too on wednesday nights. Sometimes, i'd watch the saturday telecast. After the first super-boring wednesday without TCA, i just started downloading all the episodes just to watch them again. And now i'm Re-Re-Rewatching episodes on channel 5. Haha. Withdrawal, much? ;)

Keith said...

now I just stone. Used to sit in front of the tv at 855 or so.. if I happen to be out.. early thurs morning, from 7am i'll start searching veoh or radpishare or whtevr.

usually less successful for the earlier episodes.. only get it on saturday morning. the second half of the show, ppl started uploading very fast.

there was an episode I was overseas and they were showing it in the afternoon.. stayed in the hotel to watch.