Friday, May 16, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane (With A Brand New Nikon 520!!)

Hey there,

Right so Im in the midst of a last minute packing for my 3 weeks in Europe!! So am in a real state of panic!! If I had packed earlier...I would have been naked all week in Singapore!! It's hard to pack for Europe coz you never know what the weather is like!?!? One day it could be bloody cold...and the next day sunny...or it could be bloody both in one day!!! I always end up feeling like I've left out stuff or I've over packed!!....Bahhhhhhhh hate packing!!....

On a chirpier note!! The lovely people over at Nikon have decided that they are gonna sponsor me and my my blog a camera to take along with me for my Asian Invasion of Europe. Making sure that I have lotsa cool photographs of all my memorable moments so that I can update all you lovely people who check my blog!! So hopefully I will get some good pictures in and I can find time to update my blog as often as I can whilst Im over there!! Check out the super cool Nikon Coolpix S520!!! Cant wait to get this baby firing!!!

Anyways I will try as much to keep this blog as Muay Thai related as possible so I'll try and check out some of the gyms in Europe while Im around there and update my blog as often as I can. Might actually catch good old David Pacquette whilst Im there.

Ok off to check my luggage for the last time before I hop on a taxi and then well not really a (private) jet plane....Im not THAT famous yet!!!



Anonymous said...

Have a great time. I can't wait to see the pics!


Anonymous said...

Hi Zach,

You might not know who I am, but I have seen you more than once at the previous building next to the Big Splash.

Have you been in Eindhoven yet? I live nearby that city, 30 km south of Eindhoven. You had lovely weather anyway. Was this your first time in the Netherlands?
I have been exercising whilst living in Singapore for 3 years. My name is Esther, and if you like who I am exactly than ask Joe or Joy.

All the best and maybe I will see you sometime, somehow?

Regards to Joe and Joy.